Paul's RV Park and Boat Ramp

311 Mill Dam Road, New Ber, NC, 28560

Paul's RV Park and Boat Ramp includes amenities such as laundry facilities. This RV park is located on 311 Mill Dam Road in Havelock, NC.

Dump Station

Laundry Facilities

311 Mill Dam Road, New Ber, NC, 28560

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Overall Rating: 1.0

Toni Parker

Wish I could give negative stars.... I DO NOT RECOMMEND Paul’s!!!! My husband works in Newport. He got a spot at Paul’s. My kids and I went to visit my husband for 4 days. Hubby got there on a Wednesday, kids and I got there on a Monday, we were kicked out by the end of the week.he never asked how many people would be there. He charged us 400.00 because of the kids.(for a week) We were all kicked out because he didn’t want the kids there. (Ages 7,5,2,1) they didn’t cause any trouble, were never outside with out supervision. He’s just a cranky old man who needs Jesus.

Mike Alvarado

Just saw this guy kick a family out because they have Small kids. These people were here for 2 weeks. He don’t allow kids. He should have never rented to them to begin with. I hope he he gets the same courtesy bestowed on him as he showed that young family. He don’t allow kids and there is NO laundry facilities. We are headed out just because he was mean to that family.


There is no laundry station and the owner is extremely difficult to get along with. While I stayed there he killed an entire family of cats because one pooped in his chair and shot at some guy on a skidoo with a .45 for causing waves to hit his dock. Don’t believe me? Ask those that remain after he kicked me out for telling I couldn’t do something for him due to medical reasons. “No one tells me they can’t do something!”