Woodchuck Campground

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, Nevada County, CA,

Last Updated: 01/08/2020

Pets Allowed


Fire Ring / Grill

Picnic Table

, Nevada County, CA,
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Overall Rating: 4.0

john public

This area is remote, No water unless you boil the creek water for 15 minutes, No flush toilets, Just an outhouse, you are in the wild. That means you are on your own unless a ranger or logging truck happens by, it's a long way to the campground or gas station near the freeway. Your car isn't going to make up the hill and over the rocks, a regular truck may, a 4x4 is best. If it rains, good luck. There are lighting storms and it can sound like you are under artillery fire, shaking the ground, but on nice nights you can see every star and look close, you can see satellites crossing the night sky