Lake City RV Resort

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3864 N US Highway 441, Lake City, FL, 32055

When you step food into Lake City, Florida you're stepping into a world of beautiful nature, rich history and enduring charm. Enjoy an abundance of rural lakes, rivers, springs and local parks that offer endless opportunities for outdoor and eco-activities like; rafting, snorkeling, boating, fishing, bird watching, hiking, cave diving and horse-back riding. Lake City RV Resort offers great amenities, a peaceful atmosphere, and a great location. Book your spot today for your next Floridian getaway!

Last Updated: 08/13/2022

3864 N US Highway 441, Lake City, FL, 32055
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Overall Rating: 4.5

Rick DePasquale

The most comfortable RV park I have ever stayed in. I will continue to stay here when I need to take care of Medical problems at the VA. If I could give this park 10 stars I would. Fantastic staff.

John Jenkins

This is the NEW manager's response to Helene's review of 1/23/2017.... The prior owners (Jim) you refer to sold the old "Oaks 'N Pines" park in August 2015. Although your complaint was valid a couple of years ago, that is no longer the case. Under new ownership and management for the past 1-1/2 years, the issues you mentioned no longer exist at Lake City RV Resort. We have 10 different rally groups scheduled this season and they are all very pleased with the improvements in the park and the change in attitude! Please check us out again and I'm sure you will now find this to be the cleanest and friendliest place in the area for groups and single travelers! Please see recent reviews on this and other RV websites and you will see that it is time to try us again! (p.s. - we also just put asphalt on the entire entrance/exit road encircling the Resort!)

Helene Andrews

Run by a husband and wife team who live on site. While I have stayed there several times without issue and in fact have had great service, stories of the husband's temper and odd behavior abound. On our last visit, one of our group moved their Jeep behind their Class A to leave, and Jim came over and had a fit because they were blocking the road. We pointed out that while the Jeep was in the road some, it was not blocking the road, there were several ways around, it was early in the morning and there was nobody there besides our group and some of the folks who stay there, and the likelihood of anyone checking in during the 20 minutes or so while they finished unhooking their utilities and got the Jeep hooked up, pulled forward hardly warranted him standing there with his arms folded angrily berating them. As president of our chapter, I went over to speak to him, and he told me in no uncertain terms he didn't care if the group ever came back. It's a shame, but our group won't. Another group I belong to also refuses to camp there, preferring the old KOA just up the road (Lake City Campground). - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Layna Moy

I don’t know about you but I prefer a park that has designated quiet hours that are strictly enforced! I love a quiet night staring up at the stars and not be distracted by noisy “neighbors” hee hee. I don’t mind the occasional get together but people can tend to be loud and obnoxious. The staff was great when they “strictly” enforced quiet time. They were so nice and pleasant it was hard to even get mad at them Everything else at this campground is just great! The utilities were pretty decent and nicely placed, the park was always maintained, and there was a lot to see! Well worth the cost to stay here. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group