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RoverPass Launches New ‘Flag A Camper’ Feature

RoverPass Launches New ‘Flag A Camper’ Feature

RoverPass has officially launched their new Flag a Camper feature within their reservation system. Owners using the RoverPass system will be able to place a flag on a camper or completely ban campers who have broken campground rules or exhibited other misconduct.

The flagging feature is available within the guest details and will allow staff to quickly add a flag or issue an immediate ban with a reason noted. For banned campers, a warning message will appear if an owner attempts to create a reservation and instruct them to first remove the ban before proceeding. 

Owners are already excited about the new feature. “I just saw the flag and ban features you added and that will make our campground operation run so much more smoothly. Thank you so much. I really, really, really appreciate it,” said one of the owners at The Refuge on Roanoke Island, the day ‘Flag a Camper’ went live. 

This entire functionality was built to ensure a better experience for the owner and staff so record keeping could be done in one convenient location. In addition, having the ability to flag or ban a camper will also minimize future risk for the campground and keep the property safe, clean, and organized for future guests coming to visit. 

The inspiration for the feature came from RoverPass customers. Within the owner’s portal there is a form to request additional features and tools. RoverPass has been reviewing every submission and as the requests for flagging and banning campers came through, the company listened! Flag a Camper would not have been a reality without important input from customers, and RoverPass continues to prioritize user feedback as they plan their product roadmap.

There is even more to come! Owners using RoverPass can also look forward to the upcoming release of extended features on the online booking side. Returning guests who have previously been banned will be shown a notification that the property is unavailable and a message will be sent to the owner notifying them of the person attempting to book. Thereby, allowing campground owners the control over who books their park and ensuring a great camping experience for all

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