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11 Campground Essentials for Attracting Adventure-Seeking Campers7 min read

11 Campground Essentials for Attracting Adventure-Seeking Campers

Here are 11 campground essentials for attracting adventure-seeking campers. Campers are a varied bunch. There are your sightseers, your #Influencers, your family groups, and your relaxed road trippers. But today, we’re talking about the thrill-seeking, adventurous types.

Whether they’re hiking, water rafting, or mountain biking, adventure-hungry campers can be big business for any campground, especially if your campground is located in an extreme sports hotspot these 11 campground essentials for attracting adventure-seeking campers will help you. The question is, are you giving these adventurous travelers what they need to book with you?

All of these activities have one thing in common: they require the right equipment. This guide with 11 campground essentials for attracting adventure-seeking campers knows that for adventure-hungry tourists, traveling light is easier said than done. By the time they’ve packed the necessities for camping, there isn’t much room left in the car or RV for their gear.

That’s why many active campers prefer to stay at locations that provide easy access to the gear they need without the hassle of lugging it halfway across the country. So if your campground is located near the mountains, sea, or other adventurous locations, here are the 11 essential items that are sure to attract the adventure-hungry tourist to your site!

Adventure Gear & Accessories Are A Great Option


1. Kayaks (Single & Double)

Kayaking is an enjoyable water activity, but these large, expensive items aren’t exactly easy to pack! Having a few available for hire at your lakeside campground is the perfect way to attract adventurous families, couples, and solo travelers who love to spend time on the water.

2. Stand-up Paddleboards

As a highly popular water-based activity, stand-up paddleboards are sure to be snatched up quickly by adventure-hungry campers. If your campground is located near calm waters, stand-up paddleboards are essential for attracting travelers who love to try something new.


3. Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking gives adventure-hungry campers their much-needed adrenaline rush while they explore your campground’s natural surroundings. With many campgrounds located near must-ride trails and tracks, make yours stand out by offering mountain bikes for hire. Just be sure to provide a range of sizes to allow all ages to join in!

4. Kids Bike Seats

Adventure-loving campers aren’t just solo travelers! They often get the whole family involved. Offering bike seats for the kids ensures parents and children alike can enjoy their outdoor adventures together. No one needs to stay behind to watch the little ones! Easily attachable front-mounted bike seats are an excellent choice, as you can move the seat from one bike to another without needing special tools.

5. Dry Packs

Essential for land-based adventures, dry packs offer ideal storage for all the necessities. If the weather turns at any point during the day, hikers and mountain bikers alike can rely on the dry pack to protect their belongings from the elements.

6. Child Carriers

Adventurous parents love to share their love of the great outdoors with their kids, but packing space is scarce when traveling with infants and toddlers (how can someone so small require so much stuff, right?). Make it easy for parents to travel a little lighter by offering child carriers at your campground.

7. Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are a hiking necessity. Especially if your campground is surrounded by mountainous terrain. Beginner and advanced hikers will be glad to see trekking poles available for hire as they offer additional safety while out on the tracks but are often sacrificed when packing space becomes tight.

Safety & Adventure Go Hand In Hand

They might be thrill-seekers at heart, but like anyone, adventure-hungry tourists want to stay safe. If you’re going to make adventure gear available, be sure to provide safety gear as well. Here’s a handy list of safety gear to add to your campground essentials.

8. Life Jackets

If your campground is near the ocean, lakes, or rivers, life jackets should be made available for your guests. As the most important safety item for water-based activities, life jackets should also be checked regularly to ensure they’re in good condition.

9. Helmets

As the number one safety item for mountain biking, helmets should be given to any travelers hiring a bike. Much like life jackets, the condition of your helmets should be checked regularly.


10. Emergency Equipment

Not all adventures go as planned. With a few key pieces of emergency equipment, you’ll be able to ensure your guests remain safe and healthy if something were to go wrong. To keep your thrill-seeking tourists safe, here’s what you should add to your list:

  • First aid kits
  • Sound and visual signaling devices
  • Emergency thermal blankets
  • Headlamps

11. Portable Location & Navigation Devices

Even the keenest adventurers can be intimidated by unfamiliar territory. Personal Locator Beacons ensure your guests’ safety by enabling them to navigate tracks and contact emergency services should they get into trouble. Encourage your thrill-seeking travelers to take a portable GPS and Personal Locator Beacon along with them.

Adventure Gear For Hire Expands Your Guest Base

As a campground owner, you’ll know what adventures are available in your local area better than anyone. In addition to these 11 campground essentials for attracting adventure-seeking campers slowly accumulating adventurous campground essentials will soon see your campground grow into a hugely appealing holiday destination for adventure-hungry campers and RV travelers.

Having gear available for hire is a long-term investment, but in time, rental charges will cover purchasing costs. Your campground will appeal to both relaxed and adventurous travelers, broadening your guest base.

With your campground store supplying common camping necessities and your shop supplying adventure gear, what more could a camper want in a campground?

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