Scottville Riverside Park

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700 S Scottville Road, Scottville, MI, 49454

In the heart of the Scottville, Michigan, nestled along the breathtaking Pere Marquette River, lies the lovely Scottville Riverside Park. With its vast expanse of approximately 30 acres, this park promises an extraordinary experience for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. With over 50 modern camping sites, and great amenities, there is a perect spot or everyone. Spend your day at the sparkling heated pool, jumping around the playground, or playing a game of shuffleboard, basketball, and volleyball. Whether you seek a day of blissful escape or a night under the canopy of stars, Scottville Riverside Park is the ultimate haven for those who yearn for more than just a mundane getaway. With great fishing, hiking, disc golf, and more... boredom doesn't exist here. Book your spot today!

Open Dates: May 1 to October 31

Last Updated: 11/02/2023

Modern RV Sites

Modern Sites have water, electric, and Cable TV.

Give us a call to inquire about staying for the entire season ($2250) and winter storage ($150).

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
30 Amp Site $33.00 $650.00 See More
50 Amp Site $33.00 $650.00 See More
Modern Tent Sites

Modern tent sites have water, electric, and access to cable TV.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
30 Amp Site $33.00 $650.00 See More
50 Amp Site $33.00 $650.00 See More
Primitive Tent Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Primitive Tent Sites $28.00 $350.00 See More

Pavilions are rented by the *day or half day only*.  There are *NO* overnight stays at pavilions.  If you wish to stay overnight, you must also book a Tent or RV site.  Solely for online booking purposes to book a pavilion, the check-in date will be the *day you would like use of the pavilion* and the check-out date will be the following day.  Again, you will *not* be staying overnight. Don't see what you are looking for?  Give us a call.. we may be able to accommodate you!


Pavilion Reservations are non-refundable.

Pavilion must be cleaned after use, trash must be taken to dumpster.

You will be billed for any clean up or damages.


Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Pavilion with Electric (Full Day 8am-9pm) $60.00
Pavilion with Electric (Half Day - 3pm - 9pm) $35.00
Pavilion with Electric (Half Day - 8am - 2pm) $35.00
Primitive Pavilion (no electric) (Full Day 8am-9pm) $40.00
Primitive Pavilion (no electric) (Half Day - 3pm - 9pm) $30.00
Primitive Pavilion (no electric) (Half Day - 8am - 2pm) $30.00

Cancellation Policy

If you provide 2 weeks notice, we will refund your reservation less a $10 cancellation fee. If you provide less than 2 weeks notice, no refund will be issued.

Pavilion Rentals

Pavilions are rented by the *day or half day only*. There are *NO* overnight stays at pavilions. If you wish to stay overnight, you must also book a Tent or RV site. Solely for online booking purposes to book a pavilion, the check-in date will be the *day you would like use of the pavilion* and the check-out date will be the following day. Again, you will *not* be staying overnight. Don't see what you are looking for? Give us a call.. we may be able to accommodate you!

No Swimming in the River


Liability Statement

Liability Statement: In consideration of my camping at Scottville Riverside Park, and with the understanding that my camping is only on the condition that I enter into this agreement for myself and my family, heirs and assigns, I hereby assume the inherent risks involved in camping and any risks inherent in any other activities connected with camping in which I may voluntarily participate. I expressly assume the risk of and accept full responsibility for any and all injuries (including death) and accidents, which may occur as a result of my camping and release from liability the City of Scottville and each of their officers, agents, representatives and employees. I hereby waive any claim I may liereafier have as a result of any and all injury to my person or property as a result of my camping and in any other activities connected with camping in which I may voluntarily participate. I hereby agree to indemnify the City of Scottville and each of all the above named persons for any and all claims, including attorney fees and costs, which may be brought against any of them by anyone claiming to have been injured as a result of any injury to me or my property which may occur as a result of camping. By signing the Camping Permit I certify that I have read and fully understand this release.

Park Rangers

The Park Rangers have the authority to enforce these rules and regulations. For a violation of these rules, the Park Rangers may revoke the offender's permission to remain in the park. The Park Rangers may also revoke a camper's permission to stay at the park for a violation of these rules by the camper or the camper's guest. The Park Rangers may report a violation to the City Manager for further enforcement. The City Manager may take the matter to the City Commission for further action which may include banning the offender, or the camper responsible for the offender from the park.

Motorized Vehicles

The use of golf carts, mini bikes, etc. is permissible only by those who carry a valid driver's license and these items must stay on the roadways of the park and follow all safety and speed limit regulations.

Recreational Courts

The shuffleboard courts and horse shoe pits are for use by persons 16 years of age or older. We provide a playground for use by children which offers a basketball hoop and other play items.

Keep Your Site Clean

Each lot must be kept free of trash and litter. Dumpsters are located within the park for your convenience.


Please refrain from riding bicycles on the sidewalks. There will be no bike riding allowed after dark for safety reasons.

No Dumping

The dumping of grey water onto the ground is illegal. All grey water must be disposed of in accordance with DEQ regulations, which means the water, must be contained in a covered container if your camper does not come with a grey water tank. The tanks or covered containers must be dumped in an approved dump station, a dump station is located within our park for your use.

Fish Cleaning Station

A fish cleaning station is provided at the boat launch. Please place all fish remains in the dumpster provided at the fish cleaning station only.


Camp fires are only permitted in the designated fire pits. Please do not move or create fire pits. Wood is available to be purchased at the park office, cutting of wood, limbs, shrubs, etc. is not permitted on park property. Wood cannot be brought in from the outside.

No Soliciting

NO SOLICITING is allowed. Advertising may be allowed in the park office with the permission of the park attendant.

Fireworks are Prohibited

The use or discharge of fireworks, firearms, slingshots or bow and arrows are not permitted in the park.


Persons using the pool under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 21.

Pool Fees

Only registered campers may use the pool. Visitors of registered campers may use the pool for a fee of $3.00 per person/per day.

Respect Other Campers

Riverside Park is to be enjoyed by all campers. Please respect other campers by ceasing loud activities at 10:00 p.m. All non-registered campers and visitors must leave the park by 11:00 p.m. There shall be no loud music allowed at any time. No person shall: (1) Create or engage in any disturbance, fight or quarrel that incites or causes or tends to incite or cause a breach of the peace; (2) Disturb the public peace and order of the park by disrupting the ordinary and usual tranquility of the park by loud, offensive or boisterous conduct or by noise deemed excessive under the circumstances; (3) Be in a state of intoxication which endangers directly the safety of himself or of another person or property; (4) Engage in any activity which, when judged by an ordinary or average person, is patently offensive because it affronts the prevailing contemporary community standards as a whole relating to the description or representation of sexual or obscene matters.

Guaranteed Reservations

Reservations are guaranteed for only those days that are paid for in advance.

Maximum Vehicles

Each site is only allowed two (2) vehicles; please have your extra vehicles or guests park in the paved parking lot next to the pavilion.

Site Use

Only one (1) recreational unit is allowed per site with a maximum of 8 persons at each site. A single tent is also allowed on each site in addition to the recreational unit; however, the maximum of 8 persons is still enforced. Only one of the following are permitted on any site: boat, trailer, ATV, golf cart, etc.

Check-in/out and Pool Use

Check in time is 4:00 pm; check out time is 1:00 pm. A $50 late check-out fee will be charged to those campers on a site after 1:00 pm. Use of the pool is not permitted after check out time. A fee of $25 will be assessed for those persons leaving trash on their site.

Pet Policy

Pets are welcome in the park; however, all pets must be kept on a leash at all times. You are also required to clean up after your pet. Continually barking dogs will not be tolerated.

General Store



Dump Station





700 S Scottville Road, Scottville, MI, 49454
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Overall Rating: 4.5

Charity Johnston

Nice place. Friendly people.

Mary Dewys

Great place. We will be back next year.

rAY Banicki

Another great weekend. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Jim Smith

We like camping there.

Annette Donley

Nice campground with spacious grassy sites that may require additional hose and power cord to reach connections. We really enjoy group camping here a couple times a year. The restroom by the office could use some updates.

Margaret Griffith

Nice campground. We were able to check in a little early to go fishing. Spacious site but we had to pull in forward to reach the connections but there was room to do so. Restroom by the office could use some work because of puddles of water on the floor and old showers. Didn’t check out the other bathroom so it might be much nicer.

Heather Baffi

Our experience was goid. Our kot must have had a camper on it for a long period. The grass had been killed from their mat and camper, so the lot was muddy.

Bob North

We love it here!!

Linda Loomis

Great place to camp. Beautiful, clean, reasonable rates, pet friendly with spacious lot size. For me a really great part of the experience is the woodland trail that my twin cocker spaniels love. We've been several times and they can lead me right to it.


Nice clean and well taken care of campground.

Lauren Ryckman

Very nice campground with large campsites. However, the dump station was not set up very well. They have it locked and each person must get a key before dumping. This adds time with everyone locking and unlocking a pad lock each time, and it is not convenient to have to stop in the office before and after dumping. During busy times this is a bit ridiculous. It should either be unlocked, or have an employee there to ensure only campers are dumping and others are paying to dump. The day I left there was a very long line to dump. I’ve never waited to dump that long and I camp at campgrounds with hundreds of sites. A bad end to a great camping trip.

Hope Billings

Had a nice weekend here. Very clean wonderful people Would definitely come back again

Alan Thompson

Great campground. Very scenic. Friendly helpful staff. Wide, roomy spots. I liked the river frontage. The music was good. The campground reminded me of my childhood small home town.

Brian Ram

Great campgrounds. Great staff and everyone was pretty quiet. I would stay here again.

Shannon Abercrombie

Great campground. Very friendly and helpful staff. Clean park. Kids enjoyed the train ride

Paul George

It was an alright time we spent four days there even though it rained on one of the days not very good that they have to lock up the dumping station and they had tournaments Outback so you couldn't go out there so there wasn't much to do

Sylvia Devries

The staff were very helpful getting the pavilion extra table and taking care of the trash. Very friendly and a lot bigger than we thought it would be. The fire place would have been nice to use if it hadn’t been to hot. We would rent this again.

Amy Loomis

I love this campground! Jennifer was very kind and helped us pick a site over the phone. Ice and wood are delivered to your site. Very clean and quiet. The pool was well maintained. Located next to the Pere Marquette River.

Marvin Boone

Bugs were worse than usual this visit.

Bruce Krieger

I was disappointed in the appearance of the park. A lot of it needed mowing and trimming. The electrical boxes are a mess and need to be cleaned.