Yellowrock Campground

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9955 Lolo Creek Road/Highway 12, Lolo, MT, 59847

Whether you're looking to dance the night away or simply relax on your site and take in the views, Yellowrock Campground is the perfect place for you. You'll have plenty to do like exploring the walking trails, playing horseshoes, trying your luck at fishing, and so much more. Be sure to check the calendar to see what special events are happening during your stay. Book your spot today!

Last Updated: 09/26/2023


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9955 Lolo Creek Road/Highway 12, Lolo, MT, 59847
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Overall Rating: 3.5

Rick Olson

First the good: nice shady spots, and not a lot of kid noise. Now the bad: employees that work here are some of the rudest I’ve encountered at just about any RV park anywhere. There are currently fire restrictions in effect (no wood fires, but propane is ok), but I was unaware of this the first night. I have been traveling for 4 weeks through five states and restrictions change constantly. Before I started the wood grr I read the park rules very closely which stated wood fires are ok in the fire rings only. So I started a fire. Almost immediately the grumpy rude old man on a crappy little bike rode up and stormed in to my camp and started to scold me. I told him I just read the rules and it said fires were ok. He became condescending and said the rule was posted on the office door. Well, maybe if I saw the office door...or even better...if they just told us at checkin...then I would have known. At the minimum, there was no need for him to be freaking rude. I put the fire out and started my propane fire along with a citronella candle because of the mosquitos. It was dark out and suddenly another old man came out of the trees from nowhere and walked around my picnic table demanding to know what the flames were. I told him and he made a smart ass remark and walked back into the darkness. This completely scared the crap out of my girlfriend and dog. Reminded me of the movie “Deliverance.” The next morning we were drinking coffee under our awning and had the propane fire next to us to keep us warm. Suddenly yet ANOTHER old man stormed into our camp scolding us about having an open flame. I told him it was propane and allowed. He was very gruff and said if I lived in a fire area I’d be worried too. I told him that I currently live about twenty miles from the number one fire priority in the nation near Lake Tahoe. He said then I must understand fire danger. I said “yeah, THATS WHY I DONT HAVE A FIRE WITH ANY BURNING EMBERS!” This same guy then proceeded to get on his gasoline powered noisy riding mower for the next couple of hours and mow weeds. Apparently he doesn’t know that probably more fires are started using this type of equipment than actual campfires. And this place is NOT dog friendly as they try and make you believe. I will not stay here ever again, and as a matter of fact we need to leave and go do something right now because lawn mower man is continuously mowing a piece of grass right next to us and the noise is horrendous. This place is really not good.

Loren D Zamora

This was one of our favorite stops in Janurary.It was secluded, the price was very reasonable. It is located just outside of Lolo, MT which is south of Missoula. A very nice tree'd location. They were very nice in the office and invited us to watch their square dances or take part (even though we don't square dance). It is a great spot, secluded with a nice dog walkway around the edge of the park to a creek. You can also take Hiway 12 west and follow the Lewis and Clark Trail. We hope to stay here again. It was very enjoyable and relaxing. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group