Sleepy Hollow Farm Campground

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1679 Waukau Avenue, Oshkosh, WI, 54902

Situated right on the edge of Oshkosh and close to the EAA AirVenture Convention, Sleep Hollow Farm Campground is the perfect spot to relax or play after a day of shopping, restaurants and entertainment! Not only are their local festivals to occur nearby, but Lake Winnebago is a short two miles away in case a calm day of fishing is more your style! Sleepy Hollow Farm is a place to add uniqueness to any family reunion , birthday party or corporate retreat... with the ability to accommodate anywhere from 1-500 guests in a private setting, there is bound to be fun and bonding!

Last Updated: 07/23/2022

1679 Waukau Avenue, Oshkosh, WI, 54902
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Darla Long

We rented a cabin at Sleepy Hollow Farm for the 2018 EAA AirVenture. We paid our deposit months in advance and the remaining balance before the deadline. Having previously stayed there with a camper, we thought it would be great – it was HORRIBLE! On arrival we received our keys and proceeded to the cabin but got a terrible surprise when we opened the door. Stepping inside the smell of mold and mildew hit us! We turned to each other and said; “I don’t think we can stay here.” Giving it the benefit of doubt though we turned on the air conditioner and sat in the car for about 30 minutes hoping it would help and improve but sadly it did not. I talked with Pam (our main contact person) and explained that I have asthma and my husband has numerous respiratory issues and allergies to mold, mildew, and damp conditions. There was just no way we could stay in this cabin. I asked for a refund to be issued and she said she would contact Mr. Jeff Bartels (the owner) and said he would contact me in the morning. We never expected a 5 star accommodations but did expect a place we could breathe and wouldn’t send us to the emergency room. If you are not familiar with EAA AirVenture you need to book a place to stay months if not years in advance. We were devastated! We spent the next 45 minutes calling every hotel, motel, cabin, and campground etc in the area desperately trying to find a place to stay. Fortunately we were able to find a room at the Hilton Garden Inn but for only 1 night. Then spent most the night searching for ANY place to stay for AirVenture. The closest places we could find were at least 90 minutes or more away from Oshkosh. By some miracle very late that night we found a place that was not far from Oshkosh but it was expensive, nearly twice what we paid for the cabin. In addition we had to buy a parking pass since we would be driving to the airport instead of walking. We waited until after noon for Pam or Jeff to call back and when they never did we drove to the campground and talked to Pam. That is when the real problems began. She stated that she had talked to Mr. Bartels and he said; “we were choosing to not say, therefore we forfeited the money”. I explained that there were health reasons and her response was “I have a cleaning lady with asthma and she has no problem with the cabin”. I tried to explain that there are several types and causes of asthma and not everyone is bothered by mold and mildew. I asked that she have Mr. Bartels call me so that I could talk directly to him. She said she would give him my phone number. I waited a couple of days and never heard from him so sent a message to the email address he used in confirming my deposit and payment. I did not get a response so I kept sending emails every few days for our entire vacation. After 3 weeks I finally got a reply: Hello Mrs. Long
 I have come across several emails from you in the Spam folder on my computer. I understand that you had a reservation to stay with us and you found the facilities unsuitable. I apologize for that and want to let you know that we take these situations seriously. We were able to rent the cabin out for a portion of the week and would be happy to refund the remainder to you. If you could provide me with a current address, I can send it out without delay. Thanks and sorry for the delay. Jeff First – I seriously doubt my messages when to his spam folder considering I replied to his email. Second – I asked him to call me so that I could discuss the issues we had and he did not. It has now been 7 weeks since I asked him to contact me and 4 weeks since I received his email saying he would send a refund. So far NOTHING! NO contact and NO refund. He got paid TWICE to rent the cabin! UNPROFESSIONAL and GREEDY! Do not rent a cabin from him unless you want to stay in a nasty, unpleasant, health hazard!