DeAnza Springs Resort

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1951 Carrizo Gorge Road, Jacumba, CA, 91934

Visit and enjoy DeAnza Springs Resort, the largest and one of the newest clothing optional resorts in North America. Situated on more than 500 acres of high desert in eastern San Diego County, and ideal for year-round vacationing.

The resort is comprised of 311 spacious RV sites with full hook-ups and plenty of spacious tent sites for dry camping. Luxurious rental units consisting of fully furnished park models, midsized RV’s and motel rooms.

DeAnza Springs is a family friendly facility that welcomes everyone interested in naturism.

Last Updated: 07/23/2022

1951 Carrizo Gorge Road, Jacumba, CA, 91934
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Overall Rating: 2.3

Lonnie Peterson

This review is based on facts not fiction! The business is declining rapidly, and this place is not a place for couples especially young couples and single women. I would not bring my kids or grandkids to this resort ever and do not recommend it at all. This is not a family friendly place at all and don't fall for that line of crap that the owners will tell you. First, let me start by giving the positives, which there are several, the views, sunrises and sunsets are amazing, great hiking trails. Lastly, for the positives, there are some great people that live and visit the park as well. Now let's go to the negatives and oh my, there are so many to speak, however, I will focus on the main concerns or issues that a Most important is there is NO CELLPHONE SERVICE in this resort. So, if you had an emergency out here you won’t get help unless you can find someone who has service which is not an easy task. Second most important issue is that you are being recorded in the pools and hot tub where you are required to be naked. The owner has cameras mounted and he watches the cameras on his phone. Under California Penal codes, 632 ,647, and a few others, they can record the cash registers, meaning the cameras need to be placed appropriately. However, being recorded for their personal viewing is illegal and not a security concern! I have contacted AANR about this situation! When we first got here in January 2019 we were excited, went to the hot tub, and we the only ones there, then about 5 minutes later here shows up a single guy, then another, then another, next thing I know is me and my wife are now in the hot tub with 5 men and one named Jay who starts to jack off in the hot tub. Jay is an old pervert who looks like something of the Flintstones, you can’t miss him in the pool or hot tub, he is down their daily staring and filling his spank bank for the day. There are many men to watch out for in this park. We found out that some of the single guys in the park have a signal system notifying each other when a couple or new guest show up at the pools and one by one, they show up. There are quite a few single men who have been kicked out of other clothing optional resorts living here because the owners only care about the bottom dollar. The resort has sadly turned into a low-income housing area, the majority of the residents rely on state and government programs to live out here. Most of the elderly that live here are stuck, they have no way to leave the park. The owners trap people in here by getting them to sell their mobile rigs, motorhomes and such so you are stuck in the park and can’t leave. They will charge you extra money as well to have your rig, this is all to entrap people in the park. They control and have so much power over most of these residents who have dumped so much money in their sites. Nobody is moving in the park, the venues are smaller, people come out for the first time and do not return due to the overcrowding of single men in this park. Speaking of vacancies, if you do decide to buy something in the park, check it out for rat damage, the rodents are extreme, they eat the undersides of the park models once they get under the skirting. They strip the wires bare in which creates a fire hazard. The owners are two people who should NOT be running a RV Park, Resort, Campground, and specifically a clothing optional resort. The owner should not be drinking any sorts of alcohol at all, he gets drunk and loves to disrespect his family and employees in front of patrons in the bar. The last night my wife worked for the owner he tried to get my wife to leave me and stay at the resort with them and we have many patrons who have witnessed this incident. The owners are also the managers and they are also customers who have a drinking problem, go to their own bar and get drunk and raise hell with either his family or the staff working at that time. But if you happen to be there as a patron and he is on one of his moods you may get to experience his rants. The owner loves to blame others for his shortcoming or failures as a resort owner/manager/customer that are taking place both of his businesses are failing at a rapid pace, it is visible to everyone what is happening except the owners. Single men frequent this clothing optional more than couples and less and less couples are coming to this resort because of this issue. The owners specifically have let all these single guys in the park. Now, only one guy gave us any issues some refer to him as solar Clint, who thought it would be fine to stalk my wife and we had to get the local sheriff involved! By AANR standards this guy should have been booted out of this resort. That did not happen because the owners protected him, the owner even while drunk in the bar one night asked me and my wife if we could just put the “Clint thing to bed and leave it be”, so for five months this guy runs around and creates all kinds of trouble for us in the park. Best part is when he apologized to my wife for stalking her! Nonetheless, this guy still lives in the park and is still down at the pool and bar stalking women and trust me they don't care if your married or not! These people and only there are only a handful of them to include the owner who disrespects women terribly which is not the norm at a nudist resort. Male prostitution is common out here as well in fact if you spend time researching this place you will find out that it is being listed as the premier gay and bisexual resort in SoCal. There was a staff member who created a lucrative business for himself by creating a system using flags and lava lamps to signal that they were looking for business. This went on the entire time we were here until recently after I started complaining about the increase in gay men in the park on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Lastly, we never had any issues with the owner’s kids who work in the operations of this resort. We found them both to be fair and good people, who are at the mercy of the owners.

Ken Poncelow

We arrived there on February 14, 2019. Upon arriving we went into the office to register. The receptionist was very curt and after registering gave us a quick tour of the clubhouse/pool area. During the tour, she got into an confrontation with a grounds keeper about the music not playing in the clubhouse and accused him of turning it off which he denied. She then told him not to do it again. She also complained about the other guests and stated that she keep the remote control for the television in her office because some guests turned it up to much. She failed to show us the pool area. If she had we would have asked for a refund at that point. Later we went to the pool building. It was disgusting! The pool deck was rusted and discolored, there was broken plastic furniture around the pool, and it was filthy. We later asked for a refund and were told that they do not give refunds. The place where we were lodged was a travel trailer. This was fine until it began to leak in the living room and bathroom and we discovered we had no heat. We contacted the owner of the resort at the valentines dinner at 5 pm in the clubhouse and he sent a person over to look at it. When we returned to the trailer to find buckets setting around the place. (One of the drips was directly in front of the toilet, which meant you got wet setting there and had to keep the bucket between your legs.) There also was still no heat. I returned to the clubhouse in the rain and informed the owner of the situation. He stated that they could not fix the roof until the morning and that he would send someone over to fix the heat. I returned to the trailer and about 10 minutes later a guy knocked on the door. He came in, messed with the thermostat and said that he couldn't fix it and started to leave. I told him that it was going to get to 36 degrees by morning and that we only had a sheet and light blanket on the bed. The guy stated "There is nothing I can do for you, contact the office in the morning" and left. I went back to the clubhouse but the owner had left. The recreation director "Gary" was there. I explained the situation to him and he told me to stay there. He left and returned about 10 minutes later, stating the they were going to move us to a different unit. I asked him why they hadn't done that before? He stated he didn't know. I informed him that we would be leaving immediately and we wanted a refund. He left again and returned stating that we would get a full refund. We left as soon as we could get things in the car. Luckily, I had Gary provide me with a note because the next morning when I called, the lady at the office argued about whether they were going to refund our fees. She finally agreed but still kept part of our payment. We are trying to get that back now through our credit card.

Bruce Fullerton

The place is a bit rustic but Awesome. It is a pleasure talking with the ladies in the office. I guess you have to be pleasant to get a pleasant response.

Georg & Ria Lohr

This review is strictly about De Anza Springs Resort facilities and the management, not about hiking, entertainment or meeting people. We know what we are talking about; we once built and ran very successfully our own trailer park in Arizona. We spent 3 months in this resort and were forced to pay the snowbird membership fee of 500 $ for half a year, which is only 100 $ less than the annual fee of 600 $ for a couple. The most negative impression you get entering the office. There are Kim or her assistant, Judith. What these two women manage best is to piss off the customers and make their stay miserable. It took 4 hours (!!!) to offer us the right campsite, and during this conversation with Kim we were several times about to turn around and leave. Judith adopted a snippy attitude, talks like a machine gun and gives stupid comments. None of the two was able to figure out the correct amount of our rent payments. Out of 4 bills 3 were wrong. The facilities and appliances are stone age and completely run down. The owners only skim off the profit and don’t want to spend a dime for urgent repairs or
replacements. The heating system for the pools is ancient and fails very often. Another example for the mismanagement was the elliptical trainer in the fitness center. It was a major reason to come to De Anza Springs Resort. Upon our arrival this particular machine was already damaged and 3 days later decorated with an „out of order“ sign. For the next 5 weeks I heard only lies when I inquired, like „machine will be repaired soon“, „parts are ordered“, „parts are in“, „needs a specialized mechanic“, than „cannot be repaired“. Kim came up with the unbelievable nonsense, that somebody had destroyed the elliptical trainer as well as the treadmill on purpose, and they have collect money first before the machines can be replaced. Finally I caught the owner, Dave, and explained that we feel cheated by paying 500 $ membership fee for the use of the facilities when too many things are out of order. He ordered a new elliptical trainer, so the problem was solved. The treadmill needed only a new cable which was finally found after 5 weeks. But if I hadn’t been asking so often I’m sure both machines would stand there in the gym with an „out of order“ sign forever. In the women’s bathroom next to the jacuzzi there is for years one toilet out of order, and on the other toilet the lock doesn’t work, and the handles in the showers are loose. Out of 7 ugly looking restroom buildings 6 are boarded up and used for storing junk. Site numbering is idiotic and confusing. It happened many times that visitors went astray looking for their campsite, and ended up asking us for directions, because the two women in the office are not able to give the right instructions. The overall cleanliness lets a lot left to wish for (hairballs in the indoor pool area). Sauna and glass door looked like they weren’t cleaned for 20 years. It was so disgusting that I took the cleaning in my own hands. In a spacious junk yard there are many wrecked RV’s rotting for DECADES! Another abandoned trailer occupies a nice lot, sitting there for a year since the tenants disappeared without paying rent. If most of the permanent residents wouldn’t keep their sites so nice and tidy the park would be a pigsty! The 2 stars in our review are for the gorgeous scenery surrounding the property, and for the spacious sites. The artistically creations of the adjacent hiking trails are solely done by a volunteer, Clint Soulek, through hard labor and with a wonderful eye for every little detail. He does not get paid for doing it. The park owners cannot claim any credit for these extraordinary hiking trails, but nevertheless use them for advertisement. In the February 2018 issue of the „Bulletin“ we found an ad for De Anza Springs Resort with a really ridiculous „Thank you“-letter. Everybody who knows Kim, can tell where this crap comes from ……. Moral: If we hadn’t been forced to pay the snowbird membership fee for 6 months, which is ways too high for this run down place, we would have left much earlier. We just didn’t want to throw our money out of the window.