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33914 Crystal Mountain Boulevard, Enumclaw, WA, 98022

Located in Enumclaw, Washington, Crystal Mountain RV Parking allows one to spend the night on the west edge of B-Lot and wake up close to the lifts and ready to hit the slopes. B-Lot offers 30 and 50 amp electrical hookups and a generous amount of space to enjoy your RV experience. With open space, expansive terrain and powerful views, Crystal is that place. True Pacific Northwest shines through, even in the for or in the clouds. Whether its for a short and or long term visit, we hope to welcome you soon! 

Last Updated: 02/03/2023

RV Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
RV Sites 1-30 (50Amp) (RVs up to 45 ft length, 20 ft width including slides) $55.00 $385.00 Choose Your Site
RV Sites 31-53 (30Amp) - (RVs up to 36 ft length, 10 ft width including slides) $45.00 $315.00 Choose Your Site
RV Sites 54-66 (30Amp) - (RVs up to 28 ft length, 10 ft width including slides) $45.00 $315.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Sites

Maximum of 2 tents per site 

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Tent Camping Only $25.00 $175.00 Choose Your Site

Quiet Hours

Please respect quiet time of 10:00pm - 8:00am. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.

RV Site Size Restrictions

You are responsible for selecting the right size site for your RV. If you choose to ignore the size restrictions for the site, you run the risk of losing your reservation at your expense. RV Sites 1-30 (50Amp) RVs up to 45 ft length, 20 ft width including slides. RV Sites 31-53 (30Amp) RVs up to 36 ft length, 10 ft width including slides. RV Sites 54-66 (30Amp) RVs up to 28 ft length, 10 ft width including slides. If your RV exceeds the size parameters for the site you booked, you risk forfeiting your site fee and reservation.


Your garbage must be bagged, securely tied and placed in designated locations. Help us keep our mountain playground clean by adhering to this rule.

Additional Vehicle Parking

Parking is included with the purchase of a season’s pass. If you are not a season pass holder, you can register your vehicle upon arrival at the B Lot check-in location. Truck and trailer combinations, your truck is your additional vehicle. Motorhomes do not receive an additional vehicle entry and will be required to pay the day rate. Please note: If you will be bringing an extra vehicle in addition to your motorhome, you must make a parking reservation for that extra vehicle. Visit our website for details.


Crystal Mountain is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items, RVs or vehicles left in the parking lot. All drivers need to be prepared for winter driving and RV camping conditions. Do your research, check the forecast, bring chains, snow shovels, blocks for uneven ground and anything else you may need for cold conditions.

Weekend Minimum Night Stay

2 night minimum (Friday and Saturday must be booked together). Reservations that are not booked for both Friday and Saturday night will be subject to cancellation.

Plowing/Snow Removal

Plowing/snow removal takes place Sundays between 4pm-7pm. Check-in on Sundays start at 7pm.


For instructions on how to cancel your reservation please visit:


Reservations are required to bring your RV to B-Lot. Reservations cannot be resold and must be canceled and released within RoverPass. Attempts to resell reservations will be flagged and canceled by the Crystal Mountain Team. Names of guests arriving must match the name on the reservation, no exceptions. If you do not show up on the date of your reservation, you forfeit your site and no refund will be issued. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.

After Hours Parking

After 10pm please park in general parking until 7am when RV host will help you.


No cutting or disturbing any living vegetation. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.

Cleanliness Policy

Please keep your campsite clean. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.

Pet Policy

Dogs must be attended to and on-leash at all times, and not left alone outside the RV. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.


Wood fires are not allowed; propane fires in raised self-contained pits are permitted and must be in the parking lot area, clear of trees and RVs. Violation of this rule will result in fines and/or restriction of B-Lot privileges.


$500 per infraction

No Dump or Water Station

No Dump or Water Station is available, so take care of those needs before you arrive.

50 Amps

30 Amps

Snow Sports

33914 Crystal Mountain Boulevard, Enumclaw, WA, 98022
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RV sites are located at the western rim of B Lot parking area.

Overall Rating: 3.2

Kelly Morris

We stayed here in our camper van on a Monday night so with the fees and taxes it was $80, since it was a non-holiday weekday. It is in the second parking lot from the base of the resort, you get a 30 amp plug ($20 more for 50 amp spots) which is nice but we actually don’t need it. There are no bathrooms or showers, only porta-potties that were for the parking lot that were all nearly full from the weekend and about 300 yards away from our “campsite.” They apparently clean the porta-potties on Tuesdays. It was our first time to Crystal Mountain and it’s nice they have RV camping in their parking lot but it would be great if they had non-plug in spots as well as some porta-potties closer to the camp sites.

Mark Sauerwein

overall a great way to be close to the slopes and have some adventure. fellow campers were courteous . the 30 amp spaces are pretty tight, so be sure to follow the guidelines, the plowing of the lot will wake you up at 330 am. but necessary of course for the resort. the hostess was super and friendly . this was our first ski lot experience. would do it again.

Susan Cwiertnia

We were excited to get reservations because they are so difficult to get now but B-Lot has changed so much and not for the better. Our RV is a smaller Class B with no slide-outs and when we arrived, we were told to park nose in (= no view) so we can get as close as possible to the large camper next door with two big slide-outs. Our main door would then be on the other side so we can still get in and out. I get it, space is tight up there but we paid the same $115/per night as the neighbor. The next day a pickup truck/camper combination parked so close on the other side next to our main door, we couldn't open it to get out. At least he was kind enough to eventually move his rig over for us. Crystal should consider enforcing the limit on the overall width of RVs with their slide-outs. We were also disappointed because we found boards with nails in them near and under our vehicle as the snow melted. Lucky for us, the boards didn't puncture a tire. While we were up there, we learned that Crystal sold 25 season RV camping passes in the B-Lot to the "regulars". Is this one of the reasons why it is so hard to get a reservation? Our family has been skiing at Crystal since 1999 and camping in the B-Lot since we got our RV in 2018 ($35/per night) this is turning into a story of the haves and have-nots.

Wendy Trieger

Check in was great, everything was as expected


love the B lot! but rover pass is a terrible system for reservations.

Kevin Anderson

We had a great experience in Lot B at Crystal Mountain. The host was super helpful getting us oriented and positioned when we arrived and the weekend was fun on the mountain. Lots of people where there this weekend, but we snowshoed with few folks out on the trails.

Jennifer Mills

It would be very helpful if there was a way to be alerted if a spot becomes available. The on-site host is very responsive, helpful and great at coordinating all the arrivals and departures. Much appreciated!!

Dan Green

Bodie and the rest of the crew do an outstanding job running the service up at Crystal Mountain

Richard Smith

Disgusting mess left by previous campers. Old firewood, tires, refrigerator parts, chairs. We couldn't let our children play outside due to the debris left in the campsites.

Kathleen H

The host was welcoming and friendly. Not a scenic lot, but you're not really visiting the area to spend time in your camper. There was only one porta-potty for the entire campground, but since most of the rigs here were pretty large, I'm guessing everyone just uses their own bathroom, so we never had to wait (we are in a truck camper, no toilet). The porta-potty was clean. Ground was mostly flat, but bring blocks or something if you care about being properly level. Knocking off two stars because there is no water - for $50/night, I'd expect at least one spigot where we could have refilled. There might have been one behind the host's trailer, but it was tucked kind of far back and our hose isn't long enough to reach, so we didn't ask. My guess is that they're worried about freezing in the winter, but I don't understand why they can't turn the water off seasonally like other parks. There's nothing nearby, so if you have a small tank like ours, it would be tough to spend more than a few days here.

Sarah Kinnally

The experience on Crystal Mountain was lovely. However the tent camping is less desirable. They place you literally on the side of the parking lot. To find beautiful scenery you have to hike up the mountain of take the gondola, which is pricey for a whole family. The pricw includes one trip up and down. My recommendation would be to have a small discount for people who are camping on site, or unlimited day privileges for the duration of your reservation. Because hanging out at the campsite is not pleasant. Sometimes, you just want to relax at your tent between hikes and adventures, especially with small children. This was difficult to plan our fay because of the price of the lift if we were to go up in the morning, then again later in the evening after kids nap time. I just wish they accommodated their guests a little better.

Colleen Miller

Horrible! It was a construction site with blowing dust covering everything. We were shocked and disappointed and we did not stay there. The gal at guest services was great and said they did issue a refund.

Daniel Shaw

We arrived at the campground and were surprised to find it really just a dusty gravel parking lot. I can see in the winter with snow on the ground and you were going up there to go skiing it would be fine but in the summer it is not. We didn't stay and forfeited our payment.

Michelle Smith

Very disappointing! I never should have prepaid. We arrived to find equipment being stored in our designated spot (#7) . Camp host was not on site. Gravel parking lot with dust blowing would have prevented any outdoor fun. We left and stayed at The Dallas Campground where the camp host was very accommodating and had wood with outdoor fire pits. MA Smith (8/29-30/2022)

Marie Campbell

Wonderful campsite at 15 1/5, camp host was very nice. Would reserve here again for sure!

Renae Ratliff

I’d give zero stars if possible. It’s a parking lot with power only (that we expected), but not the dusty gravel parking lot. It’s not an RV site. It’s a parking space and tight at that. No tables either. This place needs to shut down until better suited for RV parking. And no host available at all. Suppose to be there to assign “site” but never showed up through noon the next day when we left. It appears this place is under major construction and hopefully will look nicer in the future. Website is clear there’s construction going on, but not clear that it’s a parking lot. And $69/nt is absurd for this space!

Caitlin Shotwell

No one available for check-in at 3pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8am or 10am. No bathrooms or showers for tent campers!!! Location for tent camping was/is unknown as no one was available to show us so we just picked an RV spot. No spots with grass for tents as all spots are essentially in the gravel parking lot (Lot B). Overall a total disappointment and disaster, would absolutely NOT recommend.

Monica Pilgrim

Campground was good, easy to get to mountain, and all the activities available. Only thing, I like to recycle, didn't find bins for that.

Ryan Pazaruski

Great place to overnight as a basecamp to hike. Unfortunately, rude backcountry horsemen are aggressively running hikers off the trails like they own the place. The horses are covering the ground with manure filled with invasive weeds, and Riders are leaving trash around high mountain lakes and meadows. Its time for horses to be banned from these narrow fragile trails, out of safety for all and sensitivity for the environment.

Ryan Vivatson

We booked this site last minute and really liked the site description along with pictures. Everything was misleading. The site sit in a large gravel parking lot that backs up to power poles for service which was nice. They are mostly flat. The things that I found to not be good were. Lots of full time residence living there. The camp rules state max stay length is 14 days. There are clearly several that have exceeded that time frame. There was also during the day lots of construction work happening in the big parking lot. This was loud and not very relaxing to listen to.