Oceanside RV Park

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1510 S. Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA, 92054

Oceanside RV Park is situated near California's most authentic beach town - Oceanside, and is the perfect place for a relaxing yet exciting camping trip. With plenty of homey charm and California excitement, you're certain to return year after year to soak in the sunshine and the daily coastal fun.


Amenities and Activities

There's tons to experience on or near the campground, for plenty of individual and group fun. Visitors can look out for opportunities for cruising, hiking, fishing, biking, surfing, skydiving, water skiing and scenic viewing. Plus, there's plenty of opportunities for sunset viewing and stargazing. Amenities at the park include: showers, WIFI, restrooms, sewerage, laundry facilities and electrical hook-ups.


Travelers can look forward to a number of attractions just beyond the campground, including: 

- Skydiving, whale watching and helicopter tours

- Deep Sea Sport Fishing

- SeaWorld San Diego

- San Diego Zoo

- Buena Vista Audubon Society Nature Center

- Museum of Making Music

- Mission San Luis Rey- California Surf Museum


Oceanside and its surrounding regions offer campers with some of the best campgrounds, activities and attractions on the west coast, so if you're heading out here soon, be sure to spend a few nights at this great campground. See you soon!


Last Updated: 08/25/2020

Standard Pul Thru Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Standard $39.00 $234.00

Park Rules

Oceanside RV Park is a small community where many happy people stay. The following rules will help us to make your stay more enjoyable: COMMON COURTESY No loud noises, music or loud talking. Due to variable working hours of our guests, please do not slam doors or vehicle idling (do not leave your engine running in your space to warm-up the engine, please do so in the exit road of the park only). Quiet time is 10 pm. Do not cut through other people spaces. Alcohol and Tobacco or smoking is not allowed in the park except in your space. Do not throw Trash, cigarret or tabacco butts on the parks grounds. Common Courtesy includes a clean space free of clutter. REGISTRATION Check-in 1:00 pm and check out is 12:00 noon; if you need more time let us know in advance, the fee is $10 per hr. until 5pm.The base rate applies to 1 Rv, 1 vehicle and up to 2 people on monthly rates. Guests, vehicles and pets are extra. The RV needs to be self-sustained.Rates are not prorated on extended time. No Refunds on the unused portion of the space rent. Subleasing is not allowed. Guests (all guests must register ahead) Insurance requires that all guests must register and pay a guest fee and parking fee. There is a guest fee for using the facilities and staying overnight. You are responsible for your visitor and guest, which must be approved by the manager. (bad guests are a reason for a tenants eviction). CHILDREN Children must be under supervision at all times. Any violation of this rules and you will be ask to leave Oceanside RV Park. Children under 13 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult in the park, especially in the pool and shower areas. Supervise your children around the plants so they do not chew on them. Children must be supervised while bicycling or playing in the street. Children must ride on the right side of the street the same as cars. For the safety of the children no racing. INSTRUCT AND SUPERVISE CHILDREN REGARDING BICYCLING SAFETY. Skateboards,tricycles or any cycle that are noisy are not allowed. REMEMBERING THAT THERE ARE MOTOR VEHICLES, AND BIG TRUCKS SHARING THE STREETS, AVOID CUTTING ACROSS BLIND CORNERS AND ALSO PLEASE BE SURE TO LOCK YOUR BIKES. POOL AND SPA NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY The pool area opens at 9:30 am and the closing time is 9: 50 pm. Babies are not allowed in the pool wearing a diaper and must wear a proper swimsuit that prevents accidents. Kids under 16 years of age are not allowed to enter into the spa enclosure. No diving or jumping into the pool. Glass containers and pets are not allowed in the pool area. People in questionable health should seek a physician’s advice. Please use showers to rinse off all sand after visiting the beach. No glass containers, alcohol, pets or motorized toys. WATER REGULATOR AND SURGE PROTECTOR ARE REQUIRED Restrooms/Shower Areas/laundry rooms Please keep clean after every use and instruct the whole family to do the same. After dark have an escort with you. If you are the last one to leave please turn off the light. Restroom hours are 7 am to 10 pm. PETS Pets are allowed upon management’s approval. Bad pet owners or a vicious pet is a cause for eviction. All pets must always be on a 6' leash maximum on premises (including cats). Pets must not be left unattended in your space. We provide a Dog Run for the pets. You must pick up after your pet, and do not let your dog do their business in your space. Close curtains and turn TV. Or radio and air condition on for dogs, so they don’t bark. Be courteous when using the dog walk and always wait for your turn. 3 small pets or 2 large pets are allowed per space. Do not tie your pet to the parks property. SPEED LIMIT You and your guests must observe the 10 mph speed limit in the park. We will be taking further action if you do not comply with the speed limit. VEHICLE PARKING Your site is to include one RV and one vehicle. A second vehicle is allowed upon approval. A third vehicle is not allowed. No storage trailers or boats on space. There is a charge to park in the parking area. You are required to have insurance on all of your property in our park. All of our streets are fire lanes. You must not park your vehicle on the side of the street. Vehicles parked along the fence must have a parking permit or will be towed away at owner’s expense. Parking in an empty space is not allowed and will be charged the space rent. YOUR SITE REPAIRING AND WASHING OF VEHICLES, RIGS OR BOATS IN NOT PERMITTED. *Clutter in the space is a violation of the rules and is a reason for eviction. Patio furniture, BBQ and plants are only allowed on the space. No refrigerators, Tvs, or electronic devices. All awnings must be factory manufactured (no tarps), No add-on rooms on monthly. No storage sheds. Drying laundry in your space is not allowed (except for beach towels and swim suits). Please park your RV with no more than a two-foot overhang past the rear cement on back-in paces, tents and sleeping outside of the rv is not allowed. Protect the cement from oil stains. State law states that RV’ers cannot store things under/around rig due to fire hazards and the RV needs to be self sustain. Do not hang, attach or add anything to the space and the fence. To prevent an ant Problem we recomend using baby powder, dish powder, or commet powder all around your Rv and the hoses that touch the ground, to avoid any toxic sprays. THE THE OCEANSIDE FIRE DEPT. DOES NOT ALLOW BAMBOO OR OTHER FLAMMABLE PLASTICS ON THE SPACE. MONTHLY RATE The monthly rate is available for those who are considered good RVers by management. A valid credit card is required. The RV License must be up to date, must be in good conditions from plumbing to windows to paint (no broken windows, no rust, no leakages and be able to move), T. trailers, truck- campers and 5th wheels must have a truck in the park to pull the RV, and to get the monthly rate. If you violate any rule, you lose the privilege of paying the monthly rate. If the monthly rent is past due there is a 10% late charge on the total amount due otherwise you will need to pay the regular daily or weekly rate or be evicted. The City of Oceanside requires Oceanside Rv Park to operate as an RV Park, not as a mobile home park. You must vacate for 48 hours every 7 months, or the city Oceanside will require a strict ordinance. NO OPEN FIRES BBQ’s must be attended by an adult and only be used for cooking. Be respectful of your neighbor and do not cook next to their window. Please do not put hot coals in trash bins. Hot coals should be completely extinguished before disposing. Oceanside RV Park and the management is NOT RESPONSIBLE for fire, flood, theft, and any damage or loss in the premises to you or your RVs. Thank you for your cooperation. The management, Oceanside RV Park

General Store

Hot Tub

Laundry Facilities


Water Hookups

Gasoline Nearby

Community BBQ/Grill

Community Restrooms

Dump Station


Cable Hookups

Sewer Hookups

Paved Roads

Pet Friendly

Trash Service


Picnic Table

30 Amps


Beer/Wine Tasting






Scenic Drives

Stand-Up Paddleboards

Swimming Outdoors

Good Sam

1510 S. Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA, 92054
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Sofia Watson

We DO NOT recommend this park. We made a reservation for 3 nights. We pulled in ...drove by the horrible space they assigned us and immediately left. Couldn’t even pull our RV in the space it was so narrow we almost scratched the whole side. Will call now and see if we can get a REFUND.