Cottonwoods RV Park

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5170 N Oakland Gravel Road, Columbia, MO, 65202

83 Sites – 60 Pull Through Full Hookups (20/30/50amp) All Sites Open Year Round Free WiFi throughout Park Restrooms, Showers, Laundry Propane Available on Site Meeting Room and Pavilion Rec Room with Book Exchange and DVD Borrowing Library Horseshoes, Fire Rings, Picnic Tables Playground Basketball Court Social Activities

Cottonwoods RV Park is an RV park located on 5170 N Oakland Gravel Road in Columbia, MO. The site includes electricity.

Last Updated: 09/25/2023

RV Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hook-Up - 30 Amps $42.00
Full Hook-up - 30 Amps (Good Sam & AAA Members) $38.00
Full Hook-up - 50 Amps $44.00
Full Hook-up - 50 Amps (Good Sam & AAA Members) $40.00

General Store

Pets Allowed


Laundry Facilities

Community Showers

Drinking Water

Big Rig Friendly

Community Fire Pit

Gasoline Nearby

Fitness Room

RV Sanitation

Community BBQ/Grill

Propane Refilling Station

Community Restrooms

RV Hookup

Dump Station


Sewer Hookups

Fire Pit

Paved Roads

Pet Friendly

Slide Outs


50 Amps

Picnic Table

20 Amps

30 Amps


Historic Sightseeing


Swimming Outdoors

5170 N Oakland Gravel Road, Columbia, MO, 65202
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Located 4 Miles North of I-70, on Highway 63 at the Brown School Road Exit.  We're a friendly and quiet campground located just minutes from the University of Missouri (Mizzou), Columbia College, Stephen's College and several other local college campuses! Within minutes of local grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and hospitals. A quick 20 minute trip away from Warm Springs Ranch - The Budweiser Clydesdale's Breeding Ranch, which is open for public tours. Just a few minutes from local craft breweries, distilleries, and within a short drive of both Les Bourgeois Winery and Serenity Valley Winery. Located next to the Northeast Regional Park and a 5 minute walk from Atkins Baseball Fields. We are also close to several dog friendly locations and some great off-leash and on-leash dog parks!

Overall Rating: 3.3

Claire Horner

Not at all sure about the below negative reviews or this low rating. I found it to be one of the best rv resorts I've ever stayed at. I've been camping for over 15 years. The staff is amazing, the place is very nice, clean and pretty. The staff was soothing to my soul after 3 days on the road. Very reasonably priced. I can't thank you enough for. This refuge from a rough world. I am sure the people who posted the negative comments are somehow at fault.

Adam Ward

My recent encounter with Cottonwoods RV Resort has left me utterly disappointed and disgusted, as their service was marred by deceptive policies, unprofessional behavior and childish behavior. It is disheartening to witness a company that prioritizes playing games and leaning on diplomatic responses over addressing the reality of their actions. From the outset, their reservation process raised concerns with their non-industry standard policy of requiring a 10-day notice for cancellations. This policy, as I soon discovered, served as a warning sign of their intentions to hold onto customers' money while offering limited options for resolution. It became evident that their primary objective was not to provide a fair and transparent service but rather to maximize their own gains at the expense of customer satisfaction. Adding insult to injury, when my wife attempted to discuss our concerns with their staff, they not only exhibited unprofessional behavior but also acted defensively, as if they were being attacked. Despite my wife maintaining her composure (while slightly elevating the pitch of her voice, but never yelling or personally attacking the person on the phone), they manipulated the situation by leaning on diplomatic responses that failed to address the reality of their actions. This tactic of deflecting and avoiding accountability only further erodes trust and demonstrates a lack of integrity on their part. It's truly sad to see this behavior come from a "business". When I personally reached out to express my frustration (and also notify that I will post my factual experiences online), the "manager" absurdly claimed that my communication was threatening merely because I suggested the possibility of visiting their premises to discuss the matter in person. This response showcased a lack of professionalism and an unwillingness to engage in mature dialogue. The "manager's" attempts to justify their cancellation policy under the guise of protecting customers are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. By allowing customers to reschedule their reservations while vehemently refusing any possibility of cancellation, they revealed their true motive: to retain customers' funds while offering a hollow option for rebooking. This self-serving approach contradicts their claims of protecting customers' interests and exposes their disregard for providing a genuinely satisfactory experience. What troubles me even more is the realization that my experience is not an isolated incident. Other reviewers have expressed similar encounters, outlining the same deceptive policies, unprofessional behavior, and manipulative tactics employed by Cottonwoods RV Resort. It is disheartening to see a pattern of behavior that consistently prioritizes the company's interests over the well-being and satisfaction of their customers. In their attempts to deflect accountability, the company may try to argue that we were rude or difficult to deal with. However, it is essential to clarify that we were hung up on before any reasonable customer service was provided. When my wife, understandably exasperated, questioned whether an exception could be made in the event of a death in the family, their response was shockingly callous. It became evident that the company's priorities lay solely in financial matters, as they confirmed their lack of concern for any circumstances beyond securing their own profits. I fully anticipate their rebuttal to my reviews to show how holy they are, but again, a diplomatic response to smooth over their reviews and make them always look right. What a terrible way to do business. If you look at the reviews left below, all are refuted to make the campsite look perfect while neglecting to remember they are in the customer service business. In conclusion, our unfortunate experience with Cottonwoods RV Resort was tainted by their deceptive policies, unprofessional and childish behavior. Their inclination to play games, lean on diplomatic responses, and avoid taking responsibility for their actions only served to exacerbate my disappointment. I strongly advise prospective customers to carefully consider the consistent feedback provided by other reviewers and approach this establishment with caution. It is regrettable that a company entrusted with providing enjoyable experiences would prioritize such practices, leaving customers feeling frustrated and undervalued. Here's a list of reviews you should take into consideration: - - Terri G - Kicked out for using a generator because of an issue with their power cord - - Examples of lying to customers, kicking them out when there is room - - Bad experience - - Indicating a good experience unitl they get mad with you then they call the police and get defensive - what a great place to stay! - - Trying to kick out people who are on Cancer treatments, again they reply to everything thats negative with a rebuttal that frames them as perfect - "Surprised they didn't charge us for breathing..."

Campground Response

We understand that cancellation policies can sometimes be inconvenient, but it is crucial for us to maintain fairness and uphold the integrity of our reservation system. We would like to kindly remind you that when you made your online reservation, you agreed to our cancellation policy, which clearly outlines the terms and conditions for canceling as well as any associated fees. As a gesture of goodwill, we provided you with the option to reschedule your stay in order to avoid the cancellation fee. We stand by our policies, which are designed to ensure fairness and consistency for all our guests. They were clearly communicated and agreed upon when you made your reservation. While we appreciate feedback, using threats to coerce us into changing our policies is not an approach we will entertain. It’s unfortunate that you have chosen to express your dissatisfaction by leaving multiple negative reviews on multiple social media platforms, despite having agreed to and signed the policy that you now disagree with. We understand the importance of allowing guests to leave reviews, and we respect your right to do so. However, we believe in treating all guests equally and upholding our policies consistently, without making exceptions based on individual preferences or circumstances. We encourage constructive feedback and open dialogue, but we will not deviate from our policies to accommodate specific demands. Thank you and we wish you well in your future travels.

Mrs. Jim Baumgartner

We came to Cottonwoods to stay for 1 month and a few days. We enjoyed the front office staff, however, two men knocked and knocked on our camper door. The man that did all the talking was very angry with threatening maneuvers with his arms. He was so angry and I couldn't understand exactly why he was treating me like he was. We had brought our side x side from home so our nephew could pick it up. At the time he was throwing his fit. I tried to explain to him it was going to be picked up in about 10 min. He said " get it outta here NOW!" In the meantime there was another another side x side which we explained that it would be leaving on Friday. "Get all of this outta here now " we couldn't possibly do that since we were in Columbia for my husband's daily Cancer treatments. We tried to explain to him this stuff was not a permanent fixture for our stay.. Then today my husband went to the front office to buy some ice and he was there and said to my husband " you better get that side x side outta here on Friday ". My husband reiterated " I told you yesterday we were taking it home on Friday. " we are in our 70's dealing with Cancer and Cancer treatments which in itself is very difficult, to be treated with such distain and outright anger is very concerning. This man is rather large, always dirty clothes with a major speech impediment. We have run a lucrative business for over 40 yrs. And if an employee or whoever he is would not be working for us. He never identified himself to us , so we do not know his position here, but, he is rude and threatening and does not have a place working with the public

Campground Response

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your recent stay at Cottonwoods. We appreciate hearing about your experience, and we would like to address the concerns you raised in your review. When you contacted us to make a reservation, it was our park manager, the same gentleman whose speech you belittled in your review, who assisted you. He attentively listened to your needs, and upon learning the reason for your stay, he made every effort to accommodate you. Recognizing your desire for comfort, he assigned you our largest site and, to further assist, waived the fee for the one additional vehicle you had mentioned during your conversation. After your arrival, it became evident that there were more vehicles on your site than the initial truck and RV and one additional vehicle you had disclosed. Three more additional side-by-side vehicles, an additional trailer, and a golf cart were also brought into our park without any notification to our staff. These additional vehicles did not fit in your site and your husband parked his trailer across both your site in 83 and your neighbor’s site in 82. The additional vehicles could not be accommodated on your designated site without causing disruptions or compromising the experience of both you and your neighboring guests. Unfortunately, parking across the grass resulted in ruts on both your site and your neighbor's site, affecting the overall appearance and functionality of the area. While your husband offered to pay for the additional vehicles after they were brought to our attention by another guest and he was asked to move them, he expressed that he was only willing to do so if he could keep them at your RV site, for which there was not any room to do so due to all of the additional unexpected equipment not being able to fit into your site. It was expressed that you were not interested in paying for an additional site to accommodate them and he was again asked to please remove them if he wasn’t going to pay for them to go in overflow parking. However, additional vehicles still stayed for a couple more days free of charge after you were asked to remove them. Although, you could have been charged additional vehicle fees in addition to damage fees for the ruts – we still waived the fee with the understanding that you would remove them by that Friday even though you were asked to remove them well in advance of their Friday pick up. We understand that this request may have caused an inconvenience, however it is important to us to maintain the integrity of the park and provide an enjoyable experience for all guests including you. Additionally, we would like to address the comments made in your review about our staff member's speech impediment. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive and respectful environment for both our guests and staff members. It is both disrespectful and completely unacceptable to make fun of someone's speech issue for any reason, especially when our staff member's stutter is only very small and occasional. Regardless of the level of someone’s physical disabilities or personal challenges, using their health issues against them is so unkind. We hope that in the future you do not face the same mean-spirited commentary should you find yourself limited by any physical or other personal challenges. We would like to provide some additional information regarding the staff member involved. The individual you mentioned, who you referred to as "dirty," is actually our park manager and again, the same gentleman who took your reservation and waived all those fees. He is a hardworking, knowledgeable, and kind individual who takes pride in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our guests. We want to clarify that the dirt on his jeans was a result of his dedication to assisting other guests within the park at their site. Camping is an outdoor activity and our entire staff from front desk to maintenance to management will often go out into the park to assist our guests with various tasks including helping new RVers hook up their utilities, help with navigating into their site, and even repairing any issues with the water, electrical or sewer if someone should have an issue. The “dirt” on him was from him kneeling in the grass to assist other guests and help maintain park facilities by painting and repairing while also working the front desk when our front desk staff members were out sick. As a jack of all trades, he not only manages the park but is also readily available to lend a helping hand whenever needed. It is not uncommon for him to get involved in various tasks, such as assisting guests, resolving issues, and even filling in for sick staff members at the front desk. Please understand that the staff member in question is committed to providing excellent customer service and maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all our guests. He is hard working and dedicated to making sure that all guests are safe, including you and your husband and it’s unfortunate that his repeated request for removal of the extra vehicles at your site were ignored and became an issue during your stay. At Cottonwoods, we strive to provide exceptional customer service and create a welcoming environment for all our guests. We value your feedback and take this opportunity to review our procedures and improve our communication to prevent similar misunderstandings in the future. We understand that you have a range of options when choosing where to do business, and we understand that there may be instances where our facility may not be the perfect match for every guest. We’re sorry that we weren’t the right fit for you and we are happy to hear that you found a great place to stay that was better able to meet your needs. We wish you safe and happy future travels.

John C Middlebrooks

Nice sites, friendly people, large field to let my dog run in. What more do I need. They also have great facilities and pool. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Campground Response

John, thank you so much for your kind review. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay at our park. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future. We wish you safe and happy travels!