Mt. Baker Ski Area

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$25.00 per night, starting at.

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1420 Iowa Street, Bellingham, WA, 98229

Open Dates: November 1 to May 10

Primitive RV Sites

This site is ONLY for an RV, Camper, Van or Trailer with occupant(s) staying in the vehicle overnight. Vehicle in this site may NOT be left unattended overnight. If the vehicle is left unattended overnight it will be may be deemed abandoned and impounded with a minimum $100 per day release fee. - The site size is 30 x 16 and all vehicles and outdoor amenities must fit within this space. If there is a tow rig or extra vehicle that does not fit within this space you must reserve an additional space.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Heather Meadows Occupied RV/Camper/Van/Trailer $25.00 Choose Your Site
White Salmon Occupied RV/Camper/Van/Trailer $25.00 Choose Your Site
Unoccupied Car/Van/Truck White Salmon

This site is reserved for unoccupied car/truck/van that will be left overnight while occupant(s) camp in backcountry ONLY. No overnight camping inside vehicle is allowed in this site.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Unoccupied car/truck/van White Salmon $15.00 Choose Your Site
Unoccupied Car/Van/Truck Heather Meadows

This site is reserved for unoccupied car/truck/van that will be left overnight at Heather Meadows while occupant(s) camp in backcountry ONLY. No overnight camping inside vehicle is allowed in this site.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Unoccupied car/truck/van Heather Meadows $15.00 Choose Your Site


Depending on snow conditions, you may be required to temporarily move your vehicle(s) in the morning to allow for snow plowing. Check the Overnight Parking info board at the admin office EACH DAY between 3:00-4:00 p.m. We will post a notice whether vehicles will be required to temporarily move the next morning for plowing or if they can stay in their spot for the day. - If vehicles are require to move for plowing the next day, they MUST be moved to a cleared spot in the lot the next morning by 7:30 a.m. at the latest. Plowing will be in process in the overnight zone between 7:30 a.m. - approx 8:00 a.m. RV's/overnight vehicles must then move back to their previous spot in the overnight zone by 8:30 a.m.


Fires in designated areas only. Must use fire pit and haul out fire debris. NO FIRES ON ASPHALT


Monitor and REMOVE your own garbage. Pack it in, pack it out. There are no dumpsters/garbage cans available for overnight parking.


- Quiet time 9pm - 6am; no generators/loud activity - Be considerate of your neighbors, area visitors and ski area personnel - Keep your site clean - No drones - No firearms - No snowmobiles/ATVs


Towing trucks/cars must be disconnected from trailers.


Cars traveling with RV's/Trailers, or traveling separately and staying overnight, must fit within the designated 30' x 16' space. If they do not, you must make an additional reservation for additional vehicle(s).


Clean up after pets, keep pets on leash.


Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior first night. Cancellations made within 48 hours of first night will be assessed a $20 cancellation fee.


All vehicles must be self-contained - no hookups are available.


Arrival Time: We highly suggest arriving prior to 8:00 pm if possible. The WSDOT does not plow the highway past 5:30 pm, and there can be a lot of snowfall after that time, so for your safety and ease of driving, we suggest arriving prior to 8:00. - If you arrive during the daytime, please check with a parking lot attendant on best place to park. You may need to park temporarily and then move your rig to a permanent spot after 5:00 pm - If you arrive after 4:30 pm, check with Overnight Parking attendant patrolling the lots, or park in area designated on map. Attendant will come by to check you in. Departure time: no later than 4:30 pm


For safety reasons, NO TENT CAMPING is allowed in or adjacent to the parking areas.


Maximum 7 nights in a row


Park ONLY in designated areas - see maps below. No parking around lodges or on highway.


WHITE SALMON PARKING LOT: - Sunday evening - Thursday evening non-holidays: accessible 7am-7pm - gate closes at 7pm and reopens at 7am - Friday evening - Saturday evening and Holidays: accessible 7am-10pm - gate closes at 10pm and reopens at 7am HEATHER MEADOWS PARKING LOT: Accessible 24/7

1420 Iowa Street, Bellingham, WA, 98229

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Overall Rating: 4.5

Marshall Kratzer

I wasn’t able to camp because the ski resort closed!

John Doe

Mt. Baker is a special mountain. We experienced fresh snow - plenty of it and blue skies - couldnt ask for much more for PNW skiing. Mountain has runs for all and quite a bit of back country skiing. For COVID restrictions they have it well coordinated and lines were minimal for both lifts and lodge. Will be back soon.

Brian Smith

Great for what it is. No hookups but nice plowed lot, great restrooms and friendly staff

Bob Gunn

Awesome spot. So grateful to the resort for letting us spend the night up there under the frigid stars. Primitive camping. Bathrooms are great to have, but otherwise plan to be fully self-contained.

Abe Anderson

Friendly and helpful staff. We saw a rented truck and camper stuck in the snow while going for a walk. The Baker crew had a big tractor towing them out and on our way back we saw they had plowed them a path to their camp spot. Plenty of space in the White Salmon parking lot to spread out if you want some privacy. The views from either lot are stunning.

scott shafner

12/29/20- Stayed in our trailer for 2 nights in the lot. We knew it was dry camping. Pick your spot away from partying younger people. Plan for your exit the next day carefully. We had an easy walk to the lifts. At 8 am there was no line for buying tickets - awesome. Skiied all the way back to our trailer - awesome. Lift lines were short on 12/29/20. Sat outside for a $10 burger - they need to open the lodge for dining in. The Lodge's bathrooms are closed BUT you can cram inside a tiny portable bathroom trailer with 4 or 5 people at the same time, somehow this is "safer" than the Lodge's bathrooms?

Pauline Wittebrood

I've camped at Baker for years. First it was free, then 10/night, then 15, now it's 25! And you don't even get an outhouse that has toilet paper. The new rule of only camping along the wall at upper lot, had all campers racked and stacked, definitely less than 6 ft away from each other 😬. My neighbours moved, and a person knocked on my van telling me I had to move over a spot, and he wasn't very friendly. I will be camping here again, but old school lot camping charm is gone. At least provide tp for 25/night!

Bryan Bell

My family loves being able to camp here in winter. Our only issue is that other campers allow their dogs to run wild & leave "presents" in the snow everywhere.

Adam Vanderhorst

Super fun. I liked that they didn't bug me. They just checked my plate number. Can't wait to camp again.

Jason Blanton

Super fun experience. Licked out on great snow fall. Will be back soon!