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Our 4 Must-Have RV Items for Full Time Rving4 min read

Full-time RVer and owner of Eccentric Nomads blog, Diann, shares her top four must-have RV items.  

We’ve been full-time RVers for a little over a month now, and we’ve learned so much in this process. Before we actually got on the road, we tried to get an idea of what things we should pack and what needed to go in storage, or simply go away. We thought we had a good idea of our needs, but traveling on the road changed everything. I thought I’d share a few must-have RV items we use on a daily basis that you might find useful as well.

"I didn’t want to eat on paper plates every day... increasing our garbage intake and adding to the landfills."
“I didn’t want to eat on paper plates every day… increasing our garbage intake and adding to the landfills.”

We camped in our old motorhome for two years prior to deciding to go full time, so we accumulated a number of ‘camping’ items, including dishes made of some kind of non-glass substance. We used them when we dined on grilled foods or sandwiches. I didn’t cook much back then and seldom needed to use the microwave. Now that I cook almost daily, heating up leftovers happens pretty frequently. Funny thing, turns out the dishes we originally purchased for occasional camping aren’t microwavable. So our most recent, but very necessary purchase, was a set of Corelle dinnerware. I was originally opposed to carrying glass in the RV because of concerns it would break in transit, but I also didn’t want to eat on paper plates every day in order to heat up my leftovers, increasing our garbage intake and adding to the landfills.

Because I’m blogging our experience, it was imperative I have a good computer to work from so we made that purchase prior to leaving. Of course, we both have smart phones in order to stay in touch with family and friends. As a photographer, I also carry my Nikons with me everywhere. A few years ago I discovered one of my favorite items to use when transferring my photographs from my camera to my computer. I use an EyeFi Mobi Pro WiFi SD Card that allows me to connect my camera to my computer, tablet, or smart phone with the EyeFi app. I’m sure there are other ways to do the same but this one works well for me and it’s quick.

Finally, our nights wouldn’t be restful without our cooling gel memory foam pillows and Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual Layer mattress topper. We purchased the pillows a few years ago, and now that we’ve been in the desert for a while, I can say with certainly that they help keep us cool at night. We originally talked about purchasing a new mattress for the RV, but decided to try out a mattress topper instead. All of us have slept pretty well at night (including our dogs). It’s now a no brainer that we’d buy the pillows and topper again in a heartbeat. Comfort is key when on the road.

Time to fill up that memory card, heat up some lunch, and take a nap. Ah, the life of a full timer.

Safe travels!

Diann Bayes - RV Life

Article by Diann Bayes 

Diann is a full-time RVer who runs her own travel blog, Eccentric Nomads. She also writes a weekly series of articles for RoverPass, offering her inside tips and advice for first-time RVers. 


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