Dead Colt Creek Rec Area

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7230 133rd Ave SE, Lisbon, ND, 58054

Located in Lisbon, North Dakota, Dead Colt Creek Rec Area features partial 20/30/50 amp hookups with sewage dump sites and bath houses along with tent sites for those seeking more traditional camping. Some outdoor activities include basketball, fishing, volleyball and outdoor swimming. Whether its for a short and or long term stay, we hope to see you soon!

Open Dates: April 30 to October 1

Last Updated: 02/02/2023

RV Sites

Sewage dump sites and bath houses available.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
not used $20.00 $140.00 $385.00 See More Choose Your Site
Partial Hook-up (30 Amp) $22.00 $154.00 $385.00 See More Choose Your Site
Partial Hook-up (50 Amp) $22.00 $154.00 $385.00 See More Choose Your Site
Tent Site & shelter (electric option available)

3 tents max per site.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Tent & Shelter $17.00 $119.00 Choose Your Site
Tent & Shelter (Electric) $17.00 $119.00 Choose Your Site

**Daily Rental - No overnight stays**

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Pavillion (Full Day) $100.00 Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
not used $350.00 $350.00 $350.00 See More Choose Your Site
Electric Optional Tent Sites

3 tents maximum per site.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Electric Optional Sites $12.00 $84.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Sites - Primitive

3 tents max per site.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Primitive $12.00 $84.00 Choose Your Site
Tent & Shelter (No Electric)

3 tents max per site.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Tent & Shelter (No Electric) $17.00 $119.00 Choose Your Site
short term 30amp

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
short term 30amp $22.00 $154.00 Choose Your Site
short term - 50amp

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
short term 30/50amp $22.00 $154.00 Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
staff only Choose Your Site

1. Quiet hours and noise restrictions

QUIET HOURS are 11pm to 7 am. Please be always respectful of other campers and avoid excessive noise. Excessive noise not allowed at any time.


RESERVATIONS are required with pre-payment for campsites. If arriving without a reservation, please check with camp staff, the park website ( or for site availability before setting up camp. Additional fee may apply to late or incomplete payment. Checkout time is no later than 12 Noon (or you will be charged for an additional day of camping. Check-in time is no earlier than 1pm.

3. Vehicles per campsite

VEHICLES PER CAMPSITES restricted to no more than 2 non-recreational vehicles per campsite. Do not park on roadway or block traffic. overflow vehicles can park in the ballfield parking lot or the beach parking lot. Too many vehicles around a campsite is a hazard not only to traffic but also to pedestrians.

4. Obey all posted traffic signs, park rules, ect.

Recreation area users are expected to obey all posted traffic signs and park rules as well as local, state, and fed laws and regulations that may apply.

5. site length of stay restrictions

SITE STAY RESTRICTIONS: Short term sites, South side camping, and tent sites are limited to 14 nights per site. Other sites (long-term eligible) are available for short-term camping as available. Campers staying long-term will need to sign long-term camping agreement and follow the additional long-term camper rules. IE - long term campers are required to Maintain the grass and do weed control in their campsite.


CAMPFIRES must be always attended and are restricted to fire rings as placed by park staff. NO MOVING or adjusting of fire rings is allowed without prior approval. No trash, metal or plastic is to be burned or left in fire pits. Put trash in the garbage not in the fire-rings when you leave

7. No Digging

DIGGING is prohibited within park property (except in sandboxes and at the beach) without prior approval.

8. Fish Cleaning

FISH CLEANING is only allowed at the fish cleaning tables provided. Garbage cans at the cleaning stations are for fish waste only. No cleaning of fish on picnic tables or in camping area. If you do clean fish in a location other than fish cleaning station - dispose of waste in the dumpsters, not the garbage cans.

9. Firearms and Air Rifles not to be used inside park

FIREARMS/HUNTING: No Hunting, Trapping or use of firearms (including BB and Pellet guns) within park is prohibited without board approval.

10. Washing of dishes

WASHING DISHES/FISH: No washing of fish or dishes is allowed at the public wells, water fountains or in the bathrooms.

11. tabletop cookers

CHARCOAL COOKERS: Use of charcoal burners on all picnic tables is prohibited. No gas grills allowed on plastic or metal tables (High heat damages all tabletops) and are expensive to replace.

12. No cutting of trees

CUTTING TREES: No cutting, damaging, or destroying any trees (dead or alive) without prior approval.

13. dumping of black (sewage) or gray water

NO DUMPING of sewage or gray water from campers on the ground.

14. Garbage

GARBAGE: Place garbage IN trashcans or in dumpsters—not on the ground. Large and/or heavy objects need to be taken to the dumpsters - not placed in cans. If cans are full - take garbage to the dumpster-Do Not Place on the Ground.

15. Pets

PETS – All pets must be on a leash, under control, and are not to left unattended. Dogs that bark excessively will need to be removed from the campground. All pets must be immediately cleaned up after. This includes all areas of the park – not just the campsites.

16. Tent locations

TENTS are only allowed in designated TENT SITES. All tents and shelters must be moved every 72hrs. No tents inside picnic shelters.

17. Tent / anchor pins in non-tenting areas

ANCHOR STAKES: No tent stakes or similar items can be placed in the ground without prior approval in non-tenting areas. This is to minimize the potential for injury and/or damage to electrical and water lines buried throughout the park.

18. Fireworks

FIREWORKS: No Fireworks, this includes no poppers or sparklers, allowed in the park, except in designated areas on designated days. Designated area will be parking lot above boat ramp. Designated Days will be 1 July through 5 july. Individuals are responsible for cleaning up all residue from their fireworks.

19. No 3 wheel ATV's No 4 Wheel ATV's, No Dirt Bikes or Similar vehicles allowed

OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLES: No 3- or 4-wheel ATV’s or off-road dirt bikes and similar motorized Mini-bikes (ND class I and II off highway vehicles) allowed in park.

20. Use of UTV's and Golf Carts by Licensed Vehicles Operators

UTV’s (ND class III off highway vehicles) and golf carts are allowed in the park but can only be operated by a licensed vehicles operator, not operated at night without proper lighting, and must remain on roads and not drive on grass. (see rule 21)

21. No Off-Road Driving

No off-road driving is allowed. All vehicles must remain on established roads and off grass except for ball-field parking lot, camp site parking (must remain next to road), unless prior authorization is obtained from park personnel. No driving across grass to park campers/vehicles. No Driving or parking cars in Tenting areas.


NON-CAMPSITE CAMPING: No overnight camping/tenting in Non-designated areas of the camp ground without Prior approval (additional fee will result)

23. Anti-siphon devices on water spigots

WATER HOOKUPS: No removing of anti-siphon devices from water spigots. Doing so is a violation of state health codes and cause for removal from park and subject to an additional park fee or removal from the park. If your water spigot doesn't have an anti-siphon device on when you arrive please notify park staff immediately.


BOAT RAMP/DOCK. In order to keep Boat Ramp available for all users, no boat parking is allowed at boat ramp except for loading and unloading purposes.


REFUNDS: No refunds will be given to campers asked to leave the campgrounds because of violations of rules or laws. Refunds will be given for reservations canceled with more than a 24hr notice prior to check in time. One day will be charged for late cancellations. Credit Card processing fees will not be refunded.


SHOWER FACILITIES are for the use of registered guests. If you wish to use the shower and are not staying at the campgrounds see park staff first


DUMPSTERS are for locally generated trash only and are located by the ballfields.

28. Please do not kill the grass

GRASS PRESERVATION: No item will be left on grass so long as to kill the grass underneath. This includes vehicles, shelters, tents, coolers, and other object.

29. Rule Violation

Violation of park rules or damage to park property of any kind might result in removal of individual or entire camping party from park property, charge for damage, repair, or clean-up costs and/or notification of law enforcement.

Complete list of rules available in office

A complete list of rules is available in the office. It is the campers responsibility to know and understand the rules. Violation of park rules or damage to park property of any kind might result in the removal of the individual or the entire camping party from park property, charge of damage repair or cleanup and/or notification of law enforcement.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations must be canceled more than 24Hrs before check-in time(1pm) or you will be charged for one day of camping. Processing fees will not be refunded All reservations for more than 14 days made in short term only spots will be canceled - processing fee will not be refunded.

Notice of rule changes


20 Amps

30 Amps

50 Amps

Back-in RV Sites

Community Restrooms

Community Showers

Drinking Water

Dump Station

Fire Pit

Gravel Roads

Paved Roads


Water Hookups



Swimming Outdoors


7230 133rd Ave SE, Lisbon, ND, 58054
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Overall Rating: 4.7

Erin Henning

Well kept campground, very peaceful. One of our favorite getways

Shirley DeWitz

West sites are a bit close but the cleanliness & view make up for it.


Nice park albeit tight spots and not enough monitoring. Dogs off leash, cars parked in rv spaces.

Aaron Bjugstad

The staff was very accomodating. The campground was very clean and well maintained. We used a primitive tenting location and couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Ruth Coughlin

Wonderful place to go. Have been going there for years.

Tiffany Mcmahen

Beautiful , peaceful well kept campground

Kaylah Stangler

Subtracted one star just because I requested an electrical outlet for the two nights we tented (and paid extra for it) and none of the outlets had electricity. I couldn't get ahold of anyone to fix it so we just made due. Other than that it was a lovely place to camp.

Lori Wiederholt

Enjoyed our stay.

There were several campers who partied loudly until 2 am. We had to buy a longer power cord because the electric site we were in was 35 ft away from the plug and we still ended up having to move our camper forward several feet. There was trash all over the campground. The fire pit was very far from our campsite. The water smelled of the worst well farts. The water had blue green alge so we couldn’t swim. There was an extra charge for my second dog (this is not a hotel people).

Shari Elijah-Lemna

Campgrounds clean, bathrooms clean, good people and great fun!

Susan Kurtz

Great campground with awesome beach!

Rachel Bjerke

We tented 2 weekends in a row. Paid for electricity the first weekend and there is nothing telling you where to access your electricity. Unstaffed office at all times so don’t expect to be able to buy firewood or get any information if needed. Nice campground though

Sharon Poeppel

Very nice campground. Nice beach to play in. Has a fishing dock and a boat dock. Two separate camping areas which we didn't know they were very helpful in getting us close to our family. Thanks Dead Colt Creek .


I stayed at a tent site for a total of 8 days over the past two weeks, and I was very satisfied with the quality of the camping site/area and the amenities, for only $10/night! The recreation area is nice and well-maintained. The staff is friendly and reasonable.

Loren Hanson

The park was well maintained. Sites were well laid out and big enough for vehicles. When we arrived at 1pm on the 19th, the dump station was full, but about 5 minutes after we arrived, the service man came and emptied it. Other than that, we enjoyed our stay very much and will be back.

Royce Aardahl

Great campground. East to set up thru rover pass.

Tom Haus

We bike packed the Sheyenne scenic byway and spent a night there on a tent site Beautiful views, clean facilities and a nice breeze . Perfect

Diane FitzPatrick

Been coming to Dead Colt Creek since the mid 90's and all the upgrades over the years has improved for all to enjoy....just this year a new fishing dock next to the boat ramp that is safer for smaller kids to enjoy, outhouse bathrooms are the cleanest ever and no odor

Michael Krause

Very clean and well maintained campground. Much bigger than I thought with a lot to do. Only $20 a night with water and electrical hookups. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Erin Henning

Nice clean park, beautiful scenery, our spot is always ready when we arrive.