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2501 County Road 88, Dunnigan, CA, 95937

Campers Inn RV Park is located near the beautiful and bustling California town of Sacramento and is the perfect place for a relaxing yet adventurous outdoor vacation. Whether you love museums and craft foods, to wide, open spaces, you're certain to have an epic vacation while at this park. 

RVers can expect excellent activities near the campground. Some traveler favorites include: hiking, biking, river rafting, boating and fishing. Amenities onsite include: tent camping, restrooms, showers, big rig access, pull thrus, water, sewerage, WIFI and 30/50 amp sites.

Visitors can expect great west coast attractions such as:

- Il Fornaio Sacramento

- Raging Waters Sacramento

- California State Indian Museum

- Fairytale Town

- The Firehouse Restaurant

- Sacramento Zoo

- Folsom Lake

- Mulvaney's B&L

Travelers at the park can take advantage of fun local activities and attractions, not to mention dozens of city parks to enjoy local spaces and soak in the beautiful west coast terrain. Be sure to reserve your site early, and we hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 05/31/2023

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2501 County Road 88, Dunnigan, CA, 95937
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Overall Rating: 2.0

Maryellen Savage

Very friendly staff and neighbors. Huge dog park - every use my dog got the whole thing to himself. A suttle charm to the park. Beautiful view of the mountains and sunsets. Pots holes but nothing that going slow can’t fix, plus I think they were starting to fix some when I left, had a lot of rain during my stay.

Roberto H

I Currently Live Here !!!! DO NOT STAY HERE ... Unls You want Hokkers, drug dealers, loud gun shots AMR, Fire Trucks, The Morgue Van, Parole @ Probation Agents driving thru every 30 minutes, The Manager J LOL smokng the pipe in the front, Shitt back up, tobbako smell, Im Not Kidding just stay at the rest area, the pilot, the off ramp Ohhh Yeah and B Carefull they Will Catch you RV on Fire B Carefulll !!!!! The owner Alex Just Hides

Dennis Andrus

Not a place I would recommend staying.

Rusty Andrus

Run down, no showers or restrooms, no store. Pool is closed. Lots of longterm residence. On the positive, it did have sewer hookups.

D Link

We just drove by and it did not look safe or nice

Al Hall

I felt unsafe here didn’t stay drove away

Cheryl Weeks

Nice place

Dennis Bassendowski

When we drove up to this park we thought we were entering a refugee camp! There is junk piled up around all the various trailers that are obviously full timers - I don't know where the pictures on their website were taken but they certainly are not pictures of this facility! There is no manager on site and when I finally tracked down what appeared to be somebody involved in maintenance, he called the so-called manager and we were informed that there was no public wi-fi available. It is clearly stated on their website that wi-fi is available and also 50 amp power however there was only 30 amp at the post on our "site". There was a building that appeared to have washrooms however the doors were coded and we were not provided with a code. All in all, this place is terribly misrepresented on their website and should be avoided at all costs! Speaking of cost, the price was $70. CAD which was totally bizarre as far as value is concerned.

Campground Response

I am not sure who this person accusing us of these things is. I have no record of their stay with us. However let me address the comments and accusations since they have been posted on this review site. 1) We are a long term park. We offer a few spaces for overnighters needing a place to stay 2) We offer 30 amp overnight spots. Our 50 amp spots are almost always taken by long termers but if available and needed we sometimes can let an overnighter use on of the 50 Amp spots. 3) There is no junk around trailers except for certain people that have taken advantage of the Corona tenant limitations on eviction. The park will be evicting these types of offenders soon. 4) We do not nor have ever charged $70 per night to stay at our park 5) Bathrooms do have security lock codes 6) We do not offer WIFI as we discontinued it as it was more of a liability to us than an amenity 7) We do have a manager on site

Kirt Smith

NEEDS WORK........


This campground is primarily long-term campers with only a few short-term sites. No one was in the office to check us in. We had to call a number left on the office door and wait for someone to come. The hookups were fine, but it isn't an attractive campground, and is next to the freeway.

Cynthia Looney

The pictures currently displayed are not representative of the current condition of the park. All facilities were closed and there is nothing within several miles so make sure you have everything you need before you get there. We were supposed to have 50 Amp service but we were put in a 30 Amp space, then I couldn't find anyone to ask about it. Tried knocking on the host door several times and got no answer. Spaces are very close together. Tight turns if you have a long rig like ourselves (crew cab 350 and 45 ft toy hauler.) Would recommend labeling spaces better, it was very difficult to figure out which space was what. It was quiet and we had no other issues.

Martha Greenley

The park is mostly long term guests. Amenities are all closed. Have a long hose for the dump spot because it is in the middle of the spot, not close to the end of the trailer.


Stayed here feb 2/2019 , no staff ever came around , store not open , had to pay extra because I had no change . Lots of dog poo in our site #4 , but the people we talked to there were very nice.. and it was nice they had a site because I was tired .

Lori Tripp

It was a bit scary I agree with the last persons review. We drove in (it was very late so I must say I can’t really give a proper observation) but some drunk guy was standing in the middle of the road and finally hobbled out of my way then I drove around for a second and couldn’t figure out where the spots were (supposed to be some empty spots in the front) I did see a couple possible empty places in the front but I was scared to get out (It was just me (a small woman)and my boy) my 14 year old son said it doesn’t look safe here so we drove off. I’m very upset I waisted $48 bucks for nothing.

Campground Response

I think that anyone that comes into an RV Park at night runs the risk of being scarred in the best of areas. Our park is full of long term retired people, Veterans, Trade Workers, and working couples. We have very few families with children so there are not a lot of kids running around. People who stay at an RV Park are not on house arrest and may walk around. We also do not restrict people from having a drink at their site if they want. We do have a no loitering quiet policy after 10:00 p.m. As far as being a scary place, all I can say is that if I were traveling with my child I would probably try to get to my overnight destination during daylight hours. This would allow me to look around and get a fair assessment of the surroundings..Anyone or anyplace can appear scary at night if you come in late. I could probably have had someone come help you get set up if you had called back the office with your concerns. Your comments about our park are not fair. We have lots of people come through our park and stay in the overnight spots we keep open for weary travelers. Its not a fancy place. but it is a good, safe, clean community with nice people. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Campers Inn RV Park

Mark Frederick

This place is nothing like the pictures. It is disgusting and doesn’t even look safe. There are dilapidated old RVs everywhere. The manager told us we could come in late and park anywhere. We couldn’t even tell where the hookups were. We turned around and left immediately despite being exhausted from a 12 hour drive.

Campground Response

Mark, We don't have a bunch of old dilapidated trailers. We have both modern and older trailers in our park if they are presentable. We have a lot of trade workers that stay several months at a time. Some of them are a bit scruffy, but that does not make a place unsafe. We are mostly a long term park that keeps a few RV sites open for over nighters when they need a place to stay and are too tired to keep driving. We don't try to be an RV resort, or a vacation site. Your blasting of the park is unjustified and not nice considering we were nice enough to let you come into the park late night. It is not our fault that you do not know how to plug in your RV. We could have helped you if you had called us back for assistance. Also, how could you possibly compare our park to the pictures if you came in late night when its dark? Its not nice to trash a park just because - we do not try to be what we are not. Sorry it did not work out for you. CI