Lynchburg NW/Blue Ridge Parkway KOA

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6252 Elon Road, Monroe, VA, 24574

Located on - in monroe, VA lies the Lynchburg NW/Blue Ridge Parkway KOA (formerly Wildwood Campground). This campground includes electricity.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

50 Amps

100 Amps

6252 Elon Road, Monroe, VA, 24574
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Overall Rating: 3.0

Riles Herndon

The campground was clean, but the compliments end there. I arrived to spend the day with my family, and they charged me the visitor pass for 3 people... When it was me and my 2 babies! Babies are supposed to be free. Furthermore, they went around in their golf carts every 20 minutes policing the area. We saw them pointing and wagging there fingers at campsite after campsite. We werent allowed to have our kids Tee-pee up because it looked like a tent (at first we were, then 20 minutes later they came back and said we couldnt have it anymore), we werent allowed to get sticks because we might use it for firewood, we walked in on them at the shop as they were rudly discussing my family and the fact we had so many kids. My sister and I were sitting at an empty picnic table and the owner came over. She asked if we were okay. We told her we were just talking, taking a break from all the kids. "I just came to check on you..." She proceeded to say, "well, is somebody watching them, i hope?" Of course we had someone watching the children! I didnt know we werent allowed to sit at a picnic table, during the day, doing nothing but sitting there, without being spoken to about it. When the kids were playing on the playground one of the workers addressed the CHILDREN about a problem with something they were doing wrong, and did not even bother to address the adults. It was only after I stopped him and asked if there was a problem that he told me what was wrong. Final complaint is the wi-fi. Warning: ITS NOT UNLIMITED. they state that it may go in and out due to clouds. Today was a cloudless day, and about every 30 minutes access was cut off. Internet was "unavailable." They monitor your time/usage and after a while you have to forget the network and sign back in! This is not a family friendly campground. If your a retired couple and are looking for a quiet place to relax, great! This is the place for you. But, if you have a family and kids, I dont recommend it. Strict rules, rude staff, and you feel like they are watching you every second of the day.

Tamara S Billiot

Awesome 72 site campground. just enough activity for kids but little enough to be very quiet park. Sites starting 32.00 a night, that is cheap. Full hook up pull thru $40 a night. They do have monthly rates as well. Very clean and safe place to camp, we highly reccomend if you are passing by. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group