Aurora Acres RV Park & Campground

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11240 N Northwood Dr, Inglis, FL, 34449

Are you looking for an RV park in inglis, FL? Then Aurora Acres RV Park & Campground located on - might be the place for you. The site includes electricity.

Last Updated: 08/07/2021

50 Amps

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11240 N Northwood Dr, Inglis, FL, 34449
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Breanna m Meehan

Anyone looking to live in Arora trailer park or Big oaks in Inglis DONT! I'm telling you don't even bother!! landlords here kick you out for absolutely no reason and make you live in slum conditions. There are black mold in there units, unsafe electrical, maintenance don't actually fix anything just crappy patch jobs that don't hold. My tub and shower has been ready to fall thru to the ground since I moved in.. they don't have plumbing up to code, they have holes in the floors and leaks in doors, windows, roof. There is no cover to the bottom of the trailers exposing you right to the out side. So that means bugs always getting in. Rusty floor vents.. There supposet to have pest control included in rent (according to the lease) but yet they don't so the spidersand roaches are ridiculous. And so many strey cats so there are fleas all over to.. Along with yard maintenance (also states in my lease that there supposed to maintain it) and they don't ever do it. I have had a tree down in my yard for a year now and they stillhaven'ttaken care of it. I have always been the one to weed whip and pick up sticks in my yard . The park always smells like poop. The water smells like straight bleach. They don't allow your kids to have a small swing or kitty pool. Dont call to pay rent early because they will snap on you. And don't answer your door if they (Connie) knocks cuz she said my husband hit her and called called cops but thankfully I have a camera on my front door and was able to show the offer the TRUTH and then landlord Connie quickly changed her story after being told by the officer that my house was on camera and she could be in trouble for a false police report. (My husband has never been a violent man so she really was pulling a lie out of her butt) When you ask to speak to owner she refuses to tell you that information. She will tow your car to the scrap yard if its not running or being fixed (even if it's legal). The garbage dump here is only open from 9am to 9pm so if I'm at work all day and set my garbage on my porch or next to my trailer late in the evening when I get home intending to take it to the dump when it opens at 9am you'll get wrote up. The harassment is NON STOP. I doordash so sometimes I'll get a late order and she will call me and ask "why are you leaving the park at 3am and coming and going all the time?". That is not any of her business and is harassment!! She knows I work for doordash. I have always paid my rent on time in full for past 3 years never done anything wrong to these people for them to act like they do. You will NEVER see your security deposit back no matter how nice you keep the place. She kicks family's out during the covid laws of no evictions. She dose it to get someone else's $$$ 1st, last, and security deposit just so she can turn around and kick them out and do it all over again. All Genie, Bobby Joe, and Connie are bullies that don't leave innocent family's alone and makes them live in horrible condition for top dollar. They watch you on ther park cameras and invade your privacy. Tell me how is a camera used for "saftey" when your using it to ask me who is in my yard at 4pm in the afternoon? (it was my grandmother btw) Whats going on here is wrong!!!! For your sake and or your family's sake both mentally and physical health DONT RENT FROM ARORA ACERS OR BIG OAKS in Inglis, FL.