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Calculate the Effect of Online Reservations on your Business1 min read

As the saying goes — time is money, especially when you manage your own business. We’ve found that for RV park and campground owners, handling reservations is one of the biggest time sinks, especially for those without the help of campground management software.

To better understand exactly how much time (and money) is being left on the table, we did some number crunching and developed a free template to help figure out just how much could be saved at a given park or campground with online reservation software.


Introducing the RoverPass Cost Savings Calculator!


This free download is a simple Excel sheet template that gives an honest estimation as to how long the average park owner spends responding to reservations, and allows you to plug in numbers for your park to see if it makes sense to consider accepting reservations through an online tool.

Simply enter in the average number of reservations your park receives per month and the average price (we’ve included some industry averages by default) , to see how much time and money could be saved with a reservations solution like RoverPass.

Download The RoverPass Cost Calculator or schedule a one-on-one consultation here.



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