Crystal Mountain RV Parking

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$45.00 USD per night, starting at.

Instant Book Available

Crystal Mountain RV Parking has sites available for Instant Book. When you select Instant Book, your reservation will be automatically approved.

Any non-Instant Book sites will still require campground approval.

33914 Crystal Mountain Boulevard, Enumclaw, WA, 98022

Located in Enumclaw, Washington, Crystal Mountain RV Parking allows one to spend the night on the west edge of B-Lot and wake up close to the lifts and ready to hit the slopes. B-Lot offers 30 and 50 amp electrical hookups and a generous amount of space to enjoy your RV experience. With open space, expansive terrain and powerful views, Crystal is that place. True Pacific Northwest shines through, even in the for or in the clouds. Whether its for a short and or long term visit, we hope to welcome you soon! 

Last Updated: 06/14/2024

RV Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
RV Sites 1-30 (50Amp) (RVs up to 45 ft length, 20 ft width including slides) $55.00 $385.00 Choose Your Site
RV Sites 31-53 (30Amp) - (RVs up to 36 ft length, 10 ft width including slides) $45.00 $315.00 Choose Your Site
RV Sites 54-66 (30Amp) - (RVs up to 28 ft length, 10 ft width including slides) $45.00 $315.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Sites

Maximum of 2 tents per site 

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Tent Camping Only $30.00 $195.00 Choose Your Site
G Lot - Sites 1 - 36

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
RV Sites G1 - G36 (50Amp) (RVs up to 45 ft length, 20 ft width including slides) $55.00 $385.00 Choose Your Site

Quiet Hours

Please respect quiet time of 10:00pm - 8:00am. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.

RV Site Size Restrictions

You are responsible for selecting the right size site for your RV. If you choose to ignore the size restrictions for the site, you run the risk of losing your reservation at your expense. RV Sites 1-30 (50Amp) RVs up to 45 ft length, 20 ft width including slides. RV Sites 31-53 (30Amp) RVs up to 36 ft length, 10 ft width including slides. RV Sites 54-66 (30Amp) RVs up to 28 ft length, 10 ft width including slides. If your RV exceeds the size parameters for the site you booked, you risk forfeiting your site fee and reservation.


Your garbage must be bagged, securely tied and placed in designated locations. Help us keep our mountain playground clean by adhering to this rule.

Additional Vehicle Parking

Parking is included with the purchase of a season’s pass. If you are not a season pass holder, you can register your vehicle upon arrival at the B Lot check-in location. Truck and trailer combinations, your truck is your additional vehicle. Motorhomes do not receive an additional vehicle entry and will be required to pay the day rate. Please note: If you will be bringing an extra vehicle in addition to your motorhome, you must make a parking reservation for that extra vehicle. Visit our website for details.


Crystal Mountain is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items, RVs or vehicles left in the parking lot. All drivers need to be prepared for winter driving and RV camping conditions. Do your research, check the forecast, bring chains, snow shovels, blocks for uneven ground and anything else you may need for cold conditions.

Weekend Minimum Night Stay

2 night minimum (Friday and Saturday must be booked together). Reservations that are not booked for both Friday and Saturday night will be subject to cancellation.

Plowing/Snow Removal

Plowing/snow removal takes place Sundays between 4pm-7pm. Check-in on Sundays start at 7pm.


For instructions on how to cancel your reservation please visit:


Reservations are required to bring your RV to B-Lot. Reservations cannot be resold and must be canceled and released within RoverPass. Attempts to resell reservations will be flagged and canceled by the Crystal Mountain Team. Names of guests arriving must match the name on the reservation, no exceptions. If you do not show up on the date of your reservation, you forfeit your site and no refund will be issued. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.

After Hours Parking

After 10pm please park in general parking until 7am when RV host will help you.


No cutting or disturbing any living vegetation. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.

Cleanliness Policy

Please keep your campsite clean. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.

Pet Policy

Dogs must be attended to and on-leash at all times, and not left alone outside the RV. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.


Wood fires are not allowed; propane fires in raised self-contained pits are permitted and must be in the parking lot area, clear of trees and RVs. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.


$500 per infraction

No Dump or Water Station

No Dump or Water Station is available, so take care of those needs before you arrive.

50 Amps

30 Amps

Snow Sports

33914 Crystal Mountain Boulevard, Enumclaw, WA, 98022
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B Lot

Overall Rating: 3.2

Max Pagel

Love the convenience and location! Staff is friendly. Porta potties for us van folk in the winter at least, trash onsite. No water/dump stations (as listed, not a suprise). Dogs are welcome, but don't expect folks to have them on a leash. Not a huge deal, but hard for folks like us with dogs that don't like other doggos!

James Heimer

Crystal Mtn did not disappoint. And the Rover Pass system works well. RV host is awesome!

Rob Benson

OH! I forgot to add, numerous males, 10-20 over the two evenings) walked between our RV and the stream to relieve themselves rather than walk three times the distance to the outhouses. Also, several dog owners allowed there dogs, both on leash and off, to also relieve themselves and defecate in the same area just ahead of where we were parked. Again, if not for some of the other campers (and some male skiers leaving for the day), I'd give this location a much better rating.

Rob Benson

Host was nice and helpful. Fellow campers talked outside until 1 AM the first night, then played rhythm guitar and sang from midnight until 1 AM the next night. Other than waking us from a sound sleep, the rhythm guitar was ok. The singing needed work. Trash cans were overflowing. Plenty of dust from the Parking Lot Shuttle Buses (which is likely only a problem because it is spring and the sun has dried the lot). Excellent location by the ski resort and excellent shuttle service to get there. Electricity was good. No water (it still freezes at night). Outhouses in center of parking lot were clean and well maintained. If it wasn't for the other campers, I'd give this a higher rating.

John Axelson

Great mountain Love the shuttle drivers super friendly Beer prices are ridiculous $14 I’ll bring my own from now on Overall great place

Joseph Decker

Very clean site within walking distance of the base area and the Snorting Elk! Great lot camping experience!

marty romey

Excellent host. Great skiing!

Adi Miro

Sites were variable in quality. Mine was mostly muddy but others were nicely well-covered with gravel. Discarded trash (sandwich bags, snack wrappers) on site. Hosts were polite and personable. Location great, prices reasonable, but please give the sites some cleanup and ground maintenance.

Timothy Humphries

Garbage cans overflowing for first two days. No dog poop bags provided and feces all over Creekside banks. Employees speed past RV’s and through parking lot. Day skiers urinate behind RV’s with impunity (not enough honey buckets in lot). Muddy and wet everywhere. Overpriced for few amenities.


Great location of course! Staff was nice and arrival was smooth.

Cord Lamphere

Had all conditions for skiing. 1 Pow day, 1 day of a 6" of fresh and then a spring day. The views are amazing and everyone has a chill vibe. RV folks are a really nice community. Dog heaven also.

Ray Dally

75 dollars. I know, I agreed to pay it, but we don't need any hookups, and there weren't any $65 dollar sites available. Why not offer some sites with no hookups and charge less? I'd be happy to par 20-30 bucks for that. The host was very nice though. I guess my only complaint is the ridiculous price... Another example of crystal nickling and diming.

Rhonda Bonthuis

We had a great time. Host was easy going. Lot was snowplowed every morning. Our dogs loved the large parking lot to play and take walks. The bus picked us up to take us up to the main ski area right outside of our trailer. It would be nice to have a large garbage area to dispose of garbage. Otherwise, our family had a great time.


I love that they have expanded camping. Prices seem a bit high. Camp host is great!

Captain Mark D Flaten

The host is great, but the parking lot was not plowed and it was a disaster. It looked like WiFi was available but after 30 minutes on the phone trying to get the password with Crystal Guest Services they hung up on me...

Sarah Coleman

Love the new lot ! Thanks for making Ski RV camping easy and FUN

Laura Bolin

We love camping at Crystal, but on this trip we were assigned to Lot G. We didn't even know Lot G had camping since Crystal's website extolls how wonderful Lot B is. I wouldn't have minded the Lot G assignment if I had been informed that there were two lots when reviewing the website or when booking with Rover. I feel sorry for the camp host who had to deal with the lack of communication from Crystal

Sidney Howard

Most importantly: turn the lights OFF in G lot- the high LED lights are on all night- so bright makes it hard to sleep Parking lot is not very level, just two portapotties for the lot to use… very very overpriced for what you get. We tried to book 2 spots for our 4 small truck campers, were told we could not put 2 per spot, despite the large dimensions of the spot, so we had to book 4 overpriced spots and requested to be put together. They said “we’ll try” and we showed up and we were not put together. After 2 conversations with the camp host, she did shuffle spots to get us together, which was very nice of her, but I’m not sure why it was so hard. Overall, Crystal just knows they have you cornered so they overcharge and under-deliver because they can.

charles bohannon

We were placed in Lot G. I was told by the camp host that the upper camping lot was sold in block. If this is the case, I actually think Crystal Mountain's reservation practices should be reviewed to see if they are operating honestly. We have been RV camping up here for nearly ten years. If RV parking isn't going to be truly first come first served then I would reconsider in the future.

Johanna Vanderlee

I think it is too expensive. Plus, there is no way for Rover Pass to interact with Crystal Mountain as the "owner" of the "campground." I do like the ability to camp at CM. $30 would be more reasonable.