Kosmo Village Campground

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11197 Washington Highway, Glen Allen, VA, 23059

Located on 11197 Washington Highway in Glen Allen, VA lies the Kosmo Village Campground. This campground includes .

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

MobIle Home Park

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Lot Rent $400.00

11197 Washington Highway, Glen Allen, VA, 23059
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Overall Rating: 1.0

John T

Should be a negative on this. Poor management harassed some and not all. Doesn't have the same rules for everyone. Man told me they towed his car away, he is retired and needs to get to doctor Favoritism with manager. Photos are old. Run down, now. Can't get insurance on mobile homes not state accredited says State Farm

Jenni Huston

WARNING!! DO NOT STAY AT KOSMO VILLAGE CAMPGROUND & RV PARK (FORMERLY KNOWN AS STONY RUN VILLAGE CAMPGROUND & RV PARK). It's bad enough that we just lost our home and ALL of our belongings (clothes, pictures, furniture, etc.) due to it being condemned from a toxic mold infestation that also made us both very ill, but we unfortunately made the absolute worst mistake we ever could have ever made at this time in our lives by choosing to stay at Kosmo/Stony Run Village Campground in the travel trailer a family member graciously gave to us because we were homeless and couldn't find anyone to rent to us (because we have three large dogs, even though they trained and well-behaved). We were so relieved and thankful to be safe and have a roof over our heads... until the first rainfall, approximately two days after we got here. The lot space they assigned to us is much lower and more compromised than any other space in this "park" (which, by the way, is just a large gravel/dirt parking lot) even though the ENTIRE LOT is muddy/wet, our space just happens to be the worst, and is now a literal LAKE OF WATER. There is nothing else here. Just a parking lot. Not even restrooms/hot showers. Nothing. Just gravel, dirt and tons and tons of thick mud and POOLS OF WATER THREE TO SIX INCHES DEEP. And they have the nerve to charge $700 a month for the "privilege" of placing an RV/travel trailer in their flooded parking lot?? That price also includes the ability to hook up to basic water and sewer lines and plug into electricity, and "free Wifi," which never works, and if it does, it's either three o'clock in the morning or it repeatedly connects and disconnects every minute or so, making it impossible to complete a simple phone call or send an email. Oh, and I almost forgot! It also includes the pleasure of NONSTOP noise from tractor trailers clanging, banging and backfiring past every minute of the day/night, since the Kosmo Mud Lot is RIGHT SMACK UP AGAINST busy Route 1 without any buffer at all. We asked management for help as soon as we saw the lake of water forming around us and realized a very noticeable shift in the stability of our trailer that was now sinking to one side and shaking whenever we - or one of our dogs - took a step. We had no idea what to do because we've never stayed in a trailer before and we haven't the slightest clue how to rebalance/stabilize one... which we SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO DO ONCE OUR FAMILY MEMBER SET IT UP PROPERLY FOR US... if we had been placed on a PROPER, SAFE LOT, which we were not. They waited almost 24 hours to drop off some pieces of hay and a few flat cement "stepping blocks" to place under our steps so that when we exit the camper, we don't sink ankle-deep into mud/water. However, it's still a complete muddy, flooded mess around our entire camper and we are still sinking, but at least we can step outside with only minimal damage and then try our best to leap from the block to a slightly higher piece of ground that isn't as deeply flooded. Unfortunately, though, my 15-year, sick dog cannot make that leap, so every time we take him out to potty, which is all hours of the day and night, he is literally drenched in mud and water every single time. We've been here two weeks and it gets worse every day. We now have irreparable damage to our camper from the imbalance/sinking (cracked and weakened floor/walls) and they refuse to move us or refund our money so we go somewhere else that won't further damage the only home we have now. We are stuck here, helplessly waiting for our home to crack in half or tip completely over and no one cares. TRUST US...STEER CLEAR OF THIS PLACE or you may wind up suffering like us.