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5 Must Have RV Gear Essentials8 min read

RV Gear Essentials

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I had a camping tool for that,” there probably is! There are countless blogs out there that keep RVers up to date on all the latest gear, toys, and tools. Unfortunately, it’s your job to find them all and since you have better things to do with your time, we thought we’d give you a hand. Companies like Revel Gear, Fugoo, and Orion are always introducing innovative products to make your RVing life easier and more fun. Here are a few products we thought you’d like, ranging from long-lasting solar LED lights, to durable wireless speakers, and cozy camping chairs.

Revel Gear

Revel Gear 20ft Solar Powered Camping Light

It’s time to retire those boring five-buck string lights. They’ve had a great run and make your site look warm and cozy, but that’s about all they do. Revel Gear has introduced a new set of Solar Powered Camping Lights made for the 21st century.   

Revel’s $70 string of solar LED lights are practically weightless and have 120 high-efficiency LEDs that give off more than 350 lumens of light. The string is nearly as bright as a 40-watt bulb. Unlike old-fashioned light bulbs, these babies can live two decades or more. If you’re worried about running out of sunlight, you can still purchase Revel Gear’s $40, 30-foot USB-powered string with 100 LEDs. But we doubt you’ll use those very often.

With each Instagram photo featuring Revel camping lights and the hashtag #RevelGear, the company will donate a solar-powered light to someone in a developing country. You can find out more about the planet’s light shortage by going to

Jaw dropping fact of the day: “There are more people living today without lights than when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.”

Revel’s 8.8-ounce LED string stays lit for eight hours after absorbing direct sunlight for a full day. There’s an automatic power-on function so when you’re outside at dusk, the lights will activate. Not only do they make your campsite feel homey, but they’ll help you find your way at night when in unfamiliar territory.

The waterproof lights have an International Protection Rating of 65 (IP65), which means they can get blasted in any direction from a low-pressure stream of water and they won’t fizzle on you.

Fugoo Tough Bluetooth

The Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker

Anyone who has ever spent time RVing knows that taking electronics on the road is a gamble. The chances of a gadget making it back home, much less in working condition, are slim. That’s where Fugoo‘s line of extremely durable “Go Anywhere Speaker” comes in.

These Bluetooth speakers are built to withstand the stresses of your on-the-road and off-road activities. The matte black “Tough” model is mud, snow, water, and shock-proof. And the casing is crafted from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum. With three carry options – clip, strap, and mount — Tough can go anywhere man can go.

According to product specs, the speaker holds its own against the market’s top speakers. It has six audio drivers, a 40-hour battery life, 360-degree surround sound, it’s been drop-tested up to six feet, has a built-in speakerphone, and integrates with Siri. If you’re not crazy about the casing and want to give it a facelift, Fugoo offers several jacket styles.

The Fugoo Tough is $229 and since you couldn’t hurt this speaker if you tried (though, we don’t recommend trying), it’s totally worth it.

Orion Coolers

Orion Coolers

Orion Coolers are the perfect RV patio accessory for stashing beverages, putting your game on ice, or taking a load off. There are six sizes and each are designed with two-inches of insulation. But that’s where the resemblance to every other cooler on the market ends.

Orion coolers are crafted out of Jackson Kayak material, making them “certified bear resistant.” How often do your camping buddies manage to lose track of one bottle opener? Orion solved that problem by building four bottle openers into each corner of your cooler. You have the option of purchasing section dividers that double as a cutting board. Now you can slice fresh limes on the spot.

Coolers range in size from 21.5-pounds and 25-quarts to 17.5-pounds and 85-quarts. The Orion 25 is perfect for a weekend getaway and compact enough to pile on your kayak or SUP board. The Orion 85 can store quartered game and more than a week’s supply of food. They’re available in dozens of colors, including camo. There’s a Home Team Series with traditional team color combinations that are perfect for your weekend tailgate party.

Don’t forget to check out Orion’s accessories page. There are tons of extras, like a camera mount, fishing rod holders, spotlight attachments, a cellphone and drink cup holder.

The Strongback Elite Chair

strongback elite chair - RV Gear Essentials

When you think of camping chairs, comfort is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. Strongback makes fold-up camping chairs that are as durable as they are cozy. But the most crucial feature is that the Strongback Elite Chair is ergonomic. This perk is especially useful after a long day on your feet, and for anyone who’s not 20 years old.

The reason you won’t find another chair on the market like the Strongback is because they use patented “frame-integrated, lumbar support” technology. Don’t fight the urge to sink back into this spacious and sturdy seat because getting back on your feet is as easy as getting off your feet.

The Strongback weighs just 11.9 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Dual shoulder straps makes the Strongback easy to carry, hands-free, wherever you go. The chair is made with heavy duty fabric that is resistant to wear and tear. And the powdered coated steel frame won’t succumb to rust.

Lynx Hooks Interlocking Tie Down System

rv gear essentials

Lynx Hooks are a game changer for anyone still using bungee cords. We’re not knocking the tried-and-true stretchy cords, but it’s about time a company like Lynx Hooks came along and updated a crucial camping tool that has barely seen an important design innovation since the 1940s.

When you’re in motion, using the adjustable, interlocking gear straps is a reliable way to keep your valuables secure and jiggle-free. They’re designed using patented rubber, UV and marine-resistant materials, plus woven polyester jackets. They’re made to withstand all types of weather conditions. Per strap, Lynx hooks and buckles provide 25-pounds of pull-force. 

These hooks are designed to fit the most commonly used bars, loops, and grommets. Engineers have also come up with a way to securely connect non-standard items. And because you can indefinitely link these babies together, in a line or cluster, you will always have unified straps large enough for any job. 

There are so many types of gear out there that will up your RV game and eliminate those little tasks that make camping such a hassle sometimes. Explorer Gear Co. is a review and inspiration company that started because of our passion to help people explore better. Check out our website and learn more about the types of gear that will improve your RV-exploration experience. 

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