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515 HWY 282, Clancy, MT, 59634

Alhambra RV Park in Clancy, MT sits on the site on a historic sanitariums and hot springs.  In the early 1900’s, people seeking rest and isolation arrived by the Great Northern Railroad at Alhambra station to visit the Alhambra or Sunnyside Sanatoriums.  For many years, visitors relaxed in the natural setting, enjoyed the pools, and felt refreshed by the mineral waters which was packaged and shipped all over the world until 1959 when fire destroyed the facilities.


Today, Clancy continues as a small community just 10 miles south of the state capital, Helena. Alhambra RV Park is conveniently located just off Interstate I-15 and exit 182. We offer sites placed around the Prickly Pear stream with a serene setting, fishing, and a calm relaxing stay on your journey through Montana.


The park features amenities such as: electricity, fire pits, picnic tables, dump station, pull through sites, propane refills and clean restrooms. Try your hand at fishing, golfing or hiking while you’re here!

You can also take advantage of the numerous great attractions just beyond the campground, including the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds, and the area’s mix of excellent local eateries and pubs. Enjoy the beauty of the Elkhorn Mountains at the Alhambra RV Park. Hope to see you soon!


Last Updated: 02/29/2024

RV Site

Call for monthly rates.

During October 15-March 15th, please choose the Winter RV site.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hook-Up - 20/30 Amps $45.00 $270.00 Choose Your Site
Full Hook-up - 50 Amps $50.00 $295.00 Choose Your Site
Pull-Thru Water and Electric 20/30 Amp $40.00 $240.00 Choose Your Site
Pull-Thru Water and Electric 50 Amp $40.00 $240.00 Choose Your Site
Standard Site $25.00 $150.00 Choose Your Site
Stream-Side Pull-Thru Water and Electric 20/30 Amp $40.00 $240.00 Choose Your Site
Stream-Side Site $40.00 $240.00 Choose Your Site
Stream-Side Site - 50 Amp $45.00 $265.00 Choose Your Site
Winter Standard Site - Dry Camping $25.00 $150.00 Choose Your Site

Tents Only (no sleeping in cars).

Fire ring and picnic table available at every site.

Tent sites closed October 15-March 15.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Tent Site - Primitive $15.00 $90.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Site with electric $15.00 $90.00 Choose Your Site
RV Storage

8x10 secure storage sites. 24 hour access. Monitored security system and staff on site. Discount for annual payments.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
8x10 Secure Storage -- $45.00 See More Choose Your Site
Dry Dock (Up to 60 ft) -- $30.00 See More Choose Your Site
Picnic Site

Picnic site with 20/30 Amp power, water and fire ring. Day use only. Please inquire about group/event locations.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Day Use Picnic Site $5.00 Choose Your Site


We reserve the right to refuse to accept further Fees from any person who fails to comply with these rules and regulations and may request that their space be vacated immediately. There will be no refunds.


Absolutely no use of firearms, explosives, drugs, or fireworks are allowed in the park. Firearms for hunting or other legal activities should be appropriately licensed, unloaded, and stored. Failure to do so may result in being asked to immediately leave the park without a refund.


1. One of our bathrooms is located at the front of the park and the second bathroom is located at the back of the park. 2. The bathrooms are cleaned with antibacterial cleaners for your protection. 3. If there are any problems please let us know immediately. 4. Trash from bathroom use may be put in the bathroom trash cans. Please do not use for your regular RV trash. 5. Children are not allowed to use these facilities without adult supervision. 6. Any damages will be the responsibility of the parents or supervising adult.


1. The speed limit is 5MPH 2. Please watch for children, pets and wildlife. 3. Drive on the roads only. 4. Do not use pull-thru spaces for short cuts. 5. Park in your own area or assigned spot. 1 vehicle and 1 RV are allowed per site. Additional parking is available. 6. Do not park in open spaces without prior office approval. 7. Do not park or drive through the grass. 8. Visitor parking is by the office and next to the dumpster. 9. Single lane roads allow two-way traffic in areas. Check the road ahead before entering. If another vehicle is approaching, right away is given to the vehicle entering the park.


1. Do not swim, or throw things into the creek. 2. Do not allow children to play near the creek without supervision. 3. There are deer, and other wildlife that you may see in the park. Do not feed or harm any wildlife in this park. It is illegal to approach or feed wildlife. 4. If an animal is bothering you please notify the office. 5. It is not allowed to hang hammocks or clotheslines.


1. Pit bulls, Rottweilers, and other aggressive dogs are not allowed in the park. 2. Pets must be on a hand held leash of less than 6 feet any time they are outside. 3. Everyone is expected to clean up after their pet and dispose of it properly (bagged and in the dumpster). If we clean up after your pet, we will charge you $10.00. 4. Do not chain your pet outside or leave it unattended inside, especially if it tends to bark excessively or be disruptive to your neighbors. 5. If you must leave your pet inside your trailer, please notify the office and leave a phone number where you can be contacted in case of a power outage or other emergency.


1. No loud music. 2. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. 3. Outside RV flood lights should not to be left on after 9:00 PM. Indicator and low intensity lights are allowed. 4. Attend children at all times. Please respect your fellow camper’s space. Do not allow your children or animals to cross another’s camper space without permission.


EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO KEEP THEIR SITE CLEAN AND ORDERLY 1. All trash should be bagged and brought to the dumpster. There is no trash pickup at your site. 2. Bears and other animals, though uncommon, are present in the area. We highly recommend keeping all food and beverages in sealed containers. 3. All water lines must be free of any leaks. 4. All sewer connections must include a sealed connecter. Do not allow waste water to be discharged anywhere but authorized dump sites. Failure to do so may result in additional charges. 5. Alcoholic beverages are allowed only at your site. 6. No clotheslines. 7. Alhambra RV is an environmentally sensitive natural water shed. No washing of vehicles or RV units is permitted. Please prevent any detergents or other chemicals from entering the Prickly Pear stream. 8. Due to noise, generators are only to be used during emergencies. Oil changes and other such types of vehicle maintenance are not allowed. Minor repairs should be authorized with management before performed. We may offer to help if we have the time. 9. If there are any problems or damages at your site please inform us immediately. 10. Fishing is allowed with an appropriate license only. All limits and regulations are your responsibility. 11. Campfires must be within provided fire rings. No trash burning is allowed. Wood must be from a local supply to prevent contamination or pest infestation. Please extinguish your campfire whenever it is not attended. 12. Failure to maintain or leave your site in a clean and orderly state may result in a charge of up to $100.00.


1. Visitors are allowed as long as they comply with these rules and regulations. 2. It is your responsibility to inform them of such. 3. All overnight visitors must register at the office. 4. Any visitor who does not follow these rules and regulations will be asked to vacate the premises immediately. 5. Visitor day use per car $25.00. 6. Extra Person $5.00 per day.

Fees Policy

1. Fees must be paid in advance. 2. Unpaid Fees, unauthorized, or abandoned motor homes, RVs, or vehicles will be towed away at owner’s expense. Please contact us for more information. 3. We accept cash, Montana personal checks with proper ID, and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 4. Check out time is 12:00 PM. 5. Please contact the office to arrange for a late departure. Failure to do so may result in additional charges. 6. There is an additional charge for the use of electric heaters or other high electrical demand appliances in your unit. We do not include these charges in the Fees. Determination of high demand electrical appliances is solely at the discretion of Alhambra RV Park management. Help keep our rates low by being honest about your electrical use. Additional charges for high demand appliances are $5.00 per appliance per day.

General Store

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515 HWY 282, Clancy, MT, 59634
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Activity maps with directions to near by points of interest are available on our website at or at our front desk.

Included information on Ghost Towns, Rock Climbing, Frisbee Golf, Golf, Horse Shoes, Train Tours, Hot Springs, Fishing, Hunting, Off Road Trails, Biking and Hiking.

Overall Rating: 3.1

Michelle Parsneau

An intimate campground with all the amenities, within 10 minutes of Helena.

Jo Grove

Stayed one night. Arrived after office closed. When the Manager showed up he gave us the wrong code for the bathrooms and if a fellow traveler had not shared the correct code we would not have access. We felt like the Manager was in a huge hurry. When we had issues with the bathroom code we called both the manager and Rover and no one answered either. Rover had a message that no one was available and then said “good bye”. Couldn’t even leave a message which is ridiculous. Don’t stay here if you book online and/ check in late.

Martin Waugh

This is a copy of a review I already have left on Google maps. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID! this small seedy and noisy RV campsite trailer park is sandwiched between Interstate I15 about 75 yds to the west and a local access road to Clancy about 20 yds to the east it was almost perpetually noisy until maybe 10pm. We arrived about 4pm to find nobody in the office. And so we picked a reasonable looking site that had the power and water that we had booked for. As we were in mid-set up a site manager guy happened by and advised that the site we were in was premium site and would cost $15/night more than we had booked for. (I agreed, but perhaps that was because of the rifle alongside him in his SUV!). IMO check-in times for most day travelers would be between 3pm and 5 or 6pm and during these times there should be a person on site to direct campers. Anyway, later we had a look around at the “standard” sites and could see absolutely nothing over and above those standard sites that would make our site “premium” or worth $30 more for our 2 night stay. In fact a couple of them looked better than the one we picked. I THINK THAT WE WERE RIPPED-OFF FOR $30!! The site we chose was filled with wet soggy wood mulch chips but we didn’t realize how soft the ground was at the time. No gravel here. See pic. As for the restroom, shower and laundry, well! -getting through the door would cause anyone with poor eyesight or trying later in the evening without a flash light, considerable problem with the combination. See photo. The combo lock numbers were worn off and a pen or biro had been used to try and make them legible. They were not, but I eventually figured it out! Once inside, the shower and toilet looked disgusting and seemed that they hadn’t been cleaned or maintained/repaired in years. There was mold around the shower tub and cracks in it that has been ad-hoc repaired with some kind of sealant on which mold was now growing. The towel rail was gone and only its support clips on the wall evidenced that there had ever been one. See pic. I would not use the restroom/shower if you paid me. The whole laundry, shower, washroom is in dire need of a full make-over. We did not use the laundry equipment, but it looked very old too and I’d be very suspicious of how well the machines and driers worked. Stay at your own risk. After being on a road trip in the US for the recent past 6 weeks and visiting over 20 other RV campsites this is the worst we have seen and I certainly will not return to Alhambra RV campground trailerpark

Patricia Hyatt Early

Quiet, despite roads nearby. The electrical/water hookups were a little concerning at our sight. Grass needed mowing and garbage dumpsters were overflowing. Everyone in the campground was friendly and respectful.

Debbie Baird

If I could give a zero I would. Randy Irvine the owner is an absolute jerk who has no people skills or customer service ethics. Arrived and the spot we reserved and was approved and accepted for and it was occupied when we arrived. Spoke to lady in spot and she said she had reserved that spot a long time ago. She was kind enough to call Dan the manager who came right down and told us Randy had messed up and double booked the spot. Dan was very kind and showed us to another spot we could stay at. Right next to the vault toilets! When we reserved we paid for full hookups (water, power and sewer) Found out when there they have very very limited full hookup sites, all occupied. The site we were given was a pull thru site at $10 less per night. I called Randy and he was a first class jerk and hung up on me! Later on we had no water. Husband called, was told some people fill their tanks up (which they aren’t suppose to) and depleted the well. Told my husband he could shower and use water the next day! What a joke for a business! The only nice thing there was Dan. Never again will stay there and you should be very cautious about booking there. They also say at the owners discretion he will charge $10 per day if they feel you use too much electricity (which each site is NOT metered) or water! WHAT!!! Also where is my $20 refund for not having full hookup as paid for?

Andrew Farkas

The park is beautiful with large shaded campsites right next to a clear, gurgling stream, but the location is very noisy, with a loud highway less than 50' from our tent site to the East, and an Interstate highway about 200' to the West. My only other significant complaint was the fact that everyone in the park has to share 1 shower. The facilities are older (1970s, perhaps,) but clean. Perhaps because of this, the prices are excellent. The camp site had dog mess from previous guests that hadn't been cleaned up. There is no manager available to meet with at the office, but he does patrol the park in a diesel pickup about eight times a day, for some reason. We also noticed that there are A LOT of signs listing things you can't do, some with threats (e.g. "if you put 'flushable wipes' in the toilet, we'll have to close the clubhouse" (shower & laundry facility,) and "Don't fill your RV tank with our hydrants". We also thought it was odd that yellow 'caution' tape was used to prevent guests from accessing the lawn & creek area next to the clubhouse for no apparent reason.

Billiette Coolidge

Friendly, fun!!

John Heinley

I've stayed at Alhambra RV Park, overnight once a week, for three weeks now. Conditions have improved due to the hosts taking action on needed maintenance, such as getting the vault toilets emptied and serviced. They're very nice and watch out for their guest's needs. The setting is nice, even for people like myself who just need a place to park and sleep in my truck. Those with tents or RVs will find hookups and other needed accomodations. I do wish Rover Pass would reveal restroom codes, etc, in case one arrives and the hosts are not available.

Rita Rizzo

Spacious sites along the water.

John Heinley

Three stars for the campground, an additional star for great customer service by the resident caretakers. - Know your reservation details before you go there because there's no internet connection except for the Wi-Fi, and no Wi-Fi unless you have the password. - Get the outhouse key code before you get there, too. - When you plug into the electric outlet you might need to turn on the circuit breaker. - one outhouse/vault restroom could use about one 5-gallon bucket of gravel next to the concrete step. Easy fix. Overall, a good campground. Aside from a little freeway noise, nice location. Creek, shade trees, many sites with electricity and water, and access to a building with laundry facilities, etc.

Campground Response

Just a note; we do have free open WiFi around the office of the campground. Just look for the unsecured access point SSID "SingleTreeSundries". We provide everyone with all passcodes on check-in and sometimes in advance by email if your arrival will be at a time when no staff is available. If no one is in the office when you arrive the Ring doorbell goes to all our cellphones and will be answered regardless of where we are.

Julie Smith

When we 1st arrived we were greeted by roughly 6 children that were playing in our spot, who were permanent residents there. Asked them to stay clear while we backed in. One went and cried to his mother who then came out and accused us of yelling at her child. Then out came all their dogs (unleashed and out of control. One jumped on our truck and scratched it) Then that got our dogs (who were still in the vehicle that we were trying to back in) to start barking hysterically. At that time we felt very uncomfortable being went to talk to the hosts. They “resolved” the issue somewhat. We aren’t at the campground during the day, so our stay there was without any other major incidents. There was dog poop everywhere we walked. Pit toilets were not the cleanest (found feces all over the toilet seat and floor of one of the toilets one morning) The ONE shower was in the “clubhouse”, was an old tub/shower combo. Had to wait roughly 1/2 hour to take a line... so we didn’t lose our spot. Only 2 washers, only two dryers. The campground could be super nice, most spots are on a beautiful creek. Needs lots of updating, and maybe be selective about your permanent/seasonal campers/residents. Camping is supposed to be fun and relaxing and on first arrival...we were almost ready to leave. Would not recommend this “RV park” unless some major changes happen. Location was great for our plans for Montana, it was centrally located to a bunch of ghost towns.

Campground Response

This and another review were placed by the same customer who came into the park and although there was an event with another's customers children, perhaps loudly cussing at them and their mother was not the best way to de-escalate the situation?

Jennifer Smith

First the camp hosts were great and willing to work with us. Our campsite was awesome we were right on the creek. That is the only good thing about this campground. Now the bad. 4 piles of dog poop were on the site (I stepped in one). The picnic table had part of a board missing and a large screw sticking up. The pit toilet was horrible smelling and didn’t lock. The one shower in the park was disgusting and in need of updating. There are a lot of permanent residents One in particular couldn’t control their dogs. One of their dogs (about 80lb) tried to attack our 15lb dog because the child who was walking it couldn’t control it. I have 2 minor scratches on my truck from one of their dogs jumping and putting its paws on the side of my truck. This could be a great park. It does sit between the highway and another road but that really wasn’t an issue It’s in a good location but it’s needs updating cleaning and need to somehow separate permanent residents from guests some of the resident spots look junky and rundown. I would not stay here again

Campground Response

This and another review were placed by the same customer who came into the park and although there was an event with another's customers children, perhaps loudly cussing at them and their mother was not the best way to de-escalate the situation?


Did not make the stay. Rover pass communication broke down when making reservations and did not know it came through so I wasted money and slept in a rest park for the night.

Campground Response

It's always a bit frustrating when reviews hold us to account for mistakes some of our customers make. We are always willing to try to accommodate or offer credit towards another stay if this happens to a customer. However, if you fail to cancel, not only do we have an unplanned open campsite, but it's very likely 10-20 families that have called us desperately seeking a place to stay for the night have been turned away while we were waiting on you. We are a business, but we are also doing this so we can offer people a nice, peaceful, secure place to stay the night while traveling on their own terms. Not responsibly managing your reservations effects more people then just you.

Barbara Schneider

We thought the park on the little river was great. The freeway was noise but the beautiful setting made up for it. We were in site 10 backin

Renee Suydam

Although this site is close to a highway you would never know it. It’s a beautiful serene campgrounds with a beautiful stream running through it. If you want to unplug & relax this is the place for you. Helena the State capital is within close proximity with stores and restaurants of your choice.

RD Willis

A bit of a disappointment compared to the website. Driving in initially looked sketchy and questionable permanent residents. Additionally, we understand there was a weather event but our site was partially underwater and seemed unsafe. Sandbags holding the stream and rope securing a bridge only added to our discomfort. The saving grace was the McNelly camp hosts. They put my mind at ease. They are good people whom I trusted and knew they wouldn’t be there if it was unsafe.

Campground Response

The day before you arrived a neighbor up the way had a clogged culvert which they cleaned out. This sent around 40,000 gallons careening down the stream quickly. The entire campground came together to shore up areas where this effected us. Those sandbags were a point of pride in what a group of people coming together can accomplish when they come together when something unexpected happens.

Hendrik Blom

Verry poor. Restrooms and bathroom are old. No graffel bud mud on place.

Campground Response

Sorry you were disappointed. The bathrooms are what I can legally provide that close to a body of water in Montana and the roads are most certainly paved with gravel but your stay coincided with about a month straight of rain. This makes mud. I assume this is what you meant by graffel?

Wendy Brunning

Staff were great. Camper behind us was too close

Kay Ledet

3rd best campsite within 20 minutes of Helena Verizon signal isn’t that great in the area and the WiFi was barely usable. The laundry facility is worn and outdated.

katherine pope hooper

Don't even consider staying here Out houses no cell service no internet NO REFUNDS for any reason Interstate 15 20 feel away Service road 10 feet away on the other side