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Eat of the Wild – Texas Edition

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RVer’s Newsletter or check out our main website. Thanks for visiting!Before we get to the good stuff it’s important to outline the practice of foraging ethically: You shalt not break the law You must have permission from the property owner or you’re stealing. Also, […]

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How to Build the Perfect Campfire

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So you want to build a campfire, huh? How about the best campfire ever? RoverPass has you covered with Smokey approved techniques and a bit of know-how that puts some boy scouts to shame. THE BASICS: These are building blocks of every perfect fire. Tinder All good campfires start with good tinder. Common objects like […]

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The Ultimate Glamping Guide

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Have you ever been shamed for wearing makeup while backpacking? Do you consider champagne just as much of a camping essential as firewood? Have you ever finished climbing a gnarly 14,000-foot peak and then been all, “Okay, why do I have to sleep on the ground like a peasant now?” If you answered yes to […]