Crossroads RV Park

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6476 North 35th Street West, Porter, OK, 74454

Crossroads RV Park is an RV park located on 6476 N 35th Street N in Porter, OK. The site includes electricity. The campground is open all year.

Last Updated: 11/19/2020

RV Site

metered monthly $250.00 plus electric per kwh $00.105.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hook Up - 30 Amps $25.00 $125.00 $350.00 See More
Full Hook Up - 50 Amps $25.00 $125.00 $375.00 See More
Cabin Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Hook up -- $300.00

50 Amps

100 Amps

6476 North 35th Street West, Porter, OK, 74454
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Overall Rating: 5.0

Sheryl King

This is the BEST home you will find. We lived here for approx. 2 yrs & it was awesome. The owners are the best you will find. The property is clean 24/7. There are 2 laundromats with excellent equipment & even a FREE large ice machine!! Also an excellent bath house.One for Males & one for Females.They are cleaned DAILY. The The lawns are mowed frequently, manicured to look awesome & the trash recepticals are ALWAYS kept in perfect order, no garbage on the ground, hanging out of dumpster or piled on top or the ground.There are security cameras monitoring the grounds, laundry, & entire park & they were just an added feeling of safe & home to me while living there. There is an awesome system in place for your TV viewing & WIFI is great. Thee is a nice little gazebo to sit in & just enjoy the nice scenery. They have a nice size dog park & there are several places on the property with FREE dog potty bags for your use. They even offer several storage buildings They have a designated part of the property for parking your boat, car hauler, cargo trailer & etc for a small fee too! for a small fee to rent while you are living there. There are a couple of small cabins for rental with full cleaning & supplies. It is an easy easy location & so easy to visit with pull thru's @ the front for easy overnight stays. The location is easy to find right off of Hwy.69 & the Muskogee Turnpike. The Porter Peach Barn is across the road. Muskogee is a few miles away & Broken Arrow & Tulsa are approx. 30 miles away. With the new Coweta Toll booth finished the drive to Tulsa for a nice day of shopping or a night out for dinner & a movie are with in a quick drive!!The owners live on the property FT & are only a phone call away in the event something needs their attention. They take excellent care of their residents & when there ARE issues that need attention hey take care of it immediately. The lots are not in a row all stuck together where you have NO privacy. They are spread out all over the property so you basically have a private yard for your enjoyment. Pets are allowed but must be on a leash & like I said before, the bags are FREE if you forget or run short BUT they expect you to clean up after your babies. It makes a nicer place for everyone. Please give it A TRY if you are anywhere near their area. I had to move away from there & I am in a nice new place BUT it is like the HOOD compared to the CROSSROADS! I miss it every day. Oh I almost forgot , they have some nice picnic tables all over for your use & the BEST part of all TREES! The shade is everywhere & in the fall it is a sight so gorgeous to your eyes. The entire time I lived there my spose worked nights & I was alone & yet I never one time felt scared or afraid to be alone & I didn't even lock my doors. I also sat out on my patio , that the owner brought over for my use when I moved there & it was the best @ 2 am to sit out under the stars & have a drink & listen to crickets chirping, frogs croaking & my favorite music on the radio.