Case Study
Case Study: How Cross Creek RV Park Uses RoverPass to Help Provide Incredible Traveler Experiences

Case Study: How Cross Creek RV Park Uses RoverPass to Help Provide Incredible Traveler Experiences

Cross Creek’s Steve & Shelly Schmidt have a reputation for going above and beyond for their guests — even if it means hand-delivering items to individual sites! How do the ex-corporate world owners find the time to provide that kind of customer service while simultaneously running the entire business side of a busy park?

Tucked into the heart of Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks lies the 64-site Cross Creek RV Park & Campground.

Surrounded by natural beauty, including a fresh 10-acre lake in its center, Cross Creek is only a few miles from the main highway & human-made wonders like the Bagnell Dam.

And though a nature-first park, Cross Creek takes advantage of the many benefits of the Ultimate RV Park & Campground Management Software by providing guests with seamless online experiences even before check-in. They’re able to do this while slashing down on their phone talk-time & technical housekeeping while increasing bookings and reducing cancellations.

Large cabin at Cross Creek Campground

Life Before RoverPass Software

Before RoverPass, Cross Creek was bombarded with phone calls, missed booking opportunities, had difficulty keeping track of information, and experienced limited time to provide the exceptional customer service they’re known for.

Before RoverPass, Cross Creek would do things the way plenty of other RV parks & campgrounds are STILL doing them even as 2022 looms. They would note bookings, cancellations, contacts, track inventory, analytics, and more on complicated spreadsheets or cumbersome pen & paper.

Someone needed to babysit the phone at all times, lest there be a missed opportunity for a booking (and there were), and it was too easy for information to get lost, inconvenient to contact guests, and ultimately, difficult to balance campground management with leading customer service.

RoverPass Software Won a Lengthy Battle-of-the-Platforms

In 2019, after an entire year of scrupulously vetting different systems, everything changed for Cross Creek when they began to incorporate RoverPass Reservation Software into their day-to-day.

“Our sites were too specific,” says Steve. But RoverPass overcomes any unique challenges by providing an easy way to customize rules, rates, and other site information — even providing a Site Lock feature [and Interactive Map] that gives travelers a bird’s eye view of your park sites and allows them to choose their own.

“There’s a very nice campground next to us, but it’s flat – you can see the stores and restaurants. We are pure wilderness — fishing, eagles, hiking, etc. The clientele is completely different, and RoverPass helps us customize [and display] that well.”

Small cabin at Cross Creek RV Park

“The POS System [which includes the RoverPass General Store & Ticketing/Event solutions] is very useful.”

Ever cognizant of how time-consuming and inconvenient onboarding can be, the Cross Creek owners were pleasantly surprised about our onboarding process.

“Brandon onboarded us and made the process streamlined and simple. Walking us through it was so easy,” mentioned Shelly. “That was very important because we needed a system we could train others to use. I’m good with computers, but we wanted something that worked for people who aren’t.”

That included guests as well as Cross Creek employees. “The platform immediately gave us more freedom. Now, we could take reservations over the phone OR online.” This cut down on time spent on the phone and enabled more time to go towards guest experiences. Interestingly enough, reservations also went up!

“2020 would’ve been spent on the phone 24/7,” quipped Steve. “Though the pandemic was responsible for many cancellations in March and April, bookings actually surged! On the first of May, people decided to go camping. We needed RoverPass!”

RoverPass Takes Care of its Customers

We hear it often. The best thing about working with Roverpass is the quality of customer support. “If anyone needs help with a feature (and Shelly isn’t in the office), they call Leah,” says Steve. “She’s so helpful with everything!”

Customers also appreciate the depth of the help and the personalization. “We actually set up a time

with Ravi (RoverPass CEO) to talk about data and analytics reports specific to each site!”

Asked if they would recommend RoverPass to other parks, we were delighted to hear that they are already one step ahead of us. Shelly says:

“I already recommend it on Facebook and everywhere else. RoverPass is constantly updating and improving, and the more you improve, the better for our park. You listen

Owners of Cross Creek Campground

to us! We’re the ones in the thick of it, so when you listen to your customers, your business succeeds!”

(and the RP team enjoys watching you succeed, Shelly & Steve.)

Learn more about Steve, Shelly, and the rest of the Cross Creek family in their upcoming video case study.

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