Brookville Campground

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224 Jones Road - 120, Barnegat Township, NJ, 08005

Are you looking for a campground in Barnegat Township, NJ? Then Brookville Campground located on 224 Jones Road - 120 might be the place for you. The site includes laundry facilities. It's open Apr 15 - Oct 1.

Last Updated: 09/08/2022

Laundry Facilities

Dump Station

224 Jones Road - 120, Barnegat Township, NJ, 08005
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Overall Rating: 2.8

Sissy Polka

We took some videos while staying here that should really allow you to see what kind of campground this is. You might like them or you might not. We enjoyed making them here.

This has to be the worst campground we have ever been to. The owner Thea is VERY VERY angry and confrontational! THIS IS NOT A KID FRIENDLY CAMPGROUND!!!! The owner Thea is outside everyday yelling and cursing at the young kids from having fun. She came and complained that my 2 kids were outside at 830pm on a Saturday in the summer frog hunting told me I can’t have my kids outside when it’s dark out. Not only that we have found out that a lot of the people that stay full time at this site are not the best kind of people not a very classy place very low class and it’s really not safe for KIDS.. we had a full time person from the campground knock on our RV door and told us that if he catches our 6 year old and 4 year old on his campsite that he was going to shoot them with an Pellet gun!! What kind of person says they will shoot a kid with a pellet gun for coming on his campsite?!?! THIS IS ONE CAMPGROUND TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE KIDS ITS NOT SAFE!

Leslie Sharp

We left there because of the owner. Won't go into detail. Just be warned. She can be real mean

Carlos Oliveros

The best Camp Campground in New Jersey and New York the owner is very pleasant lady to be around

Amy Jane

Place is nice and quiet ....HOWEVER....plan on having a problem with the owner. Any money you give her for whatever, write it down. Date and time and whatever else you want to record....she does NOT know how to keep her books and becomes confused about who paid what all the time. Never fail. So many people have left the place because of her nasty, in your face demands....mostly about money she says you owe - especially if you pay her cash. Look out.