Venture Out at Panama City Beach

4345 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, FL, 32408

Are you looking for a big rig friendly campground in Panama City Beach, FL? Then Venture Out at Panama City Beach located on 4345 Thomas Drive might be the place for you. The site includes water, sewer, showers, electricity, laundry facilities; and can host activities like Basketball, shuffleboard, tennis, mini golf, and swimming outdoors.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

General Policies

1. All guest, vehicles and trailers must be registered with security or the office and you must display your hanging parking permit at all times while on Venture Out’s Property. A registration fee of $35 or $40 for 2nd vehicle, $100 for 3rd vehicle, Boats/Watercrafts $20 per day and $10 per day for each waverunner and $15 for motorcycles or scooters, etc. will be due upon check-in. All vehicles shall observe the 10 MPH speed limit at all times. 2. No parking on vacant lots, or driveways or in front of other lots without written permission from that lot owner. Parking is permitted in the unit driveway and one car on the street directly in front of your unit (except on Venture Blvd where no vehicles are allowed on the street). Extra vehicles should be parked in the overflow parking areas located near the front office and the back pool (No Trailers or Golf Carts). Parking is limited to two weeks without moving the vehicle. Parking at the beach pool area is only from 8 am. Till 10 pm daily. (No Overnight Parking) 3. All trailers must be registered with the office and have a decal or hang pass attached at all times while in the Park. Trailers can only be parked in the driveway of the unit you are staying in or rent a spot from the office. Never park trailers on the street. Boat trailers may be parked in the boat ramp area from 4:00 am. To 12:00 pm. Daily (No Overnight Parking) 4. Pools are located on the beach across from the front entrance and on the lagoon in the back of the park. Hours : 9am to 10pm daily (Winter: 10 to 4). No food or drink is allowed within 10 feet of the pool. No glass containers or pets are allowed in the pool area or on the beach. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Infants must wear rubber pants to enter the pool. Swimmies may be purchased at the office. No diving or jumping into the pools is allowed. There are no lifeguards on duty at pools or the beach. No swimming from our docks on the lagoon waterfront. 5. If you have checked in after hours, your registration (yellow pass) is temporary and you must go to the office between 8-10 am. To complete your registration. RV check-in is before 8:00 pm. Or you must stay overnight in our 900 area and move to the lot the next morning. Lots are for RV’s up to 40’ long and have 50 amp. Service. Our 900 area (next to office) is for RV’s over 40’ (30 up to amp. Service, cable, water & sewer). Do not change lots without prior permission of the office. Check in time is 12:00pm and check out time is 11 am. A registration fee of $35 or $40 will be charged. 6. No clotheslines are to be hung outside your unit. No tents are allowed on the grounds. No washing of motorhomes or trailers is allowed except in the car wash area in the back. Do not move any unit owner’s furniture or belongings to different locations. 7. NO PETS are allowed to anyone except owners and owners children, parents & guest when the owner is in residence. All pets must be kept on leash and under control of the owner while outside the home. Pet owners must carry necessary equipment to remove pet droppings. No feeding of stray cats is allowed. There are two designated pet walks in the Park. (Violations $100) 8. Absolutely NO FIREWORKS allowed in the Park. Bicycles, skates, and push scooters are only allowed in the streets and all users under the age of 16 should wear a helmet (State Law). If used at night you shall have some kind of light. 9. Motorized scooters, & mini motorcycles require a drivers license. Motorcycles, motorized scooters, or mopeds may be used for transportation to and from unit only (drivers license required). Recreational riding is prohibited while in the park. May only be ridden on streets. NO SKATEBOARDS ALLOWED ANYWHERE IN THE PARK. 10. Golf Carts are only to be driven by persons 16 or older having a valid drivers license and if used at night, it must have lights and reflectors or lights on the rear. Anyone with a valid learners permit may operate a golf cart as long as there is a licensed driver over the age of 21 in the cart with them. All passengers shall be seated while operating the golf cart. NO RENTAL OR PRIVATELY OWNED GOLF CARTS are allowed except for owners use. 11. All Garbage must be placed in the in-ground can. A rock on the lid indicates that there is no garbage in the can. The garbage pick-up times are posted at the office. 12. Before dumping your RV holding tank to sewer, please run water through the ground hook-up to make sure it is not stopped up. Florida law requires the use of rubber sewer collars and sewer hoses at the sewer entry. 13. Passes: Red Pass (day visitor) expires at midnight. Yellow Pass is for late arrivals and expires at 11am. A Blue & Pink Pass given after check-in expires on the date on the pass at 11 am. Green Pass is for contractors and expires at 6pm on the same day. 14. Boats and watercrafts are permitted for a free. A decal or hang pass must be attached at all times while in the Park. We have a boat ramp and temporary trailer parking on the lagoon area. You may tie up to the dock\k or anchor your boat from the bank overnight, but trailers must be moved to the unit driveway or a rented space for overnight parking. There is a boat wash area located near the boat ramp. There is no parking or washing of boats in the streets. Renters and Owners guest may only use the first 4 boat slips located on the right side of dock. Other slips are for owners on the deed only with owners decal on the boat. 15. Fishing on our property is only permitted from our fishing dock. Out of State guest must have a salt water fishing license. Fish cleaning only at fish dock cleaning table behind the pavilion. No fishing or fish cleaning is allowed at the boat ramp or boat docks area. 16. No signs except for street numbers and resident name are allowed to be displayed at anytime from any unit or on common grounds unless authorized by the Park Manager. 17. Owners Vehicles must be registered in the front office. Owners on the deed will be issued an owners decal to be placed on the drivers side front windshield only. Owner’s family, guest or renters will have a hanging permit issued at the office for their vehicles. 18. Deliveries 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Mon. thru Sat. Outside Contractors start 8:00 am and must be out of the Park by 6:00 pm Mon. thru Sat. No outside contractors allowed in the Park on Sunday. Owners may work on Sunday & After Hours till 10:00 pm or may help other owners if receiving no fee. 19. Unit Owners Palm Trees must be trimmed yearly either by the owner or the Park. No trimming of trees three days before or three days after Holiday’s. 20. Quiet Hours – Are 10:00 pm to 8:00 am everyday. No excessive noise anywhere.

Laundry Facilities

Community Showers

Big Rig Friendly

Water Hookups

Community Restrooms

Dump Station

Cable Hookups

Sewer Hookups

50 Amps




Mini Golf

Swimming Outdoors


4345 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, FL, 32408
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