Riverbend Hot Springs

100 Austin Street, Truth or Consequences, NM, 87901

The Riverbend Hot Springs Resort sits on the banks of the beautiful Rio Grande and has a great view of Turtleback Mountain. The resort is popular because of its instituted zen hours and areas to ensure a serene and relaxing environment for visitors. Guests can soak in the therapeutic mineral pools, then enjoy a peaceful walk or hike along the scenic vistas and hills that surround the resort. The campus is also close to a slew of excellent art galleries, restaurants and museums. With a gorgeous rustic decor and breathtaking view of the river, this campsite is great for a "head for the hills," kind of vacation where you can easily take your mind off everything that weighs you down. 

Amenities at the park include: fully-furnished rooms, some kitchens, WIFI, private bathrooms and house cleaning. Choose this reort for your next peaceful getaway. 

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100 Austin Street, Truth or Consequences, NM, 87901

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