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5481 Brackett Road, Williamsburg, MI, 49690

Located on the peaceful Yuba Creek, this quiet, semi shaded, low tolerance, Christian owned campground is only 9 miles from Michigan's northern delight, Traverse City.

This is a wonderful little park that has a lot going for it at a very great price. The location is really nice as it’s easy to find and there is really easy access to man y great places nearby (like restaurants and shopping). There aren’t a lot of sites to choose from and there aren’t a lot of amenities but the basic water and sewer hookup with a lot of sites not even having water. There aren’t any restrooms or showers either. The activities are really slim, yet for those who are not looking for a big place that has a lot for it then this is a place for you! This park is close to primitive camping but that is ok for those who want a quiet, small place to escape to and enjoy nature at its finest!

Open Dates: April 16 to October 30

RV Site

Includes water & electric. The rate is for 2 adults. Each additional adult is $5 per night. Children under 18 included free.

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RV Site $37.00 $250.00 $550.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Site

Tent sites do not have showers but are available in the area. The rate includes 2 adults. Each additional adult in the tent is $10.

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Tent Site $25.00 Choose Your Site

Overall Rating: 2.3

Edward Holcum

What happened to "Customers First" .... or Customer service? That's what builds a successful business. Campground was subpar ... bathroom was disgusting but main reason ... owner is Rude and Mean-spirited. My family looks forward to camping as a "get-away" .... not to be badgered by some old, crabby owner. We expect to be "welcomed". He took our money ... we deserve a pleasant experience. I will NEVER subject my family to this again ... the owner ruined the spirit of our get away .... I'm pissed !!!!

Nick Scarcello

Interesting .... I was planning my family's 4 day get-away in the Traverse City area and this site popped up. About 9 months ago, we actually stayed here ... didn't have a good experience ... especially regarding the owner ... he was very rude. The whole family felt uncomfortable especially my kids. We left and I didn't think anything else about it. I don't usually leave reviews but after reading the last 5 reviews ... it confirms that there was something really off about that campground and owner. It never stood right for me ... now it makes sense. I certainly will never stay here again. Thanks for the reviews everyone! Nick

Nancy Zaliwski

I should have read the reviews on Google, Yelp and Roverpass before I camped at this GodAweful dangerous place ! The facilities are disgusting. There are no showers, the "bathroom" is an old shack with a hole in it. It stunk so badly, I could smell it across the campsite. I was afraid I could catch a disease! Gross ! Do Not bring kids or anyone that wants to have fun. The owner is a very mean man who stares at little kids. I was about to call the police on him ... disgusting ! He was rude to us from the very beginning. He put the hard sell on selling his wood for $6 and then when I asked for change from a $10 ... he manifested as if I was going to let him keep the change. Are you kidding me !!! I couldn't get out of this campsite quick enough ... as a single widow .. I was just trying to have a nice experience with my kids for my husband's birthday back in early June and this guy made me feel threatened to the point I was continally shaking while in our camper which made my little girls very scared. We ended up having to stay in a hotel which costs us a tremendous amount of money that I didn't really have but at least we felt safe. In hindsight, after speaking with my brother who is an attorney, I should have called the police on him. No one should experience what I experienced. This guy ruined what should have been a wonderful experience for me and my girls. After this ... my girls told me that they never want to go camping again! So, I'm looking to sell my camper now. DO NOT STAY HERE .... RUN !!!!!!

Jeff Richard

Never ever stay at this place! The owner, Dennis is an Evil man. I was camping with my 3 boys for a wonderful 4th weekend and couldn’t find any other spot on Traverse City area as everything was sold out due to the holiday. Dennis was very rude when we arrived for no reason at all! We set the tent up and laided our everything. In the morning we had a fire going and breakfast cooking and I was on an important phone call when the creepy old man appeared at our campsite just staring at us. My little boy was swinging a cooking spatula at some branches on a pine tree which set Dennis off !! He started badgering my oldest saying we were rude, in considerate, destructive, etc. My boys were shocked and really snook up. We then left for a day trip to Sleeping bear dunes, a 50min drive and half way there I got a horrible phone call from Dennis ripping me on the phone for letting my son “destroy” his property! Then he told me to turnaround and come pack my stuff up an leave! I pleaded with him and told him we have no where else to go as everything is full and his response was “I don’t care ... that’s your problem”. So we turned around and packed everything up and pulled out for our Homeless journey. I stopped at his house on the way out since his was too afraid to face me man-to-man and let him know we were leaving and that I would expect a refund for the night we were not staying and he said “that’s Not going to happen” The Evil man ruined a weekend away with my boys ... shame on you Dennis! And he advertises a “Christian Owner” ... brother my Bible doesn’t describe a Christian as someone with the characteristics like Dennis. I’m a Christian... Dennis, stop advertising that please ... it’s a bad look for Christians around the world!

Campground Response

You certainly have a way with words, so much drama. Just to cut through all the crap you project it comes down to simple respect for other peoples property and it's covered in those rules you signed for on the registration form and posted on the board that you were to busy to read. Is this where I am a bad Christian person because I took issue with your son's behavior while you were 5 feet away on your important phone call and said nothing. No parental supervision for you, let the mean old campground owner deal with it. So the bottom line for those folks that may read this, yes we do have some basic rules that are enforced. I have had too many compliments over the years as to how nice the grounds, landscaping, and peacefulness of Everflowing Waters is to change now. This attitude that one parent told his son our first year of ownership, some 20 years ago, " This is a campground and you can do anything you want too " does not fly here even for the Jeff's of this world. I am sure he can find something in the bible to contradict even that statement. On this Sunday Morning, Praise His Holy Name Dennis

Dorothy Turpen


Ruth Brauneck

I will never go back to this campground. I misread the information so I didn't realize that their only facilities were outhouses...no flush toilets and no showers. But the site said picnic tables and fire pits were available. It did not said they weren't available at each campsite. It seemed like we got a scolding from the owners every day we stayed there. Too expensive for what we got.

Campground Response

Ruth, I'm sorry you were unhappy with your camping weekend. You have answered your own statements. We don't have showers or flush toilets, true. It is stated on our website. Every site, ( 52 ) does not have a fire ring or table. We do not claim too on our statement site. Your party was placed so a ring was available & a mobile fire dish was also offered. If you needed more tables all you had to do is ask. I could have placed 3 to 6 more at your site. I've always said, Communication is a wonderful thing if we would just use it. I have no idea where the scolding part comes in. My wife has medical concerns, but I still asked her if she had even spoken with you. No was the answer. I was very busy this holiday. Not really a lot of time to talk but you did ask me for the wifi password the second day. That was the only time I spoke to you other than check in. I have a simple rule. If for some reason anyone is unhappy camping here all they have to do is let me and your money will be refunded and you can camp somewhere else. It's as simple as that. Respectfully, Dennis Penney/Owner

Ravi Parikh

This campground is a wonderful place to go camping. I loved it and will definitely be returning.

Daliyah Reynolds

This was a really nice, quiet, and quaint campground. The staff was very affable and accommodating for all of our needs. They had a ton of great amenities that included 20/30/50 amps, grills, picnic tables, pull-thrus, WIFI, and a few more. The park was nicely maintained and had a great array of sites to choose from for all kinds of camping styles. The activities were loads of fun and very relaxing for all of us. I really enjoyed the scenery and all of the beautiful sights that surrounded the park. Overall this was a really nice place to stay that I can’t wait to bring my family back to. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Trey A. Arzola

Just outside of Traverse City. Very nice quiet park, owner is very nice. No amenities but a great place to stay for sightseeing. Very well kept up. Unfortunately he lost a few trees when we were there due a severe storm with 90 mph winds. I definitely would go back.The sites are all very level and have water and electric. He will pump out your grey water for free. Unfortunately he has no dump for black water. He knows of several dump places for when u leave or to take honey wagon. He can handle large rigs also. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

5481 Brackett Road, Williamsburg, MI, 49690