Two Rivers RV Park

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31021 Two Rivers Road, Manteca, CA, 95337

Located where the Stanislaus and San Joaquin rivers meet in Manteca, CA, Two Rivers Campground provides a haven for outdoors enthusiasts. Two Rivers is open year round and services to campers and RVers alike. With over 100 sites, we have plenty of room for you to stretch out and relax after enjoying a day on the water.

Two Rivers RV Park includes amenities such as water, sewer, electricity, laundry facilities, BBQ grill. This pet friendly RV park is located on 31021 Two Rivers Road in Manteca, CA. Swimming Outdoors, and fishing are some of the activities you can enjoy during your stay here.

Last Updated: 04/20/2024

Laundry Facilities

Water Hookups

Propane Refilling Station

Dump Station


Sewer Hookups

Pet Friendly

50 Amps

Picnic Table


Swimming Outdoors

31021 Two Rivers Road, Manteca, CA, 95337
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Overall Rating: 2.8

emily watson

gd morning i felt i needed to step up on these reviews posted by karrie furgenson.. first off you are writing this review in anger you were evicted from your spot they way you talk about people is astounding,,, let me set the record straight,,,you took advantage of a resident who was having a mental crisis to pay 2 months rent for you are using drugs by your own couldnt pay your rent so you slept with this tenant so he would pay your rent..futhermore you son has a alcohol problem and he beats on his girl ...if your gonna tell it tell everything ,,,your an old women scorned.that park did so much for you and your family regarding all the write ups you had but you decide to get on here and write a review because you got evicted smh,,you didnt get the date wrong you said whats the point they have a money judgement against you and your son chris,,,you are garbage who stomps on peoples character to make yourself look like a victim,,,you and your son need jesus and cant hold a job or your son either but you expect someone to let you stay free,,,,you condone your son beating his gilrfriend and thats disgusting next time i see a review on any forum with you i will post documents and background charges of meth use,,,

Karrie Furgison

Arnie Johnson I got the owners phone number. Shady? Yes Connie Barnes is the manager and Kareem is the owner. They evicted us because I caught on to all her lies. She's a fraud! Me, my son, and granddaughter lived there for about a year and a half. They took us to court with all her butt kissing tenants, that can't stand her either, but it's easier to be friendly to a manager that makes her own rules than to stand up to it. Those people use to hang out with my son everyday. They turned on us because Connie threatened them that there would be consequences. The judge told them he wanted to see a list of tenant rules that showed we had broken any and she couldn't produce any. The judge had extended the court date and because of all the harassment she was doing to us, I a cidently put the wrong date down for court and we missed it. They won by default. She's a dirty rotten lying welfare recipient that s ts like she's rich oh yeah and she said she was a hella nurse when we met her. She also said she adopted her granddaughter which is a lie because they were coming after her son for child support. She didn't want the owner to know she was on welfare so she lied to him. Very unprofessional she is and is you ask me I'd say she did a little something for the married owner and that's why she gets away with making the rules up as she goes. She's a fraud! We would have won had we not missed our court date and they knew it. He was scared and hired a lawyer last minute. She couldn't even manage to tell the judge the truth lol. He asked who the owner was and she said he so He was disgusted with her. I would definitely sue them. They are scum of the earth and she just tossed people out after they get sick of her demands. My son literally had to go to her house on a work night to get a mouse out of her house 3 times She didn't care that he had to be up early. She's a user and I decided to let God deal with them. On the night we rolled out, one of the tenants who is friends with us was told if he moved our only place to live out of there for us that he would be kicked out He let my son use his truck to get our home out. This was xmas time and the floods were coming. Lol they might have won with us but the expenses that man is going to have to dish out because his camping area was evacuated and flooded is no comparison for we he got us for 😂 Kareems phone number is 1(559)824-3252. Oh yeah and all the new park benches my son helped build for free.

Amie Thomas

TWO RIVERS BEWARE! Where do I start with this place…. We booked at Two Rivers sight unseen since we were out of state at the time. As soon as we pulled in we realized we had made a mistake. Very run down, old campers, dogs barking constantly, stray cats everywhere, trash laying around. The manager told my husband they hadn’t gotten our space “ready” for us by cleaning it up even though we had paid for the entire month of November but didn’t arrive until end of the month. She said we had the best spot in the park, a little storage shed and a deck area, she forgot to mention that its covered in cat urine and stunk too bad to even use. The deck was falling apart and dangerous. This place is nothing like the pictures on the website show. NWe paid $1300 a month here- insane amount for such a run down dump. There is a tenant down by the river with an extremely loud generator running 24/7, dogs barking ALL the time, people constantly walking next to our camper to get to the river, people coming and going at all hours, loud music. The loud generator meant we never had peace and quiet, never got a chance to hear the river or wildlife. When I signed the rental agreement I questioned the 30 day notice it said we had to give. The manager sort of waved it off and basically said- don’t worry about that. First mistake-I signed it without having her fix the wording. We started looking for another place and finally got something booked around Xmas time. I told the manager we would be leaving and she said we needed to give 30 days and denied that she had previously said not to worry about that. I explained why we were leaving and how unhappy we were there with all the noise and feeling a little unsafe to be honest. She said she understood and she would work on getting the dogs to quiet down and start writing people up for being loud. She would also talk to the owner about getting our $1300 deposit back. I texted her a couple weeks later and she said that the flooding had taken out their Internet so the debit machine was down and she wasn’t able to process the return of deposit. Each week it was the same dilemma, no deposit. I finally requested it be paid another way or for the owner to contact us about it. She said she would talk to the owner, asked for our new address and said she was “working on” getting us a check mailed. I requested it within a week. One week later I texted her again, no response. (7 wks after leaving the park) I texted the next day requesting the owners contact information. She responded and said the owner said we aren’t getting deposit back because we didn’t give 30 days notice and we left “in the middle of the night” (it was Xmas eve at about 7:30 I think, definitely not the middle of the night)!She refused to give me the owners contact information and said that “he didn’t want to talk” to us and we could take him to court. This doesn’t make sense. Why would it take 7 weeks for him to finally come to the conclusion that we won’t get deposit back? Why did the manager say she couldn’t return it because their machine wasn’t working for all of those weeks? Why would she say she is “working on” getting a check mailed if the owner had already said we weren’t getting it back? Something really shady is going on here if you ask me. Either the owner is not following the laws or rental agreement and is completely negligent OR the manager never talked to the owner and he has no idea. Having the owner decide wether or not we get deposit back but being denied a conversation with him regarding our experience or any contact information is completely devoid of any checks and balances and just plain wrong. We were extremely patient and always friendly with her. In return we got jacked around and ignored. Something feels really wrong about this situation. Our intention is to get in contact with the owner to find out what he knows about our experience at Two Rivers and the deposit situation with the manager. Stay as far away as possible from Two Rivers RV Park! Read the other reviews, the manager is highly unprofessional and the language in her responses to other negative reviews is a great example of that.

Davina Bruno

The river banks are typical for the Yosemite area, so expect a lot of rough dirt and scattered trees and shrubbery. It's certainly a nice area to go camping, but the biggest pull for Two Rivers is number of things you can do there, not so much the scenery. I went last September and caught a cooler full of salmon that were swimming upstream, and there's plenty of catfish too. We're not much for barbecuing fish, but we saw a few other campers do it, and it didn't smell too bad, so that's an option if you like smoked fish. There's also whitewater rafting and canoeing, but if we're not out there fishing, we gravitate toward mountain biking. The trails are pretty epic and bit dangerous, so if you're not used to mountain biking, I wouldn't recommend making this your first ride. The trails are just as good for hiking if you opt not to bike. They mostly have tent sites, which is what we stayed at, but while doing some research, we found that they have full hookup sites for RVs. Staying in our tent was great though. We'd highly recommend that because you have a lot less to think about versus if you brought an RV, and you can focus more on getting out on the water or hitting the trails. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group