Northcoast Park and Marina

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4500 Anglers Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312

Northcoast Park and Marina includes amenities such as water, sewer, electricity, laundry facilities. This big rig friendly campground is located on 4500 Anglers Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, FL and is open all year. Boating is an activity you can enjoy here.

Last Updated: 05/30/2021

Laundry Facilities

Big Rig Friendly

Water Hookups

Dump Station

Sewer Hookups

50 Amps

30 Amps


4500 Anglers Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Steve Poulson

The owner operator of the park was very rude and unfriendly. The park itself is small but it is clean and maintained. We found out after the fact that the owner doesn’t normally take short term reservations. This would have been nice to know when I originally booked in mid 2019 and paid for 2 nights in advance and could have looked elsewhere. On arrival there is no office or staff on site to check you in and get your site info from. I had to call the owner operator who lives off premises to find out our site information. She had no clue who I was or that we had reservations to arrive that day. Finally she found our paperwork and proceeded to scold me for not calling to warn her that we were on our way! I have had this reservation for 2 years and rescheduled (covid) and reconfirmed twice with her and we were not a late arrival so I did not see any reason to call and give “warning” that we were on our way. If anything I told her the professional thing would have been to call us which a lot of Rv parks do. She said due to covid she does not meet new arrivals (also would have been good to know) and she acted irritated and put out after this while trying to tell me over the phone where we would be. She kept saying we were waterfront (which we were sort of) but neglected to mention that we would be parked outside of the actual Rv site’s perimeter in the Rv storage/parking on a cement slab with 4 other stored RVs. This without a sewer hook up even though we paid for full hook ups! I tried to get her to let us move to an empty full hook up site but she said no because of something about the site’s water in the name of customers even though we found this not to be exactly true from another camper. We could have filled our fresh water rank then moved to the site with sewer hook up but that would have not been her solution. Anyway we set up in the storage area and then out of blue the owner operator started texting that she wanted a copy of my drivers license after being in contact with me for almost 2 years! Not sure why she wanted it and not comfortable texting a picture of my DL I instead sent a picture of my truck license plate. Next thing we knew she showed up demanding a copy of my drivers license or she was going to kick us out! We were 1500 miles from home, 66 year old seniors, set up and unhitched from our truck for over 2 hours and had paid in advance and this bully (which is the best way to describe her if you don’t bow down to her or if she doesn’t get her way) uses her position against our disadvantage with no good options to move to threaten to kick us out! Talk about unprofessional! Under threat and with no place to go I gave her my DL to copy. It is safe to say we were glad to leave after our 2 nights but not sure how long it will be to leave the bad memory of meeting the owner operator Angela Price. Oh yeah. Did I forget to mention the park is directly under the flight path for planes landing at Ft Lauderdale Int airport? So low some reviews say you can hit them with a rock! At least some quiet after 11pm to around 7am (P.S. ear plugs don’t help and nor being inside your Rv)!