Pioneer Creek RV Resort

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138 East Broward Street, Bowling Green, FL, 33834

Pioneer Creek RV Resort includes amenities such as WiFi, water, sewer, showers, electricity. This pet friendly RV park is located on 138 East Broward Street in Bowling Green, FL and is open all year. Shuffleboard, and swimming outdoors are some of the activities you can enjoy during your stay here.

Last Updated: 10/13/2022

RV Sites

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RV Site $45.00 $250.00


1. Refunds are ONLY for serious illness or death of immediate party(ies) making reservation if cancelled prior to December 1. Physician statement or death certificate required. Refund subject to 15% handling charge. 2. No refunds after December 1. No refunds after arrival.

Laundry Facilities

Community Showers

Water Hookups

Propane Refilling Station

Community Restrooms

Dump Station

Cable Hookups

Sewer Hookups

Pet Friendly


50 Amps

30 Amps


Swimming Outdoors

138 East Broward Street, Bowling Green, FL, 33834
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Pyper Joe

If I could give the new management they hired for this place a double zero I would. They're absolutely horrible!!! I use to enjoy living in this park and had friends here. They have absolutely ruined the culture of this once beautiful place. They threatened the people who live there if they didn't stop complaining about being prisioners in their own homes they would evict them. They have set so many rules it seems like a detention center. The palm trees at the entrance took away that homey country inviting feel and why on earth would you put shell rock and red and blue and green spot lights? We are not at the beach, we are under oak trees and by the river. People have been forced to sell their sheds because management don't like them, residents mostly have multiple vehicles and golf carts that they have been able to park on their grass and the sides of the street for over 30 years and now they aren't allowed to. This use to be the most joyful place in Hardee but now Torrey Trails is and has all the business. These managers need to be fired and the culture now needs to be fixed or this place will be gone in a few years.

Jim Maynard

I thought it would be cool to stay here as my late father owned a place here through the 90s. I enjoy the people staying here. I really enjoyed hanging with some of them. However, the park has a "dirty" feel to it in the original section. No one has raked or mowed our lot in the four months we have been here. And we have been gone for three days three different times, so there were plenty of opportunities. At least once a week we find cigarette butts, scraps of trash, or dog poop in our lot. The cement pads look like they haven't been washed in decades. During January and February they don't increase the trash pickup so the dumpsters over-flow. The park feels compressed. Lots really aren't very big. People leave the vehicles parked sticking out into the streets just a little. The office employee is not helpful and is very rude. Actually, the manager is very rude as well. The talk at the pool is often about how awful the new managers are. Last week we were leaving for three days. As we're ready to hook up of car for flat-towing, someone in a pickup pulls up in front of our RV and parks diagonally so there is no way to get around him. When we were ready to drive, I called out to the guy asking if he would move the truck, he yelled back that he "can park anywhere I want 'cause I'm the manager". Oh, the whole lower/newer part of the park there is a "wet" problem. Class A RVs should not try to park there. Some spots are o.k., but they are already taken. You could easily end up having to call a tow truck. We finally got a spot in the older section of the park. However, the front of our RV is only five feet from the road. And the lot is extremely low at the back of our coach. We had to build 3" to 9" platforms four are rear tires and jacks. Also, there's a lot of road noise. Management refuses to do any cleaning of the club house. They specifically say it is entirely up to tenants. Probably the worst thing about the park is the manager. Capricious rules. For example, they specifically say No Parking on the grass anywhere. Well, there are lots of places where there is no where to park except on the road or the grass. Btw, if you stay for x months, plus six days, The six days will be charged as six individual days as if you just arrived. It would cost an additional $300 for the extra 6 days.