DeAnza Springs Resort

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1951 Carrizo Gorge Road, Jacumba, CA, 91934

Life is Short . . . Play Naked. Clothing optional living at its finest. Extra large sites on 500 acres. Surrounded by Anza-Borrego State Park. Just 70 miles to San Diego. Enjoy tennis, indoor pool, spa, awesome hiking and much, much more. Open all year.

Located on 1951 Carrizo Gorge Road in Jacumba, CA lies the DeAnza Springs Resort. This campground includes WiFi, water, sewer, laundry facilities.

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Overall Rating: 3.5

Bruce Fullerton

The place is a bit rustic but Awesome. It is a pleasure talking with the ladies in the office. I guess you have to be pleasant to get a pleasant response.

Georg & Ria Lohr

This review is strictly about De Anza Springs Resort facilities and the management, not about hiking, entertainment or meeting people. We know what we are talking about; we once built and ran very successfully our own trailer park in Arizona. We spent 3 months in this resort and were forced to pay the snowbird membership fee of 500 $ for half a year, which is only 100 $ less than the annual fee of 600 $ for a couple. The most negative impression you get entering the office. There are Kim or her assistant, Judith. What these two women manage best is to piss off the customers and make their stay miserable. It took 4 hours (!!!) to offer us the right campsite, and during this conversation with Kim we were several times about to turn around and leave. Judith adopted a snippy attitude, talks like a machine gun and gives stupid comments. None of the two was able to figure out the correct amount of our rent payments. Out of 4 bills 3 were wrong. The facilities and appliances are stone age and completely run down. The owners only skim off the profit and don’t want to spend a dime for urgent repairs or
replacements. The heating system for the pools is ancient and fails very often. Another example for the mismanagement was the elliptical trainer in the fitness center. It was a major reason to come to De Anza Springs Resort. Upon our arrival this particular machine was already damaged and 3 days later decorated with an „out of order“ sign. For the next 5 weeks I heard only lies when I inquired, like „machine will be repaired soon“, „parts are ordered“, „parts are in“, „needs a specialized mechanic“, than „cannot be repaired“. Kim came up with the unbelievable nonsense, that somebody had destroyed the elliptical trainer as well as the treadmill on purpose, and they have collect money first before the machines can be replaced. Finally I caught the owner, Dave, and explained that we feel cheated by paying 500 $ membership fee for the use of the facilities when too many things are out of order. He ordered a new elliptical trainer, so the problem was solved. The treadmill needed only a new cable which was finally found after 5 weeks. But if I hadn’t been asking so often I’m sure both machines would stand there in the gym with an „out of order“ sign forever. In the women’s bathroom next to the jacuzzi there is for years one toilet out of order, and on the other toilet the lock doesn’t work, and the handles in the showers are loose. Out of 7 ugly looking restroom buildings 6 are boarded up and used for storing junk. Site numbering is idiotic and confusing. It happened many times that visitors went astray looking for their campsite, and ended up asking us for directions, because the two women in the office are not able to give the right instructions. The overall cleanliness lets a lot left to wish for (hairballs in the indoor pool area). Sauna and glass door looked like they weren’t cleaned for 20 years. It was so disgusting that I took the cleaning in my own hands. In a spacious junk yard there are many wrecked RV’s rotting for DECADES! Another abandoned trailer occupies a nice lot, sitting there for a year since the tenants disappeared without paying rent. If most of the permanent residents wouldn’t keep their sites so nice and tidy the park would be a pigsty! The 2 stars in our review are for the gorgeous scenery surrounding the property, and for the spacious sites. The artistically creations of the adjacent hiking trails are solely done by a volunteer, Clint Soulek, through hard labor and with a wonderful eye for every little detail. He does not get paid for doing it. The park owners cannot claim any credit for these extraordinary hiking trails, but nevertheless use them for advertisement. In the February 2018 issue of the „Bulletin“ we found an ad for De Anza Springs Resort with a really ridiculous „Thank you“-letter. Everybody who knows Kim, can tell where this crap comes from ……. Moral: If we hadn’t been forced to pay the snowbird membership fee for 6 months, which is ways too high for this run down place, we would have left much earlier. We just didn’t want to throw our money out of the window.

1951 Carrizo Gorge Road, Jacumba, CA, 91934