Scenic Park Campground

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801 Riverview Drive, South Sioux City, NE, 68776

Scenic Park Campground is a campground located on 801 Riverview Drive in South Sioux City, NE. The site includes electricity. The campground is open all year.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

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50 Amps

801 Riverview Drive, South Sioux City, NE, 68776
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Overall Rating: 2.0


Totally agree with Ted. My GF and I were extended stay patrons. The first shady thing that the campground did was raise the monthly fee from just over $520 to $700. The did this (the idiots at the office actually told us this) because a construction company had come to the city lamfo. It wasn't for maintenance it wasn't, it wasn't for inflation, it wasn't because they just recently added a bunch of cool camping related things to do or recent remodeling. Speaking of maintaining; they have 3 bathrooms with showers and have code key entry. Each having 1,2,&4 showers respectively. They close 1 bathroom during the cold months but please be aware they are B.Y.O.H.S.bathrooms they have printed labels telling everyone of a horrible gang of apparent financially genius, evil soap-less outlaw campers who have heartlessly and relentlessly robbed the campgrounds entire hand soap supply normally awaiting your dirty bathroom hands. Sorry had a little creative writing flashback. No the tiny labels on the dispensers just say they cannot afford to replace the soap because campers are stealing it and taking it back to their RV's. (more on this label in a moment) We have been here just under 11 months during this time one can only assume they have not made enough money to get any more soap. I don't know how much a bag of had soap cost; I'm thinking it must be worth its weight in gold because just from us alone they revived about $8,000. Hey you know what? After doing the math...I might be headed to a life of crime and round-up own soap bandit posse; go on the lamb and strike it rich! No, no, no I know I cant let that germ-free outlaw way of thinking corrupt me; even though I do feel a bit of guilt or maybe it's just the odd felling that I should let all my fellow campers know that I am not a crook like that little label had proclaimed of the entire RV community. Wait I have a travel trailer and the label is only calling all RV'ers soap-less thieves not the rest of us honest towing,floating or tent carry campers. You better believe I'll be keeping my eye out for clean palmed RV'ers from now on.

Ted Lert

Too many rules,and certain people get excluded from the rules. The rules apply to all !! Very unhappy here...piss poor management. Too much favoritism...

Denise Williams

The name of this place is very fitting as there are many scenic views from all over the park that is truly breathtaking. The staff was very friendly and helpful. There were a lot of sites to choose from that had all the amenities and space would could need for our rig. There were some fun activities to do that we found relaxing and calming. The location was really nice as not only were there beautiful scenic views there were a lot of great places nearby to shop and eat. Overall we had a pleasant stay and were very happy to not spend a lot for it.