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How Spruce Creek Campground Maximized Revenue with the Channel Manager

How Spruce Creek Campground Maximized Revenue with the Channel Manager

Stationed in Jamestown, Tennessee, Spruce Creek Campground and Stables offers a broad range of camping options and recreational activities. With horse trails right along the campsites, and nearby fishing, kayaking, hunting, and ATV trails, campers have access to both adventure and relaxation. Come nightfall, visitors can rest in an RV site, cabin, or tent, and stable stalls are available for those traveling with a horse.

Spruce Creek Collage - Channel Manager

The only person running the grounds is owner Brenda Comte, who often has her hands full welcoming campers, tending to the property, and serving as a local guide for the many activities available. In her guests’ eyes, she is a force to be reckoned with. Yet, she’d often have little time to advertise the unique offerings and multiple listings for Spruce Creek—until she joined RoverPass and set up her new reservation management system.

After hearing about her problem managing her online advertising of Spruce Creek, RoverPass had a solution: The newly launched Channel Manager.

“I was told about it during onboarding. I said I definitely want it – I’m running this place on my own and need all the help I can get! Please make sure to tell me when it’s available!”

Introducing the Channel Manager, Your Loyal Sidekick

With everything an owner needs to accomplish daily, finding new campers and keeping trackof everything online becomes nearly impossible. The Channel Manager was built to solve this very problem and takes a massive weight off an overloaded park owner’s shoulders.

The Channel Manager is an application that automatically syncs all campground inventory between RoverPass and connected Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Airbnb,, and Vrbo.

Channel Manager OTAsAfter you create multiple listings for your RV park or campground, they will automatically update with the new availability—all in one integrated space.  Not only does the Channel Manager save owners time, but it also amplifies visibility from other booking platforms, without having to manually and individually manage each listing. In using the Channel Manager, owners also eliminate the anxiety of double bookings while maximizing revenue.

Spruce Creek Before The Channel Manager

Brenda admits there were difficulties on the back end that held Spruce Creek Campground back from showcasing availability throughout different platforms.

“I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, but I struggled a bit trying to get set up on my own, specifically on It was a little frustrating,” Brenda lamented.

After hearing about her experiences, our team quickly responded to connect Brenda with Sole, our dedicated expert who works with campgrounds individually, to get Spruce Creek set up successfully on the Channel Manager.

Reaching New Heights After Implementing The Channel Manager

After getting started with RoverPass, Brenda listed her cabin rentals via the integrative Channel Manager interface. She immediately saw a jump in reservations.

“Oh gosh, my business has definitely picked up since being on it!” She added, “I’ve gotten more reservations from Airbnb for sure. The cabins are all booked up!”

With the Channel Manager by her side, Brenda is excited to add more sites to all three of the OTAs she has joined, and reach more visitors. “The bunk room and cabins are doing well! I’m going to add the horse stalls next and the RV sites at some point,” Brenda said.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Spruce Creek is just one of the many campgrounds and RV parks utilizing all that Channel Manager has to offer. In fact, RoverPass customers using the integration saw on average 7 new bookings per month with an average booking value of $300.

Channel Manager StatisticsIncredibly, some campgrounds even saw their bookings go up to over 15 new bookings per month! Overall, the Channel Manager has generated over $150,000 in new revenue for our customers with each property making thousands in new revenue each month. It hasn’t even been a year since we launched and already we are hearing more success stories and experiences like Brenda’s at Spruce Creek Campground.

Ready To Boost Earnings And Gain Your Time Back?

If you’re already using RoverPass’ reservation system, you automatically qualify and can add the Channel Manager now. You’ll get access to a dedicated expert who will help you get set up so you can make automatic revenue while focusing on your property and tending to your guests. Contact us to learn more about all of RoverPass’ solutions to save time, give more to your guests, and enjoy maximized profits! |

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