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18050 Hwy #301 South, Wimauma, FL, 33598

Last Updated: 11/19/2020

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Vehicle Policy

Vehicles shall not be parked in violation of posted restrictions or in such a manner as to endanger any property or environmental feature or block access to the park by emergency vehicles. The owner of any vehicle parked, in violation of this section shall be presumed to have parked it and it will be subject to removal at the owner's expense. No recreational vehicle shall park for camping or living, in any location other than in the RV campground. Further, no RV shall park, for camping or living in any other location other than a designated, numbered campsite. The exception will be for an overnight stay. Vehicles per campsite shall be limited to one (1) vehicle other than the recreational vehicle, i.e. motor home and towed vehicle or recreational miler and tow vehicle. All extra vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers or towed dollies) shall not be stored on RV sites, but in a location determined by the manager on duty. One (1) golf cart or electric powered handicap scooter will be allowed. An enclosed motor cycle trailer may be kept on the RV site for motor cycle storage only at the discretion of the Manager. Day visitors of guests in the RV campground shall park their vehicle in a location other than the RV campsites as determined by MPYC manager on duty. The operation of vehicles off of paved or improved roadways in prohibited in all areas of the MPYC unless otherwise approved by the MPYC manager on duty. Traffic lanes in the RV area are considered to be unimproved roadways. Vehicles shall be operated only in accordance with posted regulations and only by licensed drivers as defined in State of Florida Statutes. No person shall operate any vehicle in a careless, negligent, or reckless manner so as to endanger the life of any person, wild life, pets, MPYC property or personal property. Use of off road vehicles is prohibited except for use only by management personnel. The Manager or Assistant Manager (or any other of the MPYC Management team) reserves the right to direct persons violating the provisions of this paragraph to park and secure any such vehicle for the remaining duration of their stay. A second violation will result in immediate removal of the owner and vehicle from the IVIPYC grounds.

Pet Policy

No person shall bring, or allow horses, cattle or other livestock in camping, picnic, swimming or other recreational area without the approval of MPYC Manager. ALL guests of MPYC who bring animals (pets) with them are responsible for cleaning up solid waste left by their animal and disposing of it along with their household garbage (as per Hillsborough County Ordinance 00-26 Section 14). Failure to do so may result in rejection from the MPYC grounds. All said animals must be on a leash and licensed (as per Hillsborough County Ordinance 00-26 Section 10) and under the direct control of the owner at all times while on the grounds of the MPYC. Unattended, stray, uncontrolled, vicious or unclaimed animals are subject to immediate impoundment and removal in accordance with state and local laws.

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