Peterson's Tecopa Palms RV Park

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155 Tecopa Hot Springs Road, Tecopa Hot Springs, CA, 92389

Are you looking for an RV park in Tecopa Hot Springs, CA? Then Peterson's Tecopa Palms RV Park located on 155 Tecoap Hot Springs Road might be the place for you. The site includes .

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

155 Tecopa Hot Springs Road, Tecopa Hot Springs, CA, 92389
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Jennifer Lasher

First...not a great idea to ask people when they're checking in who they voted for....That said, in 10 years on the road I've never crossed path with managers less emotionally equipped to manage...anything. I have an on line business and didn't know how long I would stay so I paid for a week (weekly rate) and was told I could just cover the remainder to make it the mo. rate if I wanted to stay. Had an aggressive barking boxer dog next to me 6 feet from my bedroom window. 6:48 every morning and more during the day, lunged at people passing by the door. I tried to catch up on sleep in the afternoon and it would bark then also. I waited 3 days then reluctantly reported it. The female manager paced and chewed her nails and he looked disgusted, went on and on about "dog people". They apologized, said "I knew I shouldn't put that dog in the middle of the park. I houldn't have put them there." Friendly, empathetic. The dog barked the whole time they were talking about it. So loud. They were 70 feet away and were cringing. By 2nd day the solution was to kick out a sick woman and give me her spot. I wanted no part of that never mind that I had been respectful neighbor and shouldn't have to pack up my big rig and move. By day 3 (because couple w/ the dog made no effort to even close the windows and didn't want to lose their door-side sun refused to budge...she told me she "asked/gave them the option" to move) -- female manager was hysterical and desperate (pacing around the park with dramatically shrugged shoulders and telling her sad story to anyone who would listen. Then, out of the blue, I was told *I* needed to leave (WHAT?!) Took everything I had to remain calm. Her desperate demeanor settled into a scary calm and she told me I could stay if I paid another weekly rate ($340 paid now) and if I could be "happy". She started to say "If you don't -- (then caught herself) -- if you can be happy here." So...her solution (rather than doing her job) was to pathologize me. Told me, "I think you're a very sensitive person," and when I calmly asked if she could sleep though that she was silent for a several seconds, then changed the subject. She sat there at her desk like I was a bad kid in the principal's office, knowing I had to wait for these overseas orders and that I had no male partner to back me up. It was clear they had a little pow-wow and decided that if they just charge me another week at the weekly rate then they get their monthly income and can kick me out at any point - and this would work to silence me. The problem would go away. It would be my problem. We're in the middle of nowhere. I had to stay to get the overseas orders. I was held hostage basically and told I could stay as long as I didn't complain anymore about the dog. She chose her words very carefully. "I just want you to be happy. If you're happy, I'm happy." By now she was ranting during group park gatherings. "Is anyone else UNHAPPY? I just want everyone to be HAPPY!!!" Both of them rapid cycling -- friendly to completely hostile. I paid over twice the daily rate on mo. plan for 11 days of hostility, emotional manipulation and sleep deprivation. I can't even tell you how much stress this caused me. I had to lie in bed every morning with this dog full-on aggressively barking at dawn and I wasn't allowed to say anything. Others complained the next few days and wanted the dog to be removed from the park but I was told no one else had a problem. I watched the interaction. She pointed out that their rules of conduct say that anyone with an unruly dog will be asked to leave and he shrugged his shoulders and said, "We can't do that." I got my shipments and left early and he sat there and watched me. I tried to cancel the check and the bank got the check number wrong and they cashed that 2nd check 10 days after I left. No conscience at all. No concern that I had a horrible experience or that I might share this story with others. I have never tried harder to remain calm and I actually found myself acting like a counselor for this woman who was so unable to cope. Even when sleep-deprived and frustrated I was positive and affirming and showing her empathy. She completely exploited that. She cycled through every possible 'out'. Telling me they were here first, and they didn't know how to back up their rig (day 1 she talked about the options with her husband in front of me...they had friends in the park who would be able/willing to move the rig for them). When I originally called about whether I should make a reservation or just show up the woman on the phone launched into a long rapid-fire ramble giving me directions I didn't ask for, pausing to yell at someone else and a pet about a dozen times. She literally couldn't complete a sentence. This has me concerned before I even arrived. Rigs are really close. The posts are old and need fuses, the current fluctuates and they keep no extra fuses on hand. When you ask about an electrical problem he's rude and grumpy.