Starlight Camping

$25.00 USD per night, starting at.

Instant Book Available

Starlight Camping has sites available for Instant Book. When you select Instant Book, your reservation will be automatically approved.

Any non-Instant Book sites will still require campground approval.

2277 E Mountain View Dr, Kanab, UT, 84741

  • Tired of camping in the middle of motor homes? Starlight Camping was designed for Overlanders, CamperVans, TruckTents, Pop-Ups, Micro Campers & Tents.
  • Enjoy the amazing dark skies, beautiful red rock mountains and clean fresh air.
  • Parking is on your reserved site. Dry sites/no hook ups. Fire Ring and picnic table provided. Clean Bathroom/Hot Shower.
  • Reservations are best made online.

Last Updated: 06/18/2024

Tent/2 people/Single Vehicle Parking

These are smaller sites that can fit a regular sized vehicle in the parking area. One tent (2 single people tents).  2 people max. occupancy

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Tent Dry Sites $25.00 $150.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Provided Sites $35.00 $210.00 Choose Your Site
Small Camper/Truck/Van/Tent Site - Up to 3 Guests

All sites are dry/primitive but the shower/bath house is close (max 300 ft away) Designed for truck tents, camper vans, micro camper, with plenty of room for socializing or extra tent space in the "non-vehicle" section.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Up to 2 Guests - Camper/Truck/Van/Tent Site $30.00 $180.00 Choose Your Site
SMALL Camper/Truck/Van/Tent Site

All sites are dry/primitive but the shower/bath house is close (max 300 ft away) Designed for Truck Tents, Camper Vans, small camper or Tents.  Plus, plenty of room for socializing and extra tents in the camping area. Pull through.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Up to 4 Guests - Camper/Truck/Van/Tent Site $35.00 $210.00 Choose Your Site
Tent/ 4 people/up to 2 standard size vehicles

Large site for 2-3 tents. Gravel Parking is adjacent to the camping area - The Camping area is made of Chat (not quite gravel but more coarse than sand)

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
4 person tent/standard vehicle $30.00 $175.00 Choose Your Site

Management & Ownership Prerogatives:

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. We reserve the right to make exceptions to the rules. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time without notice. The campground, owners, managers or other personnel are not responsible for any loss, damages, or claims to property of campground guests due to theft, fire, natural causes, or any other causes. We do not assume responsibility for any act of nature (wind, rain, lightning, flood, tornado, snake bites or cactus bites, etc.) There are cactus plants throughout the campground - it is expressly your responsibility to avoid these. They hurt. Educate your children to do the same. We don't want anyone to get stuck by these, but we do try to preserve Utah's natural landscape as much as possible. FIRE: please keep fires inside and below the the top edge of the provided fire pits. Fire Marshal REQUIRES two 5 gallon buckets (provided) of water to be on your site prior to lighting your fire. Never leave fires unattended, even when you go to bed. Put fires out completely. The early morning winds can be strong and blow embers out of the fire pit and could cause a massive fire in minutes. The desert landscape is extremely dry so please take extra precautions to NOT burn down our campground. Trash/Debris: If you pack it, then pack it out or dispose of in trash dumpster (not the bathroom trash can). If you break or bend any rules, we have the right to evict you immediately, without a refund. Don't be a jerk: Camping should be fun & relaxing. For everyone. We shouldn't have to say this, but... If we determine, at our sole discretion, that your behavior or the behavior of your family or guest is disruptive or not in harmony with the campground, we will immediately evict you without refund. (this means if you are being disruptive at 1 am, you will be evicted at 1:05 am- the Sheriff is aware of our policies) Speed limit: For the safety of our patrons & pets, Please obey the 5 MPH speed limit throughout the campground. It also helps keep the dust down. Be considerate of others. Guests: No guest passes or day passes are available for visitors that are not staying in the campground. You must have a reservation to be at the campground. Parking: Each camp site has its own private parking area. No overnight parking any where except your reserved site, without express permission from owner/management. Smile, be kind & considerate to others, breathe in the power & positive energies from the earth, the sky and the mountains. Enjoy your stay. We send you love, joy & good health. Thank you for visiting.


Maximum 2 dogs. No cats unless they stay 100% of the time inside your camper/vehicle. Dogs MUST be well behaved, quiet and friendly - used to public settings. Do not wash dogs in shower or spigot. Do not take dogs inside bathroom except Service Animals - which does not include therapy or support animals. Dogs must be on leash - especially the very small dogs as Eagles and Hawks could pick them up. PICK UP YOUR DOG'S POOP and dispose of it in the trash bin - Thank you!

Vehicle Restrictions

NO Large RVs. Please keep vehicles in designated areas in your paid site. These campsites are primarily for tents and Overlander type of vehicles, but we do allow micro campers/pop ups or CamperVans, Trucks with Camper or Truck Tent.... Call to confirm if you feel your total length is pushing the limits. Most sites are pull throughs so pretty easy to get in and out. No outside guests are allowed - parking is limited and there isn't room for additional vehicles. (Only paid registered guests are allowed on site anyway so this should not be an issue)

Site Restrictions

Maximum 2 to 4 people per site. Choose your site accordingly. Dogs must be public friendly and quiet so others can enjoy their stay. Dispose of all trash properly. Don't leave trash laying around outside of your tent/camper/vehicle - our winds can be strong and come without warning. Please keep children and toys/bikes etc. in your own designated camp site. Fire Marshal REQUIRES each site to have two 5 gallon buckets of water PRIOR to starting your fire. Buckets provided. Put fires out completely - there are water buckets near the bathhouse/spigot to use for extinguishing fires. Pay attention to area fire restrictions during dry months and windy days. If the winds are too strong, and possible to blow embers, please don't attempt a fire. Keep fires inside the fire ring. Don't drive on or damage any natural vegetation - even if it looks "dead". If it's standing, it's decoration - if it's laying down, it's yours to burn in your fire pit, if you want to gather it. There is a lot of sage brush debris that makes for great kindling and firewood. NO OUTSIDE GUESTS. This is not a day park. Be careful of the cactus - they hurt.

Pets Allowed



Gravel Roads

Fire Pit

Picnic Table


Pet Friendly

LGBTIQ Friendly

Tent Camping

Public Service (Fire, Police, Resuce)

Happy Camper

Senior Discount

Military Discount



First Responders


55 or Older

2277 E Mountain View Dr, Kanab, UT, 84741
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Most sites are pull through and some also have back in parking for rear truck tents, vans and small campers.  

You'll want to plan ahead because there are so many things to do and see.  The world is your playground here.  Zion National Park is 1 hour drive away. Bryce Canyon is 1.25 hour drive, Lake Powell is an hour to 1.15 - depending where you go.  The only sandy beach is Lone Rock which is the closest. Wahweap is next up or pass through the Glen Canyon Dam into Page AZ to go to Antelope Canyon Marina - they have a restaurant and live entertainment. Grand Staircase Escalante, Toad Stools, Buckskin Gulch & Wire Pass, White Pockets and don't forget to go to the North Rim Grand Canyon.  The giant herd of Buffalo come down along the road in the evening.  It's a site not to miss.  If you have a national park pass you can get into all of these places for free. Some day passes are good for 3 to 5 days.  Mountain Biking trails are nearby, ride electric bikes around town, paddle board or kayak on the reservoir.  And many hiking trails (some you can see petroglyphs) Of course there are ATV trails all over as well as the Pink Sand Dunes just north of town. Stop in the BLM office to get trail maps for all your adventures.  In town you will find many restaurants, a couple with bars, and there are events on Main & Center Street and also at the reservoir periodically through the summer. 

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