Shady Cove RV Park

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7836 US Highway 49 North, Hattiesburg, MS, 39402

Shady Cove RV Park is an RV park located on 7836 US Highway 49 North in Hattiesburg, MS. The site includes laundry facilities. The campground is open all year.

Last Updated: 04/03/2024

Laundry Facilities

Dump Station

7836 US Highway 49 North, Hattiesburg, MS, 39402
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Overall Rating: 2.8

Kathy & Rick O

Super nice personnel and beautiful shady campsites. Easy in and out, but quiet and peaceful. Thank you!

Destiny Clifton

I wanna know if they got to prove your camper I have a 2008 kz spree itโ€™s in good condition I work building fences me and my husband when we first arrived we got told we got approved then all of sudden I get knock on my door saying we got to go in a week because my camper is 2008 first me and my husband work hard and I feel very discriminated against because I have a 2008 camper ???? Thereโ€™s people who stay and live here that got campers that are 1990 s why tell me and my husband this why did we get approved in the first place I want the owners name and number if not Iโ€™ll be getting a lawyer cause something is off with this I even had to take pictures of my camper send to this lady to supposedly get it approved now what all of sudden has changed ?

Gloria Gonzalez


Erenda J

This park is nice and clean, but the park manager is the worst person I think I have ever met in customer service. It did not matter how nice you was to her she was still hateful and in no way would even listen to what you said. There is a list of all the park rules, but the last rule is the park manager can change or alter any rules at anytime, maybe not the exact wording. I was quoting to her what the rule said and the said well since we quoting rules to you read the last one, and told me to do what she ask me or leave. My deposit was kept because a plastic $1 shower curtain had a tear. I even offered to replace it. The place I stayed was left cleaner then it was when I moved in. I was forced to pay early every time or leave, which cost me days on my rent. It was no need trying to say something to her because she would immediately tell you to leave. This lady should in no way be in customer service at all. You can run a tight ship and still be nice. There is no nice in this lady and I am the kind of person that tries to see every side and find the good. Do not stay here if you looking for a nice friendly staff!!!! She wouldn't even tell me her name when I first inquired about renting there. Her response was I am the only one here you don't need my name. She doesn't want you to know her name because of her horrible attitude. I don't usually write reviews, but I couldn't keep quiet about this one. Upper management as she calls them really needs to rethink having her as a manger of this park. She has had many many bad reviews. If you are that unhappy and miserable doing a job in customer service then you need to quit. One day she will cross the wrong person and the people who own this place will pay for her treating people how she does.

wanda stahlman

I love this park..I have made shady cove Rd park my home...there is strictly no drugs allowed.. been here for years...we fish and catch...yes manager is strictly because she has to be, even with all of us who been here the lawn man cause he does a fantastic job and loves to work hard and all is pretty when he is done....those who find this park to be a problem all I can say is you maybe breaking rules. This place is clean and enjoyable for me and my special needs great ful to have a manager that understands what we both go through and the manager is extremely helpful in our daughter was mad at me and locked me out of the camper in my nighty, manager came told her to open the door and she did listen to daughter loves our manager and respects well...another thing is that the manager has an issue with you your doing something wrong..don't blame the woman for doing her far as rules go yes they change if need to to stop unwanted behavior in the park...she don't hold no grudge and is easy to talk to...she will get onto me if i would be in error...10 stars for shady cove!!!! Peaceful here, or u gotta go...

Nikita Preston

This is the spot if you want to escape into the wilderness and camp underneath the trees. The name of this camp is very fitting as it really is a shady cove. The staff was rather nice and laid back, yet very helpful and answered all of our questions with a smile. The park itself was really neat and clean. I liked how everything was placed; it made it easy to find things. They offered a decent amount of amenities and activities yet we were there more for the nature and the wildlife. The real reason to get outdoors and camp. For everything we got and did I couldnโ€™t believe it was less than what we would spend on going out to dinner. It is so worth going again! - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group