Sugar Pines RV Park

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601 Columbine Boulevard, Cloudcroft, NM, 88317

Sugar Pines RV Park includes amenities such as electricity. This RV park is located on 601 Columbine Blvd in Cloudcroft, NM.

Last Updated: 09/23/2022

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601 Columbine Boulevard, Cloudcroft, NM, 88317
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Overall Rating: 2.3

Lorrie Gazette

We had a 10 day reservation with this "park", which was not marketed adequately. It is a small gravel parking lot and does not have dirt parking, as advertised. The space we were assigned to was a very steep grade back-in spot. We had to use 4 wheel drive in order to back into the spot. We had no trees for shade and terrible views. This was not the mountain camping experience we were hoping for at $50 per night!! There was a small grassy rectangle for our dogs to potty in but it had not been mowed in quite some time. The grass was taller than our dogs! We were parked in front of a run down A-frame shed, which was our back view. Our front view was a dumpster in front of trees. Our side views were the RV parked beside us which our awning almost touched and a gravel drive going up to the A frame shed. Below the driveway were two vacant, nice camp sites. We called the booking agent, Glenda and asked her to reassign us to one of the two lower sites which had nice shade trees and were pull thru spaces. She said she could not do that because she had them reserved for other short term guests. To no avail, I tried to reason with her that the long term guests should have the nicer site, rather than the two short term guests. I asked to talk to the owner, Eric, but we never heard from him or Glenda again. Because it was Labor Day weekend, we could not find another place to stay until after the holiday. We moved on Monday to another RV Park that was MUCH nicer and accommodating at $26 per night, with beautiful shade trees, grass and dirt. I have called Glenda and talked with her once and left two messages since requesting a refund of the amount we had to pay to the other campground. We are not asking for a full refund of the remaining days, but only what we had to pay to the other campground in light of the poor advertising. ($228.90) Sugar Pines policy is to pay the full payment up front and no refunds. I assure you there is a reason they have that policy. They are extremely difficult to work with and the parking lot is not where you would want to stay for a mountain type vacation. Trust me and learn from our awful experience. Don't make your reservation at Sugar Pines! Reserve a space at the the Cool Pines RV Park in Mayhill. You will be MUCH happier with that RV park! Be sure to drive by the Sugar Pines lot as confirmation that you are much better off not staying here!

Pam Frierson

We stayed at the park at the end of October 2019. A couple of months prior, we’d prepaid $50 a night after studying the website and the reviews and talking to Erich on the phone. Pros: Tall pines between each campsite, washers and dryers available at no extra cost, one bathroom with one shower, strong wifi and cell signal, good location near town, and, if you don’t want to talk to anyone from the park, you don’t have to--they did not seek us out EVER and a woman (Abby) that we had to track down while she cleaned a cabin on the property only answered our questions in the BRIEFEST of sentences without even looking at us as she walked away. Cons: (See pics) NO hospitality. Zero welcome. There are 2 phone numbers listed at a kiosk near the front--one of which is a wrong number. The evening we arrived, I called, explained we had prepaid for our site and the woman who answered said “they” do not live on site, to go ahead and set up, and she’d come by soon--she never did, nor did she call or text to explain anything. We had to explore the park and find things ourselves, which wasn’t easy as the park is on a steep hillside in a neighborhood with cabins squeezed in next to each other all around, and NO clear delineation between the park’s property and the neighborhood, so we were hesitant to go in any building that wasn’t clearly labeled. While we were there, we explained to 4 other campers where the bathrooms were. The website we saw in August of 2019, just 2 months prior, claimed there were bathroomS, showerS, an indoor lounge area, and RV supplies available and showed a picture of a cabin labeled “office” (The website has been changed but it and the pamphlet at the park kiosk still list amenities the park does NOT have). There is ONE completely UNHEATED bathroom with ONE shower, NO office, and NO indoor lounge area although there are 2 cabin-like buildings that are full of construction materials that we saw through dirty windows. Those buildings also have construction materials stacked around them, but we never saw anyone working on anything. The bathroom/laundry building has NO sign labeling it (it has a badly faded sign on the door that says to keep the door closed after dark) and within that the bathroom has NO sign on it, so I thought it was a storage closet until I tried the door out of desperation for a bathroom. While we were there, the bathroom ran out of toilet paper and it was not replenished for 2 days. The laundry room has 2 ceiling lights, but only one had lightbulbs and it, too, is unheated, so it was dismal. The park is a nightmare for anyone with accessibility issues: stairs and loose gravel walkways/sloped driveways that are covered in ankle-twisting rocks EVERWHERE. When we arrived, our back-in site had a half-rotted picnic table, a random pallet and cinder block on one side, and a rotting turquoise metal and glass-topped patio side table shoved off against trees on the other side, no fire ring or BBQ pit, and the retaining wall separating our site from the site below ours had rotted and fallen apart. The site was just wide enough for our 5x10 foot squaredrop camper with a few feet on either side to walk and a few feet of sitting area with the rotted picnic table squeezed under bushes at the back by the walkway to the bathroom. There is a sundeck on the top of the bathroom/laundry building, but we had to go through an empty RV site to get to it. The furniture there was dirty, looking long-unused, and stacked or shoved off to the side. Summary: At $50 a night, Sugar Pines RV Park is over-priced. It is worth $25 a night at most. It would really benefit from clear signage, regular maintenance, and an on-site host to welcome and orient guests.

LW Underhill

This is a really good R V park and cabin resort. Very friendly owner and camp hosts. Level sites with lots of shade. It is a short walk to old town Cloudcroft with lots of places to eat, shop and visit. Nice people everywhere. I highly recommend this Park.I would live here but the visit is most enjoyable.


Negative reviews, although helpful to the reviewing public, are never pleasant to leave. I hope this review will be helpful for folks considering Sugar Pines RV park for a stay when visiting Cloudcroft, NM. We booked a stay at the RV park for labor day weekend 2015. We called and booked over the phone, and were told we would need to send in a $125 deposit by check, which we did. The later part of August 2015, due to a family emergency, we called to cancel our reservation. We were told the check had been cashed, but we would be sent a credit slip for the full deposit for a later stay. We were not informed we had a time limit of a year on the credit. As a matter of fact, I mentioned to the fellow it would be quite some time before we would be able to use the credit, as we live over 14 hours away. I was told it wouldn't be a problem, just hold onto the credit voucher, which we did. Last week I called and talked to Curtis about redeeming our credit and reserving a space for July. I was told he would get back to me, there shouldn't be any problem, but he would check with Eric, the owner and let me know. He told me to bring the credit slip with us when we came, which we did. I did not hear from Curtis before leaving for Cloudcroft. After arriving in Cloudcroft a week later, I again contacted Curtis about reserving an RV space. I was told to stop by so he could get a copy of my credit slip to call the owner. Curtis made a copy of the slip and envelope and said he would contact Eric and get back to us that day. I never received a call. i called the next morning and got Curtis. He said he would contact Eric and get me an answer. A few hours later, Curtis did call to say Eric refused to honor our credit voucher nor offer us a reservation or refund. Curtis gave me Eric's number to contact. I contacted Eric by phone. I asked him why he was refusing to honor the credit. He said the time frame had elapsed for using our credit. I explained to him that at the time of the cancellation, were not told we had a certain time frame to use the credit, nor was that particular rule stated anywhere on the credit voucher. Eric said they changed their rules this year, but that rule had always been in place. He stood firm on his refusal to allow us to book a stay or refund our money. It would be helpful if the rules for using a credit voucher were published on the voucher. If folks are unaware there are rules and stipulations, those rules can't be followed! I made several attempts to work things out with this business. It's ashame we were not able to come to an agreement, or to obtain a refund of our $125 deposit. There are nice places to stay in the Cloudcroft area. My advise... take your business where folks are honest and care about people. FYI....national Forest have beautiful camping facilities available!