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Blogger Spotlight: The Fit RV4 min read

Ever wondered, sitting there at your desk job or traveling during your one-week vacation, what it would be like to trek across the country for months on end enjoying the beautiful scenery and managing to stay fit, upbeat, and motivated? With James and Stefany Adinaro’s blog, The Fit RV, you no longer have to wonder. You can read about—or sometimes even watch—these self-proclaimed “easily-excitable road-trippers” as they travel about the U.S. in Das Bus, their 2003 Sprinter RV, and still find time to work on their days off from RVing (Stef is a personal trainer in Utah and James works as an IT consultant in his spare time).

Stef and James of The Fit RV
Stef and James of The Fit RV

From hilarious stories of their RV travels and interesting quips about the RV lifestyle to exercise workouts and How-To’s on repairing your RV and even (as James himself did) totally remodeling it, this blog documents tons of information that’ll both make you long for the open road and prepare you for the RVing lifestyle. In fact, The Fit RV’s most popular post is The RV Remodel, documenting James’s ten weeks of taking out everything but the bare bones of Das Bus and revamping it. And if you’re a fitness buff or just trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle, James and Stef have plenty of uplifting, insightful, and educational videos designed to help you reach your goal – they even have their own version of The Biggest Loser competition.


If you’re wondering just how in-depth their blog could possibly be, I’d suggest checking out their RV Toilet Paper Test, in which they test out four different types of toilet paper to see which brand works best with your RV’s septic tank at the lowest cost. They also supply various fitness videos to get you working out, even with only items that can be found in the typical RV. Your broomstick, for instance.


Aside from their often fun and enjoyable tips, they also share their RV trips, like the half-hilarious, half-horrifying experience of battling thousands of mosquitoes and skin-drenching thunderstorms in their post, How NOT To Visit Texas. They give both RV and RV park reviews as well, for the interested or inexperienced RVer.


The couple also posts thoughtful messages about life. One in particular, A Mental RV Trip: Visiting Your Future Self, reminds us all that “You just have to find a way to enjoy the process. Don’t fixate on the end. Find joy right here, along the way.” Even if you’re not at the place you want to be quite yet, there’s still joy to be found in the journey.

Whether you’re off on your own adventure in your uniquely-named RV or interested in a certain RV or RV Park and need a second opinion, The Fit RV blog is a must-read (that’ll probably have you sitting in front of your laptop for hours, forgetting completely about what you first went there for, and wondering whether going on a cross-country RV trip could possibly fit into the budget, as is what happened to me). This blog is sometimes crack-you-up hilarious, sometimes breathtakingly moving, always inspiring, and an adventure all on its own.

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