Bar J Hitchin Post RV

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50 S Hopkins Rd, Sweetwater, TX, 79556

Family owned, proudly serving Nolan County. Bar J Hitchin' Post RV is located 5 minutes from Sweetwater, the heart of Nolan county!

Bar J Hitchin Post RV is an RV park located on 50 S Hopkins Rd in Sweetwater, - . The site includes .

Last Updated: 04/04/2023

50 S Hopkins Rd, Sweetwater, TX, 79556
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Paige Land

Front desk lady with short grey hair is rude and purposely unfriendly. She sits on couch and watches TV instead of answering the phone and then acts annoyed when you go inside to get the help you needed. Wanted to book 2 extra nights and she told me I was bothering her by coming inside. Then one day she came to my campsite and accused me in front of my kids of tying my dog up to a tree and letting my kids play outside alone. I told her its never happened and offered to show her we dont have anything but his leash to walk him with and she kept accusing me. She stated our car was gone on the day she saw this and the kids were outside alone. I informed her my husband was traveling with us of course so if the car is gone it doesn't mean both adults are and instead of guessing what she thinks is happening from the office she should've driven to our campsite to see us in chairs like were are now as she trying to accuse us of stuff. My kids were playing on the side of the RV you could view from the office while we sat in shade on the side facing away from the office. The dog was on a leash hanging out with the kids while I held the leash. Because she only saw the dog and kids she made up a story then came to accuse me of it. You DON'T EVER ACCUSE ME OF LEAVING MY KIDS ALONE ANYWHERE WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT KIND OF A MOM I AM. INSULTING AND WRONG!! I finally had to say 3 times that I wasn't going to argue in front of my kids to get her to stop harassing us at our site. YOU DONT ACCUSE PAYING CUSTOMERS OF THINGS YOU DONT HAVE THE WHOLE TRUTH OF!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE TELLING YOU THE TRUTH. She didn't want to hear anything just accuse us!! Rude! Unprofessional and hateful employees!! We got stuck camping here after our car broke down with our family going crosscountry. That stress is enough much less having to deal with terrible employees. Compassion is everything and I'll never stay here again from just that one employee experience!