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13571 Highway 5, Cavalier, ND, 58220

Icelandic includes amenities such as . This campground is located on 13571 Highway 5 in Cavalier, ND and is open all year.

Last Updated: 02/19/2022

13571 Highway 5, Cavalier, ND, 58220
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Overall Rating: 4.0

Lance Kohlmeyer

Nice camping area. Our spot was bad for cottonwood trees , but they seemed isolated. I think think Rangers were trying to prove they were patrolling at night. I pulled my truck further into the spot to assure it wasn't hindering the roadway. Went to bed when it was dark, and woke up to find a note on my windshield, stating no parking on the grass. The so called grass was clover and weeds at the edge of the gravel and only 1 tire on the "grass". The site was unlit, so a flashlight had to be used to see the "violation" Driving around that morning, I observed vehicles completely parked on the actual grass with no warnings issued to them in broad daylight. It is a nice place to camp, but this incident really took the enjoyment out of the stay. I know it's petty, but c"mon... really? It really is worth the drive to RV here, so don't hesitate camping here.