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100 Glacier Lodge Rd, Big Pine, CA, 93513

Established in 1917, Glacier Lodge, nestled at 8,000 feet on Big Pine Creek, has always been  the gateway to some of the best hiking, fishing, hunting and climbing in the country. And as the new owners, we are here to help you with whatever experience you desire.

Up here, Silence. It's the first thing you hear after you take a deep breath of mountain air, filling your lungs deeply with the healthy pine scent and letting it out slowly. You can hear the sweet breeze through the pine trees and feel it's coolness on your bare skin. You see into forever, and the mountains soar toward the bluest blue sky you've ever seen. If you choose to rough it with us in the winter, you will experience a brisk cold, howling winds and often light snowflakes covering the ground. Campfires are cozy as you sit outside and enjoy the scenery. After all, you are here to enjoy the outdoors.....right??

In 1998, an electrical fire burned the main lodge to the ground. It was a great loss for all of us. This was one of many fires that has plagued mountain resorts in years past. We are planning on rebuilding the Majestic Glacier Lodge as early as 2023. In the meantime, 8 cabins remain open for rental and allow easy access to the beautiful high country along with partial, back in full service sites for RVs. 

We look forward to hearing from you and visiting with you when you arrive. Pets, including cats are welcome, and campfires, if used carefully, are allowed in the pits outside each cabin.


***no electric vehicle charging***

Open Dates: April 2 to October 31

Last Updated: 09/25/2021

RV Sites

RV and tent camping areas have access to a restroom with a flush toilet.

No microwave and air-conditioner allowed in RV sites.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Back-in Full Hook-up (7, 9, 10) $65.00 Choose Your Site
Partial Hook-up (Sites 1-3) $55.00 Choose Your Site
Cabin 18 (Sleeps 6)

All cabins are equipped with showers, kitchens with basic kitchen utensils and a stove top percolator coffee pot. Towels and linens are provided. There is no daily maid service.

**An additional cot can be rented for Cabin 18 for $25 a night.**

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Cabin 18 $269.00 Choose Your Site
Cabin 20 (Sleeps 8)

All cabins are equipped with showers, kitchens with basic kitchen utensils and a stove top percolator coffee pot. Towels and linens are provided. There is no daily maid service.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Cabin 20 $269.00 Choose Your Site
Cabins 14-15 (Sleep 5)

All cabins are equipped with showers, kitchens with basic kitchen utensils and a stove top percolator coffee pot. Towels and linens are provided. There is no daily maid service.

Rates shows is the rate based on two person occupancy. Each additional person is $20 per person, per night.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Cabin 14 $179.00 Choose Your Site
Cabin 15 $179.00 Choose Your Site
Cabins 16-19 (Sleep 4)

All cabins are equipped with showers, kitchens with basic kitchen utensils and a stove top percolator coffee pot. Towels and linens are provided. There is no daily maid service. The price listed is based on two people. Each additional person is $20 per night, per person. Maximum occupancy of this cabin is 4 people.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Cabin 16 $169.00 Choose Your Site
Cabin 17 $169.00 Choose Your Site
Cabin 19 $169.00 Choose Your Site
Boulder Campsite

Accommodates larger groups up to 14, very open site, flat close to Sat Night BBQ and Karaoke, parking is drop off and park vehicle in lot

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Overflow Sites 1 and 2 $125.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Partial Hook-Up (Sites 3.5-6) $38.00 Choose Your Site


Pets are welcomed including cats, however dogs may not be left unattended in cabins. Dogs must be tethered or on a leash when outside the cabins at all times on Glacier Lodge grounds, but may be off leash under voice control on the surrounding trails.

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100 Glacier Lodge Rd, Big Pine, CA, 93513
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Overall Rating: 4.2

Slawomira M Ciula

Erik! You make a mean trout! The best ever!!!!

Jeff Gray

I was looking for a small rustic cabin to spend a few nights in the Sierras with my mom and dad for my dads 75th birthday. My parents are very easy to please and my dads only request was that he not have to sleep on the ground. I think after 75 years of tent camping he has earned the ability to make that request. After reading through several of the reviews my expectations were not very high and I was not expecting luxury. I have to say that my expectations were way too low. Anyone that gives this place a bad review needs to look in the mirror and realize that they don’t really like being out of the city. We rented cabin 14 which has a King size bed with probably one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve ever felt, a pull out couch, and a couple of cots with mattresses. It has a good sized refrigerator, fully stocked kitchen, small table inside, picnic table outside, and a deck with a couple of chairs. I chose to stay south of Bishop due to the air quality from the Caldor fire. Typically we stay along Rock creek or up at Virginia lakes. Big Pine is a minimum of an hour closer to us coming up 395 from So Cal which is a huge bonus. I was absolutely blown away at how beautiful the area surrounding Glacier Lodge is. Based on reports online as well as conversations I had with folks up there I was expecting fishing to be really tough, and I’m sure it is for bait fisherman or folks unfamiliar with fishing wild trout in small streams. I did not venture far from camp and strictly fished dry flies on a Tenkara rod. I maybe fished the creek for 2 hours total and caught around 50 brown trout with a couple of really nice ones to about 18” There were deer around camp every morning and evening and the fact that the only thing up that road is a trailhead and camping there was zero traffic. I have been going to the Eastern Sierra since my parents moved back to California 30 years ago. This was the first time I’d been up Big Pine Creek and I really wish I’d found this place sooner! I have already told several people about this place and I can’t wait to go back. Andrew was busy every day putting together new picnic tables and from the looks of the other cabins that I saw they have been very busy making improvements throughout the property. To Andrew and the rest of the crew at Glacier Lodge, thank you for an absolutely perfect location for my son and I to spend time with my dad for his 75th birthday. I have a lifetime of memories that I will cherish long after he is gone and this will be at the top of that list. Hopefully I can make this an annual trip with my folks as they both loved the property. Though I think my mom would prefer to purchase one of the cabins up from the trailhead on the other side of the creek and just stay there…

Dagmar Buck

Location is great, people are super friendly, trout dinner was delicious. Beds were comfortable. Place was clean and kitchen reasonably well equipped. Huge fridge. Picnic table and shower need replacing,

Chad St John

Perfect location for people wanting to hike

Tyra Icenhower

Great place! Great staff! We stayed in cabin 19 with our 5 yo son and we all had so much fun!

Jennifer Power

I’ve been coming here for about 20 years. The cabins are very rustic. Older blankets for bedding are used, but they do feel cleaned. The pull out couch was similar to a nice hotels, not comfy but functional for kids. The pond is no longer free. It’s pay per fish and primarily for kids which is nice, but the cost is $1 per inch for fish. It’s extremely easy to catch a large fish in there BUT the kids loved the experience so still worth it just much more expensive than it used to be. I’m not sure of this is bc Fish and Game no longer stock the pond and the owner has to pay for it to be stocked. Fishing the creek was not as good as it used to be, lots of water but no large fish. I’ve fished this creek before and pulled large rainbows out and maxed out on limits per day. Not sure if they are stocking the creek anymore. Hosts were very nice. Saw lots of deer per usual and signs of a bear nearby.

John Smith

Wow such a neat place but experience was ruined by the campground. First off they call it “full hock ups” and charge you like it’s full hookups but no only thing they let you run is your lights and maybe a radio if your lucky they won’t come down yelling at you for yawing to much power? If that’s the case please don’t charge full hookup prices, second the bathrooms?? Ha absolutely no toilet paper the entire trip 4 nights and yea in case you guys couldn’t tell you have a major plumbing leak from your sewer line that dumps right into there paid parking lot! And the smell makes it feel like your staying in a outhouse! And yea no bear boxes and they definitely have a bear problem most likely brought on by them by not supplying bear boxes to there guests and the bears having a feast every night !!

Renee Beach

Adding to my review as I neglected to talk about the staff. Theresa was amazing. There were some weather issues before we went up the mountain and she kept us posted throughout the day through rover messaging. I really appreciated that as I had my kids staying at the big Pine Creek Campground while my husband and I stayed in the cabin. All of the staff were extremely friendly and helpful!

Renee Beach

We had a wonderful time staying in cabin 19. It was cuter and a little bigger than it appeared on the website. Pleasant surprise. Highly recommend Glacier Lodge cabins!

Teddy Elsenbaumer

We booked site 3.5, the smallest and last one available. It wasn't easy to confirm by phone that we would fit, but they did answer my email. We had enough room for 4 people with 3 tents and 2 vehicles. The campground was more beautiful and comfortable than we expected, it is tucked in a valley shaded by trees with a cold creek running down the center. We spent most of our day hiking to the beautiful lakes up the north fork trail. The campsites 1-4 are close to one another, so expect to see your neighbors. On Saturday we bought a massive plate of BBQ from the hosts, would recommend.

Sharon Buckle

The signage is terrible. The sign should say "Stop Here and Walk to the Registration Office". The roadway after the arrow pointing to the Registration Office is almost impassable. It is up a steep hill and you had to maneuver over and through rocks and boulders. We had a camper and hit one boulder but thankfully without damage to the tire or the rim. Our camping buddies had a trailer and had to back all the way back down part of the approach because it was impassable for them. We didn't have any problems backing into our camp spots because we were on the lower end of a steep slope of camps. There are boulder retaining walls between them because of the slope and I have no idea how the other trailers and 5th wheelers got into their slots up the hill because they are so narrow and the distance from the trailers on the other side is so short. Camping spots #10, #1, #2 or #3 are the easiest ones to back into. Their website says it is a family owned facility and that they do repairs and many are needed. The shack in the camping area is maybe a utility area but is an eyesore....not charming. Their price for what you get is extremely high. They do not have enough electricity to run AC, most do not have sewer hookups and the hook up to the water was so far away that we couldn't reach it. The area is pretty, the trails from this camp are challenging and they lead to beautiful destinations. They were perfect for the strong hikers in our group.

Campground Response

Hi Sharon! I remember you!!! I checked you in. I knew this review was coming the moment you said your friend canceled and you wanted his credit. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. My little small crew of awesome peeps go out of our way to make up for the fact that our campground is…a rustic campground. Hopefully the info I offer below this will once again explain what to expect when camping or RVing here at Glacier Lodge. Just FYI, because I wasn’t sure if you knew…OUR CAMPGROUND IS ON A GRANITE MOUNTAIN!!!!! So, since you booked thru our website, I’m sure you read on there front and center that it says to manage your expectations?!?!?!? Our campground is pretty ancient. We took over in 2018 and while we’ve made some improvements, we can only do so much since we are on federal land. I 100% agree with you that that ancient shed is such an eyesore. And yes you guessed it, it is a utility shed. It houses our ancient ass electrical components. We are on a hydro and generate our own electricity-which is super cool but definitely not for impressing the city folk! Anyway, the shed (as we call it) houses our electrical loads…which means when power runs high, the loads turn on to burn extra power so it does not burn down the mountain. When power is low, I don’t know….maybe we have power. Maybe we don't. Every day is a mystery. I feel, for the rest of your review, it was most likely user error. Again, we are on a mountain. You entered in thru roads that belong to the Forest Service. A bit dramatic saying that you had to maneuver over rocks and boulders. Unless you were one of the people that pulled up to the store and drove right over my “no parking” rocks and boulders then I guess I understand your bitterness. I have an equal amount of non-sewer vs sewer RV sites. We have 3 (ugly old) bathrooms for 11 camp spots. But honestly if you’re in an RV, you have a bathroom in your rig…so 3 bathrooms to 4 tent sites-if you want to be technical. PS:we are on a septic. But also, you booked a spot with septic. If you went out of your way to “inspect” my campground bathrooms to campsites ratio…that’s silly! If you couldn’t reach your water (which I don’t think has ever happened before?) why didn’t you come to the store to say something? Honestly, I would have come over there and helped you or moved you or figured out a way to make it work for you. Was your hose attachment too short, we have longer ones that probably would have worked. I’m sorry you had a hard time getting into your spot. Or maybe you didn’t but saw someone else have a hard time and want to speak on their behalf. I (again with the website) have on our website that Big Pine Creek is way more cuter than us. Level, shaded, by the creek! CHEAPER! HOWEVER, no running water and zero septic for RV hookup. Generator only. So really! Yes we are more expensive. I don’t have the federal government coming to trim my trees or pay my septic bills which is several hundred a week in the campground and STILL overflows. Anyway, still, thank you for the review. I can only hope that when people read the reviews and replies, they understand what to expect. We have some incredible plans for this place that’s been in existence since the early 1900’s. I’m happy to be a part of it. And you are 100% correct that the trails are beautiful. Our campground? Meh! We will get there!

Blaze Antone

Did tent camping. It’s ok. Sites need bear boxes, the bathroom was disgusting and their is only 1 flush toilet for all the campsites, and there were 2 porta potties. The bathroom / portable potty is adjacent to 2 campsites so if you book those spaces you will be left with a foul stench your entire stay. No showers either which is fine but take the resort off the name then. Would be helpful to remove the large rocks on the dirt road to prevent flats. Although we enjoyed our time and access to big pine lakes hike is close we wouldn’t stay here again. Big Pine Creek and Sage Flat are a lot better. The campsites are more private and you’re surrounded by dense vegans trees.

Campground Response

Hi Blaze. Yep the bathrooms suck. In fact, when someone does a walk-in, I always tell them to check Big Pine Creek first and if they have nothing available to come back and we will get them handled. So I couldn’t agree with you more about the bathrooms and the smell from the bathrooms. It’s unfortunately something that can’t be fixed as of yet and probably a few years out on the solution for that. But I do want to point out some stuff. We have 3 bathrooms for 10 campsites. So ratio wise, we do actually have more bathrooms per sites than any of the other FS ran campgrounds. We do normally have showers. They were closed for Covid and now are under remodel so they will be all nice and pretty soon and thus worthy again of us being called a resort. Sorry you missed that. But next time you come up and stay in Big Pine Creek or Sage, the showers will be dialed in. As far as moving the rocks…..the Forest Service frowns on anything being moved from its already placed location. But also, if you see a rock sticking out of the ground it’s most likely “the tip of the iceberg” and being as how we are on a granite mountain, it is most likely an unmovable rock. But tbh, I’ve NEVER had someone puncture their tires driving over the stupid rocks in our campground.

Cindy Rivas

Three peaceful days spent at Glacier lodge. Family friendly amazing scenery lots of hiking trials. Camp host Teresa was great friendly and very accommodating will definitely return.

Campground Response

Thank you Cindy. We can’t wait to have you back. I’m f there is anything you need for your next trip, just shoot us an email when you book. Also, we love suggestions!!!

Gary Newman

We are very supportive of your efforts to re-build the lodge and return the Glacier Lodge site to its former glory. We very much enjoyed our time in cabin 16. However, some relatively low cost and simple repairs would improve the ambiance - examples: fix the sagging ceiling in the living room, replace stained sink in bathroom, re-caulk/repair sink in kitchen. We realize 2020 was a lousy year with Covid, so making these suggestions for when all gets back to normal. PS - thanks for letting us barrow the backpack and walking sticks.

Donald Fish

Check this place out! Rustic cabins in the woods, beautiful views all around you and the sound of the creek running is why we keep coming back, year after year. Camping outdoors is how we fell in love with this place but having the convenience of four walls, a kitchen, bed and bathroom is much appreciated after a long day or days of hiking. The food here is amazing, we had BBQ after a long hike on Saturday, tri tip, chicken and ribs with potato salad and baked beans. On Sunday before going home we had the breakfast burritos, I didn’t think they could do better than the BBQ but the breakfast burritos are amazing too!

Campground Response

THANK YOU for being so awesome!

jason kilgore

We had a great time. The cabin's were really cool, clean, hot showers. The BBQ on Saturday was awesome. The owners and their kids were super fun. They have wifi, but its not for surfing the internet or streaming(why do you want to do any out that anyway in the beautiful mountains!!) Texting worked fine. I highly recommend this place. We will be coming up again. .

Ann Rivera

We love Glacier lodge. Super friendly staff - bbq ribs & root beer floats! Our site was very challenging getting our 30ft trailer in but it was worth it.

Keshav Raghavan

Glacier Lodge is a true jewel in the mountains. We had a great time staying in Cabin 18 for a couple of nights while hiking in Inyo. It is the perfect place to acclimate for higher altitude climbs, and the surrounding trails are a gorgeous destination. There is an amazing sense of community, and we were quickly welcomed into the family. We look forward to staying again soon!

Campground Response

Thank you so so much Keshav!!! We truly enjoyed having you guys here. Can’t wait until next time!

Rosemarie Sercado

We stayed at Cabin 15 and it was very clean. My family enjoyed our stay. The owners are very friendly and accommodating to our requests. Overall, it was a very nice 3 days at Glacier Lodge. We'll recommend this place to my friends and other family members. Looking forward to our next visit.

Gurmeet Basi

Darrin, Theresa & Andrew were wonderful hosts and very helpful and accommodating. The cabin (16 in our case) was clean, super close to the trailhead and it was great to hear that the site generates their own electricity. Some fixtures looked brand new and it's great to see things being maintained as wear and tear takes its toll. The full sized fridge was a huge bonus for storing food and drinks. We would definitely stay there again. Awesome family.