Southwest Washington Fairgrounds Park

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$20.00 USD per night, starting at.

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Any non-Instant Book sites will still require campground approval.

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1909 S Gold St, Centralia, WA, 98531

Let Southwest Washington Fairgrounds Park meet your camping needs.  Whether it be attending an event here on site, exploring the nearby attractions, or stopping for a night as you journey on to your next destination, we look forward to having you join us.

  • Camping with children? They will love the newly renovated playground along with the open space to run. 
  • Camping with family or friends? Enjoy a picnic under our gazebo or try your hand at horseshoes.  
  • Camping with pets?  The wide open spaces are especially enjoyed by your four legged friends.  We do appreciate you using a leash though.   

We look forward to hosting you!

Last Updated: 09/26/2023

Oak Grove

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Oak Grove - Electric & Water $28.00 $196.00 Choose Your Site
Oak Grove - Primitive $20.00 Choose Your Site
White Fence

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
White Fence - Electric & Water -- Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Midway - Electric Only $25.00 Choose Your Site
Midway - Electric & Water $30.00 Choose Your Site
Midway - Primitive $20.00 Choose Your Site
Fair Meadows

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Fair Meadows - Electric & Water $28.00 Choose Your Site
Old Drive In

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Old Drive-In - Electric & Water $30.00 Choose Your Site
South Park

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
South Parking Lot - Electric Only -- $175.00 Choose Your Site
South Parking Lot - Electric & Water $30.00 $210.00 Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
GS - Electric & Water $30.00 Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Infield - Electric & Water $28.00 Choose Your Site
Bridle Acres

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Bridle Acres - Electric & Water $28.00 Choose Your Site
Bridle Acres - Primitive $20.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Electric Only $25.00 Choose Your Site
Electric & Water $28.00 Choose Your Site
Primitive $20.00 Choose Your Site

Maximum Length of Stay

We have a maximum stay of 10 nights within a 30 day period

Slide Outs

DURING FAIR: We know that slide outs are becoming a standard feature on RV's. However, in order to accommodate the large number of RV's camping during the week of fair, due to space constraints you may not be able to utilize your slide out. As an alternative, you may purchase an additional space under the same name. If you and a friend would both like to use slide outs, you can purchase one additional space in-between the two of you to allow for the extra room for slide outs. Please make sure that all spaces purchased are under the same name.

Drug Use

Illegal Drugs are not allowed on the property.

Noise Restrictions

Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep noise to a minimum.

Gas Portable Fire Pits Only

Please note, gas fire pits only are permitted. During fair, fires of any kind are prohibited.

Quiet Hours

Thoroughly enjoy yourself but we ask that you observe our quiet hours between 10pm and 7am.

Electrical Cords

No electrical cords will be allowed beyond campsite.

No Dump Station on Grounds

Although we do not have a Dump Station on the grounds, there are several nearby rest areas with dump stations. Please contact Goebel's Septic Service for dumping arrangements at (360)-736-2167.

Pet Policy

Four legged friends are an important part of your lives, and we know they love to stretch out those legs. We do ask that your pet be leashed, kenneled, or contained within your campsite. Please clean up after your pet.



Dirt Roads

Gravel Roads

Community Showers

Big Rig Friendly

Water Hookups


Picnic Area

Community Restrooms

Back-in RV Sites

RV Hookup

Paved Roads

Pet Friendly

Slide Outs

50 Amps

20 Amps

30 Amps

Family Friendly

County Park

Loners on Wheels

Garlic Vendor

1909 S Gold St, Centralia, WA, 98531
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Whether you are here for a sporting event at the Northwest Hub, bdventuring at the local attractions, or enjoying a beverage at several of our local coffee houses, plan your stay with us. 

Every good adventure must include food, so take time to enjoy our tasty eateries! Lewis County has incredible farm to table experiences, diner hamburger and fries and authentic foods from around the globe. If you are looking for a coffee house, we have many.  

With miles of open road, waterways and beautiful trails, Lewis County is a paradise for outdoor adventures such as Covel creek and Angel Falls for the hikers looking to find an impressive forested area. Or paddle yourself around on clear secluded lakes. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail through Goat Rocks Wilderness. Explore the Gifford Pinchot National Forest by horseback, off-road vehicle, mountain bike or by foot. 

It is the perfect getaway for Washington´s most visited mountain peaks with easy access such as Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams.

If what you are looking for is a cultural experience, there´s a large selection of historic and cultural museums that capture the essence of life in Lewis County.

Learn more at the Discover Lewis County Website


Overall Rating: 3.0

Linda Wilson

We enjoyed our stay. People were polite and nice to have a little shade from the tress. Really nice fair!

Allison Cournyer

Loved being close to the fair during the week. Quite hours were not respected or enforced the whole week.

Marie Porrazzo

Overpriced, had to set up right next to a very active train track, like a station track 24hrs 3 trains an hour 😳. But being the only one there made me want to stay. Office didn’t know where to place me. The new area as they recommended didn’t have water or power. So after they closed I had to fend for myself in finding a spot and resulted in BA11 - less than 25 feet from the tracks 🙄🤦‍♀️. Recommendations having the site marked as they stated, if put in a different location make sure the hookups work as paid for. I hope they figure this out before next time.

Lori Bayne

Showers weren't hot, but they weren't cold, either. Tepid water was nice on a hot day, anyway. If there's a way to get hot water, instructions in the shower room would be most welcomed! Bathrooms were clean and heated, and although no camping spots were marked with numbers as our reservation promised, it was still easy to car camp. Will definitely use this spot again next year when we vend at the Centralia Fantasy Festival again.

Campground Response

Thank you for your response! We appreciate your feedback as we continue to improve our processes and our facility. We expect the next time you stay with us, that you will see continued improvement.

Jan Larin

I had read some of the reviews going back about a year. I was a bit concerned but I checked with the trial secretary and she said it was a decent place to stay for the dogshow. Here are my thoughts- 1. This is a county property, counties don't have tons of money. For a county facility, it was quite nice. 2. It seemed that the power and water setups in Oak Grove are newer, we had no issues with either. 3. Negative on the spaces, is that they are quite tight together. However the Oak Grove area was pretty empty, so we only had a couple of folks at the other end. 4. Not the fault of the property, but we did have a strange man and unleashed dog walk through our camp. We told him to leave or we would call police and he moved on. Just something to be aware of, campground is accessible from the street. 5. Someone complained about the train. We had no issues with the train noise. Barely noticed it. 6. Maybe I am just more mellow, but we enjoyed our time there, maybe when the facility is busier the experience is different. On the flip side, you can look online and see what's happening to decide if you want to stay there. 7.I would stay here again.

Campground Response

Thank you for your response! Your feedback is important to us as we continue to work on improving our processes and the facility. It goes a long way in helping us know what we can do for our guests. We appreciate your time.

Jennifer Wisner

When we arrived, the office was closed. Multiple trailers were parked in reserved spots for my group. I believe the gentleman’s name was BJ who came to the rescue and helped solve majority of the problems. having camp spots marked with reserved and peoples names might be helpful in the future a big thank you to BJ for helping out. He also was able to find splitters for the water. One water source for two campsites will not work.. also, campsite seven is having issues with power.

Campground Response

Thank you for your feedback.


Many sites not level. One 50 amp power plug for four RV's (one leg of the plug dead so power not useable), The fair grounds did refund me $10 because of the problems.

Campground Response

Thank you for your response and feedback.

Kevin Hausner

The Trains kept me up all night.. most of them didn’t honk but a few did. Maybe they saw the RVs sitting there and thought it would be funny. Either way 1/10 for train tracks being less than 100 yards away.

Sandra Kinney-Loter

Great Fairgrounds RV parking with electric and water. Close to events. Fair pricing and easy reservations. Train provides some white noise 😊

Charles Laguna

The fair grounds spot was great. We felt safe and even with freezing weather, they turned the water on during the day so we could fill our water tank. The only small issue was we were woken up at 7 AM Monday morning by the police pounding on our door. Turns our they were setting up an obstacle course for their officer's to text their driving and my car was in the way😁.

Bret Wedding

My week long experience was very good, there was a wind storm and a tree fell, near me, so a worker came and told me I could park inside the fairgrounds ,and was really helpful would surely stay again

Peggy Woolworth

I was upset how far away i was from the show building. I asked to move so I can use my handicapped scooter. The fairgrounds found me another place closer in the carnival lot.

Claire Mitchell

The fairgrounds was booked for a dog show and the site I booked was inaccessible.

My event scheduled at this fairgrounds moved to another state. I attempted to contact them to cancel and get a refund, but received no response. Another time, the office overbooked spots and I was moved to an overgrown field. Never again.

Maria Shannon

Way to expensive for what you get! Fair manager connie says we cant use air conditioner. You have to mow the area yourself before taking camper there. You could camp at a resort with full amenities any where in the US for cheaper than swwf.

Heather Delaney

It was good. Just wish the camping spots were marked. As people with cars were parked in camping spot when we arrived.

Eva Cox

The prices have gone up but no updates to the sites have been done. The sites are still the same size as they were back in the 80's & 90's when trailers had no tip outs. The fair office just tells you that if you have tip outs you have to reserve two spots, even though prices have gone up and they do not give any type of discount for having to reserve two sites so you can use your tip outs. The power is only 110 so you are constantly popping breakers and unable to run anything if you are running your AC at the same time. In addition they do not offer any ADA campsites with power and water. The least they could do is add some ADA sites, even if just to the infield area for those of us who need ADA so we have a chance at getting a site closer up rather then leaving them open for vendors only, update the size of the sites to accommodate trailers with tip outs, and update the power hookups. With the price increase for sites this is the least they could do to make the price worth it.

Marcy Walden

Campground grass area was cut and the grass was not picked up. Area is rough and you need more electrical and water in the Oak Grove camping area.

Patricia Biles

Would be nice to have a garbage barrel to put the doggy poop bags in and maybe a restroom for the two legged people.

sue morgan

It was comfortable. Not very busy.