Downata Hot Springs Campground

25900 South Downata Road, Downey, ID, 83234

Downata Hot Springs Campground is located near Downey, Idaho. It features 39 full hookup RV campsites that are big rig friendly. The park allows pets and has a dump station.


Amenities & Activities

Campsite amenities offered include a swimming pool, a water playground with water slides, hot springs with 113-degree natural water, picnic tables, fire circles, and grills. It also includes basic amenities like restrooms and laundry facilities. Visitors can enjoy nearby activities such as basketball, biking, hiking, off-roading, and stargazing.



The campground is close to nearby attractions like:

  • downtown Salt Lake City
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Cottonwood Peak
  • Elkhorn Peak


Last Updated: 10/25/2019

RV and Tent Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
20/30 amp power hook-up $25.00
20/30 amp power hook-up dry $23.00
50/30 amp power hook-up $32.00
50/30 amp power hook-up dry $30.00
No power/water $20.00
Group Areas

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Group Area #1 $260.00
Group Area #3 $114.00
Group Area #4 & 11 $80.00
Group Area #5 or #6 $115.00
Lodging Rates

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Bunk House $165.00
Hadley House $350.00
Large Yurt $150.00
Medium Cabin $105.00
Ranch House $250.00
Small Cabin $99.00
Small Yurt $79.00
Teepee and Cowboy Hangout

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
One Cowboy hangout/8cots $55.00
Six Teepees/4cots $40.00

Pet Rules

DOWNATA HOT SPRINGS CAMPGROUND PET POLICY: No pets or smoking in our Cowboy Hangout , Cabins, Houses or Yurts (except for yurt 4 with pet deposit) Downata Hot Springs Campground is pet friendly and welcomes campers who travel and share their camping with the family dog and/or cat. However to insurance all of our guests have a safe and enjoyable time, it is important that you read and abide by the following pet policy.  Pets are welcome but their owners must be well trained!  All dogs are required to be under the control and visual observation of their owners at all times.  A 6’ (six foot) maximum length leash must be used whenever the dog is outside the owner’s camper or motorhome. Please do not use extension leashes while in our campground.  DO know that the Health Department Rules dictate NO NOT allow Pets in the store, bathrooms, laundry, game room, playground and pool area. We do NOT allow pets in any of our cabins, houses or yurts except for Yurt 4 with a pet deposit.  Dogs are not to be walked by children 6 years and under unless accompanied by an adult.  All pet owners are required to pick up all pet droppings on and off their site, seal droppings in a plastic bag and imposing in a trashcan. Not picking up after your pet is reason to be asked to leave the campground and be fined $25 per occurrence  Aggressive dogs of any breeds are not welcome. If your dog shows behavior that is protective and unfriendly to strangers and other animals, please leave it home. If you decide to bring your dog and it exhibits this type of behavior the owner or manager will ask you to please find other camping accommodations.  Allowing your pet to bark uncontrollably day or night will not be permitted and you may be asked to leave if you are not able to control your pets barking behavior.  Service dogs of any breed are welcome. However, these animals must follow the leash policies and may not exhibit aggressive behavior. Service pet permit must be available  Pets must not be left outside unattended by their owners at any time.  Our major insurance provider requirements are that we cannot accept breeds having a history of unfriendly and aggressive behavior to both other dogs and to humans. These breeds are Dobermans, Pit-bull and Pit Bull mixes, Chows, Rottweilers, Wolf and Wolf mixes, Akita, Mastif.  We encourage all dog owners to call in advance to inquire about any specific rules that might apply to their specific situation.  ONCE AGAIN, WE DO NOT ALLOW PETS IN OUR LODGING UNITS AND COWBOY HANGOUT.  Pets cannot be left outside alone so please do not bring your pets if you are staying in our lodging units or cowboy hangout.

Cancellation Policy

Refund 10 days prior to arrival and receive full amount due minus $5 cancellation fee. Lodging and group of 4 or more sites is charged a $25 cancellation fee. Cancel less than 10 days prior and no refund is issued.

Check-in/Check out

Check In is at 4 pm. Check out is at 2 pm in campground


Full amount due when making reservation

General Store

Laundry Facilities

Community Showers

Community Water Fountain

Water Hookups

ADA Accessible

Trash Service

50 Amps

Picnic Table

30 Amps






Swimming Outdoors

25900 South Downata Road, Downey, ID, 83234
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