Tidewater Campground

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160 Lafayette Road, Hampton, NH, 03842

Tidewater Campground is a campground located on 160 Lafayette Road in hampton, NH. The site includes electricity. The campground is open May 15 - Oct 15.

Last Updated: 02/02/2022

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No Hook Up $41.00 $245.00 $775.00 See More

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160 Lafayette Road, Hampton, NH, 03842
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Overall Rating: 5.0

Yami Hella

My daughter and I have been coming to Tidewater for 4 years. We have been a seasonal for two years now. We absolutely love it here. Teresa is great she really cares about my daughter and I every time I’ve needed anything Teresa has always help me out and she has gone above and beyond to help us. I’m so happy the speed limit is walking speed because children are riding their bikes including my daughter, people are taking walks so 3 miles an hour will keep everyone safe. The campground is very well kept .The bathrooms are very clean , the showers are as well. I have met some wonderful friends over the last 4 years, so has my daughter. This is definitely my second home. I love coming here every summer to see Teresa and everyone else we have become friends with. The pool is also very nice. I have only good positive things to say. I love that it’s so peaceful, quiet and safe.


I've been a seasonal camper at Tidewater for 4 seasons. I recommend it as a very decent family campground to spend your summer getaway. Rules are strictly in place, including a "walking speed" for the safety of children and others. Bathrooms and grounds are routinely cleaned. Relaxing by the poolside is very welcoming. It's a great location close to Hampton Beach, music venues, restaurants, grocery stores and more. A shuttle service is available for a reasonable fee. Team members work together to help make your stay as pleasurable as possible. I always look forward to returning every year.

Sam North

We've stayed at Tidewater a number of times including short stays as we were looking for a house in the area. The short version of this review is that it is a very, very nice campground and we strongly recommend it. It's hard to believe that this has been in business as long as it has. I grew up spending summers at a campground in Maine that is just about as old. I've gone back there a couple of times to revisit old memories. What a mistake. That place has not aged well. On the other hand Tidewater is almost immaculate: Clean bathrooms, very well maintained grounds, nice pool and more. There's always someone working to keep things in great condition. Maybe my favorite part of Tidewater is Theresa, the owner and manager. She's friendly, helpful and very easy to work with. She even remembers me when I come in after months away. On the other hand . . . : Maybe you'd better find some other place to stay if you don't like rules. You know -- the kind of rules that basically remind you not to be a selfish jerk. No dogs, because so many people don't seem to care about bothering neighbors when their dog barks. A very strict (and slow) speed limit throughout the campground, to try and keep kids from getting run over. If you like to get drunk and noisy, again I'd urge you to go somewhere else. We've stayed at countless (literally; I have no idea) campgrounds and RV parks all across the country. The parks with firm, fair rules -- like Tidewater -- are so much more enjoyable than the parks that are poorly run, and where the management clearly just cares about renting every site, no matter how people behave. So look at the rules on the Tidewater site. To me they seem logical and reasonable. But I've seen negative reviews by people who feel they can do whatever they please, no matter how it affects those around them. I don't know about you, but to me that's pretty annoying. Tidewater is in a great location, just off a major highway but far enough away so you don't hear anything. Very close to Hampton and Hampton Beach, and almost as close to Portsmouth. Read between the lines of the negative reviews. And keep in mind that Good Sam rates Tidewater highly. It's a great place to stay.