Laurel Lake Camping Resort

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80 Robert East Blair Memorial Highway, Corbin, KY, 40701

Laurel Lake Camping Resort is a campground located on 80 Robert Blair Road in Corbin, KY. The site includes . The campground is open all year.

Last Updated: 05/01/2023

80 Robert East Blair Memorial Highway, Corbin, KY, 40701
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Overall Rating: 2.8

Colleen Pugh

Fantastic time. We came for a long weekend and couldn't ask for a better time. Sid and Joy were amazing and so friendly. Our cabin was beautiful and had everything we needed. Just made a trip to Walmart for supplies. It is a beautiful place with a lot of activities for the family. Can't wait to go when summer is in full swing.

Sidney Fee

Hello, My Name is Sidney Fee, I am the General Manager of Laurel Lake Camping Resort. My Office Manager found these reviews and brought them to my attention. I was both shocked devastated to read these reviews. However in my defense and the defense of our resort, I was not here during either event. I have been camping all my life and we have visited a lot of campgrounds and as i am already sure that my fellow campers already know this, not all campgrounds are created or even judged equally. You cant please everyone no matter how hard you try. However I can promise you this, as long as I am the General Manager of this lovely campground I promise to try and make sure that incidents like the one review I read absolutely never happens to any of our family & friend campers. I don't know the full circumstances involved in the latest review but I do know that there were inaccurate comments made. 1st we would never ever charge anything to any ones cred card without their permission and we are extremely committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure!! 2nd, yes we do have speed limits posted in our resort, this for our campers, their children and pets safety. Everyone must sign that they have read and understand our speed limit rules where it plainly states there is a $25 fine for speeding. With that I would like to say that everyone gets a warning on their first offense, if they are driving a golf cart and its company owned and rented we just confiscate the cart at the second offense. Vehicles and personally owned golf carts will be charged a $25 fine and if its a private owned golf cart they are not allowed to drive the cart for the remainder of their camping stay. We don't just automatically charge your card. 3rd, I had to laugh at the comment of a $500 fine for cigarette butts at the campsite. This just doesn't exist at our facility but we do ask that you dispose of your butts in a proper container if you smoke. 4th, I wish I could explain the entire incident concerning the Hostess, Campers and the Firewood Incident but unfortunately I was not here during that incident so to even try and explain what all happened there would be a lie. However I can say that the Hostess during that time is no longer the Hostess, due to other unrelated factors. Laurel Lake Camping Resort during my tenure has built a reputation of being one of the cleanest, most friendly, and customer / camper friendly Campgrounds in the State of Kentucky. I am working on getting our Resort up to the 5 star rating because I personally cant give it a 5 star at this time. It just has not met my expectations yet. We are definitely on our way. With the addition of several Premium Luxury Concrete Sites being added for rent or lease, a new inground swimming pool & new showers and bath house on the upper end of the campground I can see another star by the end of the year. We invite you and your family to at least give us the benefit of the doubt and spend a few days at our resort. Enjoy the morning atmosphere eating a hearty breakfast at our caf'e, take a peak at our gift shop, you will surely find something you cant live without. Spend the rest of the day, ice skating, bobsledding, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, corn hole, frisbee golf, miniature golf, hiking on our trails and don't forget our huge in water obstacle course. Need to relax a little? Try some paddle boating or Kayaking in our large pond or just lay around our beach area while the children play. We also offer a stocked catch and release fishing pond that is sure to make your day. Check our schedule for special events and live bands plus karaoke nights and dance parties. No they don't go on all night. We close shop at quiet time. Every Friday night is movie night for you and the family and the Food Truck is open and ready to serve your favorite snacks and treats. Myself and my Staff are here to answer any questions you may have, make reservations, help with any other accommodations you may have if at all possible. We are a private family owned campground so family is 1st and foremost on our minds. We look forward to meeting and making new friends this year and hopefully family members who want to make our Resort a part of your family. Please visit our website or Facebook page. Contact us directly @ 606-526-7876 or email us at ALWAYS REMEMBER, CAMPING IS A WAY OF LIFE!! Sidney Fee - General Manager Laurel Lake Camping Resort - Corbin KY

Tre Co

Here is my experience at Laurel Lake Camping Resort and boy was it one for the history books. First and Foremost here is a brief overview of my simple family. We do not party, we are not loud, we do not drink or smoke, and we take pride in the campsite we rent as if its our own little proud small piece of land. My family and my Uncle got adjoining properties My family has been hounded all week by the security personal drilling us about the rules, which we follow closely, but are still educated every couple of days by the host which honestly is very annoying. Here is our issue. My dad was accused of stealing Firewood by the hostess. We was in his jeep and the hostess whipped her golf cart beside us into the ditch with much aggression almost causing us to hit her. Here is the exact conversation, Hostess comes to my window in a panic stating “Do you need firewood” my dad says out of confusion” no we do not plan on making a fire tonight but thanks” Hostess then says “it looked as if you stopped at the fire shack” my dad again confused says “ uh no we was giving my wife some money that was on that golf cart” hostess lady once more says”it looked like you got some wood” now my dad figures now we are getting accused of stealing tells the hostess “ I am done here and I have had many issues with my stay and will be voicing my concerns” then my dad pulls away. We simply stopped at the new check in shack to give my mom that was on her golf cart $20 for the store which was unfortunately closed. My dad proceeded on to a little snack shack on the campground and voices his concern to the girl working at what is called the sugar shack. My dad went on to tell the worker how he did not appreciate being accused of stealing and simply told the young worker he knew she was not at fault and simply worked there but please voice his concern to upper mgt. Next thing we know the worker at the sugar shack calls ahead to the host and accuses us of cursing her out. Wow, we cant win for losing here, we dont even curse and my dad simply told her please tell management what happened to us with the hostess. The host a couple hundred yards ahead pulls his golf cart sideways stopping us from proceeding to our 5th wheel camper. Host asks Dad whats the problem, then dad proceeds to voice all his concerns. Host then says he did not believe his wife the hostess accused him of stealing. My dad who at this point realizes he is at his ends with no ways of winning this host vs camper battle turns the other cheak. Wow..... So here is what we have become at Laurel Lake Camping resort. In one week we have went from good honest people that loves camping to being labeled as; Lying, Cheating, cursing, stealing Thugs. Thanks Laurel Lake resort for the worse time camping We have ever had. Might I say We are are avid campers and this was our 8th time in 3 years camping at Laurel Lake resort. We use to Love it, but Now that it is under new Management with new Hosts we are finished. P.s. Every camper this past week was also deceived to book with the promise there water inflatable was re-opened on July 1st and they offered no refund for there lie. Also they have several fines that they will try to steal money from your credit cards. One fine is if you speed past 5 mph they will charge your card $25. They cant even legally do this but they are. Another fine is $500 if they find a cigerrette butt on your site, how do they even know its not yours. And bad thing is they say they can fine you up to 10 days after your departure. Beware about putting your cards on file with them

Barbara Martin

We were so disappointed by the changes made in the last year. The new sites are very tight. All gravel-no grass. There isn’t anyone making sure things don’t get out of control. Example-kids riding golf carts dangerously fast, karaoke being played late into the night. The original sites are the best because there is privacy for campers plus you have some yard space. Unfortunately this experience means we will never go back.