Berwagana Campground

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2601 Sanilac Road, Vassar, MI, 48768

Berwagana Campground includes amenities such as . This campground is located on 2601 Sanilac Road in Vassar, MI.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

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Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Electric Only $27.00 $162.00
Primitive $22.00 $132.00
Water & Electric $30.00 $180.00
Water, Sewer & Electric $34.00 $204.00

2601 Sanilac Road, Vassar, MI, 48768
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Overall Rating: 3.0

Jackie Burkhart

Love this camp grounds. Two ponds. Lots of wooded trails. A beach. And hayrides. Even bingo on Saturday night . Relaxing weekends

Natasha Pasden

I'm currently a first year seasonal here and have only been here 3 months. I'm a quiet person and tend to keep to myself. Almost every weekend we have been at the campground park security has been to our site to let us know someone has complained about something we've done. Constant petty nagging from other seasonals who have nothing better to do but complain, cry and stick their noses in other people's business. I feel like we are being singled out because we are new. There are clicks who sit around with the owner talking poorly about other campers. It's awful and just sad! People have actually complained to park security because we've accidentally called them by their wrong name and also complained about my sister who is 19 driving our golf cart but didn't look old enough. We bought our 6 year son an 8 inch electric boat to play with in the pond and bet your ass someone bitched about that too even though there is nothing in the rule book about having a small boat in the water. Oh and please you better be super quiet at 11pm or you'll get in trouble for that too, it's pathetic! Yet those folks that are in the pocket of the owner can do as they please!! The park itself is rundown trashy trailer park that I will not be returning to!!