Chestnut Lake Campground

Frantz Road, Brodheadsville, PA, 18322

Chestnut Lake Campground includes amenities such as . This campground is located on 117 Chestnut Lake Road in Brodheadsville, PA and is open all year.

RV Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hook-Up $45.00 $285.00 $675.00
Hook-Up $40.00 $250.00 $550.00
Tent Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Tent Rate $15.00

Frantz Road, Brodheadsville, PA, 18322

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Overall Rating: 1.0

Frank Rizzo

This place is an absolute mess. Fire rings full, sites are mud pits but the good news is the leaves that don't get cleaned up helps with that. Roads are taken care of by office but by campsites they are pothole city. They have speed limit posted at 5 miles an hour but the truth is the people drive like it a race track. Most campgrounds enforce their rules but not this place it's open to do whatever you want. They have signs up with what kind of dogs aren't allowed pits, chows and rottweilers where on the list. While I was there there was two sites that had rottweilers on the site. What makes this even worse is they were walking their dogs right around areas where employees should have seen them, and nothing was ever said. There was some sort of Halloween party that was a total waste of time. Don't blink cause you would have missed it, that's how fast it was. Kids playground is full of junk. Basketball court asphalt is breaking up badly. Walk around lake you have to watch you don't brake your ankles . The pathes are potholes and tree roots. If I was the person that took care of maintenance, I would hide my face in shame. Oh but then again not sure there is a maintenance person cause never saw any except for guy's riding john Deere gators all over the place. I think I got my point across, if you want your family to have a good time don't go to this place...