Wolf Lake Resort and Campground

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5451 Harding Avenue, Muskegon, MI, 49442

Located in Muskegon, Michigan, Wolf Lake Resort and Campground offers 30/50 amp sites along with water and electric tent sites for those seeking a more traditional stay. This picturesque campground overlooking beautiful Wolf Lake includes hot showers and flush toilets, picnic tables and a fire ring at each site, trails to ride bikes or walk through, and four separate play areas. You can enjoy swimming, fishing, and boating in the lake. Given our convenient location, visitors may explore nearby attractions like Softball World, Eagle Island Golf Club, Lake Michigan and Silver Side to name a few. Whether its for a night or two, we hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 02/28/2024

RV Sites

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Full Hookups $65.00 $325.00 $780.00 See More Choose Your Site
Partial Hookups - 30 Amps $45.00 $225.00 $595.00 See More Choose Your Site
Partial Hookups - 50 Amps $55.00 $275.00 $695.00 See More Choose Your Site
Rustic RV Sites $35.00 $175.00 $395.00 See More Choose Your Site
Tent Sites

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Rustic Tent Sites $35.00 $175.00 $395.00 See More Choose Your Site
Tent Sites - Partial Hookups (Electric and Water) $45.00 $225.00 $595.00 See More Choose Your Site


Check-In starts at 3 p.m. Check-out is by 12 p.m. Early check-ins or late check outs must be approved with the office. Additional fees may apply.


All visitors must be registered with the office prior to entering the campground.

* We have a visitors fee. Unregistered guest will be charged $10.00 per person & $10.00 per vehicle. The person registered to the site will assume financial responsibility if the unregistered guest does not pay

* Visiting hours are between 12 p.m.-10 p.m. visitors that remain at the site outside of these hours will be responsible for paying the nightly rate.

* Please advise all visitors of the rules at wolf lake campground. the registered camper is responsible for the visitors actions and safety


We are a pet friendly campground

* Pets must be on a leash at all times

* You must clean up after your pet

* Pets must never be left unattended this includes in your trailer and vehicle

* Excessive barking, growling or aggressive behavior is not acceptable

* No more than two pets per site


* Campfires are not to be left unattended

* Campfires should only be in the provided fire ring

* The fire ring is not to be moved

* No burning of garbage in the fire ring

* No firewood is to be gathered from around the campground or woods

* You can purchase firewood from the camp office during open hours

* Violations of any of these rules will result in a $25.00 fee.


* Golden Rule for camping: Leave your site better than when you arrived.

* Drive Slowly through the campground abiding by posted speed signs and watch for children. Speeding and reckless driving will not be accepted.

* Quiet Hours are from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Radio's should be turned off during these hours. Please keep campfire conversations to a respectable level.

* The camper registered to the site is responsible for the actions of their children and visitors. The registered camper will be held financially liable for any damages caused by their children or visitors. Children (17 and under) should be accompanied by an adult after 10 p.m.

* Two vehicles are allowed on the site. Additional vehicles should be parked in the visitors parking. Every vehicle must be registered with the office at check-in. Unregistered vehicles are subject to towing at the owners expense.

* If security or management comes to your site for any disruptive behavior, you will be asked to correct your actions. If your behavior continues you will be asked respectfully to leave. Authorities will be called if needed.

* Language: We expect all campers and guest to use respectful language towards one another and other campers. Music choices should be respectful as well.

* We do not allow clotheslines or any use of nails to protect campers and our trees

* You are responsible for keeping your campsite clean. We will collect your trash bags during the hours of Ilam-1pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Trash must be in bags and out by the campsite post for pick up. Outside of these hours it is your responsibility to bring your trash to the blue dumpsters located in our check-in area. No trash is to be burned in the fire pits.

* Fireworks of any kind are not allowed in the campground.


* Bathhouse with flushing toilets and hot showers

* Currently under renovations for summer 2023 Camp Store (wood, lights, candy, batteries, soap, more+)

*Multiple Playgrounds

*Public Swimming Beach

*Back in Dump Station

*Fishing *Nature Trail for hiking/biking

*Kayak, Paddle Boat and Rowboat Rentals

*Picnic Area

* Laundry Room

* Each site has a picnic table and fire ring

* Family movie nights

*Family fun activities hosted by Wolf Lake Campground can be found on our Facebook page

Extra Vehicles

One additional vehicle is permitted to be parked on the site. Any additional vehicles beyond that should be parked in the visitors' parking lot.

General Store

Laundry Facilities

Community Showers

Water Hookups

Propane Refilling Station


Picnic Area

Dump Station

Fire Pit

Pet Friendly

50 Amps

Picnic Table

30 Amps


Kayaking & Canoeing




Big Rig Friendly

Family Friendly

Pet Friendly

Tent Camping

Extended Stay

5451 Harding Avenue, Muskegon, MI, 49442
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Overall Rating: 2.6

Tod Schneider

We booked our site, however there was a disclaimer that said you may not receive the site you book. They had the right to make a change as needed. If you paid an additional $5.00 you would be guaranteed the site. We checked in and when we got to our reserved site it was occupied. We set up in the last available lake site. Upon checkin we were told choose any site. I have to say I was a little shocked by the condition of the popup camper next to us. It was very old and had more duct tape than canvas. There was debris all over, and a tent laying upon the ground that had been down for some time. To be honest it looked like a homeless shelter. Several other campers were also in very poor condition. The next day we headed into town with our truck camper. Upon our return our site was taken again by another camper. This time we picked a site up on the slope away from the lake. The restrooms were old but clean and the site for the most part was quiet. It appears that most of the sites are seasonal.

The main benefit of this campground is that it is across from Wolf Lake with easy access for boating, kayaking, or swimming. Many tress for coverage to keep cool while tent camping as my group did over the holiday weekend. My group all agree this campground has so much potential, but does not seem to be cared for well. It just needs a lot of TLC. There was not a camp store as listed in the amenities, the playgrounds are old and rusty, and bathroom/shower facilities were mostly clean but many cobwebs and showers needed new mats as they appeared dirty (wear flip flops).

Mike Robertson

I wouldn't recommend Wolf Lake. The bathroom/shower building was dirty and smelled like urine, and half the toilets were plugged up. They were quite far from most of the campsites so the campground placed several nasty port-a-johns around the property. There was limited access to running water as well, only one spigot for every few sights. Additionally, there were bits of junk/blight through our the campground (old portajohns, etc). It's a safe place to camp and a spot to sleep though. So that at least is good.

Dlicia Green

It was so fun roughing it in the woods & exploring this campground! I loved how the app is easy to use and the staff are super friendly. Good vibes during our whole stay!

Lesley EMOND

Everything was great, beautiful beach nearby and the nature in the swamp was nice to watch. Bathroom/shower are a little outdated. Owners were friendly and drove around often to make sure everyone was o.k.

Karl Strunk

The hosts were quite nice and welcoming. The campground is located on a swamp and the lake is across the road with wonderful beach sand. The restrooms and showers are shared with on-site apartments -- my lady would not use such (felt unsafe); however, I did. The RV dump station is near impossible to access (their "honey truck" conveniently blocks such and they charge twenty-five dollars to bring the truck to you). We had no problems, but we're cautioned to keep everything locked!!! The most memorable thing was a hawk in the tree next to us.... Even though seemingly nice hosts, we will not likely return. PS. On a side note, I think they are attempting to improve such.

Bonnie Burt

Total mix up on the reservation, the bathroom situation (porta potties - un cleaned) was ridiculous and the dump station not a pull through. The site was close to impossible to back in to. Couldn’t be outside because the mosquitoes were so bad. The so callled lake was a swamp, The only good thing was the lady who worked there was nice and tried to be helpful.

Kim Johnson

This campground was overpriced. Located within a residential neighborhood and a bit run down we just parked here and didn’t look around much. At the very LEAST it would have been nice to have hand towels or a hand dryer in the bathroom after washing my hands. The people were friendly, but should charge less for what they provide.

Riley VanDyke

The lakeside sites do NOT match the descriptions. No trees, weeds instead of grass, goose crap everywhere, and a broken picnic table. The lake they describe is across the street from the entire campground, the campground is on a scummy pond. The bathrooms were far from clean, most toilets and showers were inoperable (or clogged). No paper towel or hand dryers provided. The bathroom is also located at the top of a very steep gravel-covered hill - don’t wear sandals or you’ll roll your ankle. The alternative is a line of four porta-potties. We also experienced random people on ATVs driving through our site and chopping dead trees down, which was a bit odd. I’m not a camping diva by any means, I’m just shocked we paid as much money as we did for such pathetic amenities. They might as well advertise themselves as a fully rustic campground.

Vincent Speelman

So much potential, but a gross campground which needs a complete overhaul. When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly staff who directed us to our site. It would have been helpful to have a map, given that the campground has a number of paths and areas, and the site was not clearly marked. We got out and began setting up. We were very happy with the view of Wolf Lake. Our first problem: The site layout made no sense. Electrical and water were on one side, sewer (we paid for full hook ups) were on the other. No standard equipment could support this layout, and no matter what you'd wind up with cords and hoses or sewer hoses laying across the entirety of your campsite, no matter how you set up. The next (and worse problem): Trash. More than just litter. It looked like our campsite was formerly a garbage dump. There was glass (tempered and cheap), nuts, bolts, screws, wire, shrapnel, women's underwear, litter, washers, and other unidentifiable debris _all over_ the place. I called the office to complain and they (literally the office manager and a kid) came out and tried to clean it. They brought a box of well-past-its-prime firewood as a nice gesture. She offered us another site. We towed our camper down to the new site and decided it would be better to investigate this one first. We found that it was not full hook-ups, which didn't work for our configuration. She didn't offer an alternative and said this site was clean now and she'd have the groundskeeper blow it as well, and did give us some monetary compensation (1 nights fees, but for a water + electric site. I don't understand the logic) We needed to get set up for sleep at this point and accepted. We wound up not hooking up our sewer until we were ready to dump at the end of the trip. Our front door opened right up to our neighbors (seasonals), who were quiet and tidy. Some of the other full-timers were not so tidy – lots of junk in the yards, run down and dirty campers. Everyone was relatively quiet and friendly. The kids playground was a bit sad – everything run down, the swings all lop-sided, an odd collection of old children's' outdoor toys. The water had good pressure, the power was clean. I would not stay here again. This place is a beautiful location, too far past its prime. We're left wondering just how so much debris and trash was all over our campsite.

Clinton Malik

Cheap. Disgusting bath houses that provide no soap for hand washing and no way to dry hands. This place has 3 different "camp ground dogs" who all roam free off leash and come and go in your site as they please. If you have young kids or a dog I'd highly recommend not coming here. Dogs charge you and growl upon approaching.

Karen Nordenson

Very rustic outdated no convenience store on site & looks like a junk yard

Heidi Banning

I had a great time at wolf lake campground this past weekend ! Staff is friendly and helpful and the bathrooms are super clean for a campground!

Chelsea Baubie

If you don’t want to see neglected animals do not go here. Their dog had a severe eye infection and there was a white cat that was bleeding really bad on its hind leg. The bathrooms look like they are never cleaned and the water is not hot. The campsite was decent at least and had a nice view.

Emily Elming

We planned to tent camp here the whole weekend and after one night we left and found a hotel room. The greeters were very nice and friendly. The facilities were extremely run down. The playground equipment looked like it would fall apart at any moment. The bath house was absolutely disgusting. My fiancé came out and said. I am not even peeing in there (Men’s restroom). We drove to Planet Fitness to shower/use the restroom. The bugs were absolutely horrendous. Not just mosquitoes. We tried everything and it didn’t matter they were swarming you constantly. The outhouses on the maps are portopotty ‘s that haven’t been touched since the 90s. There is a reason this was the only campground with sites available. Would only recommend if you had your own RV and just needed a place to crash for the night.

Mike Tyler

Bathrooms are absolutely filthy showers have mold and the portajons have not been clean in years the tent sites are very uneven and the roadway next to the lake has wonderful rice burners running up and down it all hours of the night not to mention the playground has definitely seen better days worst camp ground I have ever been to.

Ashley Nowosatko

Wasn’t to sure in were the campground store was. And they don’t really tell you where to check in when you get there. BUT!! Once we got to our site and set up it was a great time!

Charlie Weaver

The campground staff are great and the site is nice. I found the wireless to be weak which isn't a big deal most of the time, but it rained for a while and we needed to be inside. The dump station is a back-in which would not be a huge issue if they did not have cars and a trailer parked behind the station. It would be nice if they could put a pull-through dump station in to make this easier and quicker when multiple people are leaving at the same time. The location to the lake is great and many of the sites are very nice. Some sites are at the edge of the campground and make you feel less connected to the campground. Still, an overall good experience, and I would recommend the campground to others.

Theresa Perrault

We really liked this campground, it's family owned and everyone was very friendly. The only issue I had was that the shower just needed to be a little warmer. Other then that all was good.

Breann Ballard

Staff was incredibly helpful and friendly, rustic site was good. Plenty of space and a great place to enjoy the outdoors. Shower building was clean. I might not stay again at this time of year without researching about the spongy moth (formerly gypsy moth) situation first- it was so infested this year that the caterpillar poops falling from the trees sounded like a gentle rain. I didn't know that was even a thing, but nature do what it do I guess.